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  1. YCS Seattle Feb 18-19th 2017

    thank you for announcing my return
  2. Fourshot

    naw i didn't believe chris when he said YOU of all ppl were warring so i had to check to make sure   we shud skype sometime tho its been far too long
  3. aye

    yup just hit me up on facebook and I'll try to get on
  4. aye

    PS: I started making music so I might come back to spam it in the music section if I ever make a soundcloud type thing heh
  5. aye

    So I haven't been on here in quite a few months (I doubt anyone noticed since I didn't post much) but yeah I kinda quit ygo, sold all my stuff etc. I don't plan on coming back to the game or this site, but most people do end up coming back so we'll see. Kinda sad that waring is completely dead but I'm not surprised. To everyone I actually talked to (most of) you guys were tight and I wish you luck on your future endeavors. Met some good friends on this site and hopefully we'll keep in touch.   Peace
  6. current rappers

    i loved it   he really grew as an artist and it shows since (imo) this is his best piece of work
  7. DGz Fantasy Basketball

    i think we might need to replace some of the owners
  8. Scott Page's ARGCS Worcester Top 16 Report

    I laughed really hard after reading that lol gj on topping again
  9. Dalton Boussman needs cards for dragons (or any spare deck will do) for this event if you can help out please message him on facebook!
  10. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    See you at Stl! lol you wish
  11. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    to quit this game and not want to come back