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  1.      No mention of these cards at all?
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    why would you pop the card when you can simply trish it?   Ideally, I'd like to banish or Castel Town but don't always have those plays. I was asking what are the pros or cons to popping it with say MST, etc?  What would using MST on town accomplish?     Actual nothing since Town can search another Town.
  3. Nekroz - Discussion

    If you want to reuse Shurit, Salvage is really good. Other targets are Claus and Great Sorcerer. You can Salvage Shurit and Claus and go get Cycle, for example.
  4. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Random user weighing in:   DGZ seems like it's just flailing around now, trying things and random and praying something works. It's a lot like a doctor who knows his patient's dying, but has no idea what, if anything, he can do.   Question: What does DGZ want to be? I don't think it even knows what it wants.   It's absolutely true that secret testing groups don't want to share their "secret techs". Every card game has this - why do you think MTG pros test in exclusive teams before PTs? Sharing your edge is just self-destructive - nobody sane will do it.   The deck discussion now is a no-man's-land - everyone has access and so all good players will do is try to infer what other groups' secrets are and maybe siphon off a bad player's idea and test it in secret. If DGZ wants to become an open secret group - that's an impossible oxymoron.   DGZ used to be the way it was because it was a secret group. Once people started flooding in, the secret group that used to be DGZ moved somewhere it could still have secrecy. Completely predictable and unpreventable. If DGZ wants to become a secret group again, it can try by becoming secret again. I have no idea if it even could at this point. rei didn't want to make the forum invite-only, so people did it for him and migrated to their own private places.   People now even use cliquishness as a brag, like that post a few days ago joking about "revealing" Dragged Down in Infernoids. It was really saying, "I'm in a clique! I'm so cool!"   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   DGZ now is different from Pojo and DNF in one way - how much garbage gets posted. DGZ gets only a little garbage and other sites get a lot of garbage. None get more than a tiny bit of quality posts.   It's obvious why: DGZ actively drives away bad players while the others don't. It doesn't mean that DGZ gets more quality - merely less garbage. Thus, lower activity as well.   If DGZ wants to increase post volume and activity, it has to get them from somewhere - masses of bad players. If you guys really want to do that, which I don't think you do, you'd have to change the community culture to put up with lots of garbage and accept it. Even then, DGZ will likely always have its unwelcoming reputation.     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Which do you want to be? A large forum that gets lots of activity but little quality or a secret, invite-only group? You can't be an open secret group. Doing that gets you where you are now.   IMO the closest thing to what I think you want is a tiered system where you have to prove yourself to get higher access. It gives a reason for people to post quality stuff. I have no idea if it'd even work at this point though.
  5. Have you considered using more than 1 copy of some cards?
  6. A Few Basics on DevPro

    There is a very notable bug present.   If you summon a monster that triggers a monster in your hand (like Kagetokage, Star Seraph Sovereign), your opponent is asked to respond to the summon with things like Torrential before you decide to activate the Kage. If they don't and you don't have the Kage, the summon response window is over.   Made Torrential vs Star Seraphs the worst mindgame ever when it shouldn't ever be.
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      YZ are happy to face those and NK locks include Destiny.
  8. Fusion Summoning as a viable mechanic

    Do you really want Advanced Ritual Art to summon literally anything you want (Heralds, Demise, etc) out of a huge toolbox in your extra with no cost other than running a few normal monsters?
  9. Dust Tornado

      Mistake will be chained to Secrets/RotA etc. and you can't chain Typhoon from hand since you control the Secrets/RotA.   Same thing with other floodgates chaining to s/ts, like Emptiness chained to Soul Charge or Shaddoll Fusion.
  10. Frog Monarchs - No LaDD

    Mathematician is so much better at accessing Treeborn than Dupe Frog.
  11. I thought it was that Atlanteans needed to be in a public zone to trigger, so chaining Transmigration Prophecy to the effect that discarded them as a cost would prevent them from activating, but DD Crow wouldn't in the same situation.   That fits with Acid Trap Hole, which always sends the target to a public zone.   So I can understand that being removed by an effect like Raiza would prevent the flips from activating but an effect like Caius wouldn't.
  12. Acid Trap Hole has always activated Flip Effects. Has that been reversed?
  13. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Photon Thrasher is a fine light. It's searchable off RotA, isn't a normal summon, and can attack or Rank 4.
  14. Masked Chameleon becomes much better post-NECH when you can revive Earth to make an untargetable Scrap Dragon that can't die in battle. Before then, it's pretty eh. Nordics are the same way since the level 7 pool is pretty bad now.   Junk Synchron + Water makes a trap-immune Armades, which is great against HAT and Geargia.
  15.   I think he's saying they accidentally swapped decks before Game 1, played Game 1, and then only realized what had happened when they looked at the sidedecks.