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  1. YCS Santiago, Chile

    Chile was loads of fun. Good job to Koala and Pepe for winning.
  2. YCS Santiago, Chile

    There was 360ish. Kyle, let me know if you need any info as I am there. The weather is splendid.
  3. YCS Santiago, Chile

    Yeah it is.
  4. YCS Miami, FL Feb 15-17

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/JiRbCeZm58I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Google Nexus 4

    I have had the Nexus 4 since its initial release back and it is a superb phone. The only complaint I have is the mediocre camera. It is terrible in low light but aside from that it is a great phone for the low price. I have an 8gb and haven't had any problems with storage or battery life which lasts a full day of constant web browsing, facebook, ruzzle, instagram etc.    I have bought a portable battery pack to have when I am traveling which has proven to be very useful when there isn't an accessible outlet and you're on the move. 
  6. YCS Santiago, Chile

    He isn't staying with us as far as I know. Is there anything going on Friday? I should be arriving Thursday evening. 
  7. YCS Santiago, Chile

    I doubt many American players are going to go but I will be there. I will be staying with Koala and other Argentinos.  
  8. booking flights/hotels/cars

    Most car rental agencies rent to younger drivers (21-24) but charge extra per day. Everyone else has pretty much gave legit information in regards to looking up flight information online. Prices vary through booking sites and actual airline website. I haven't had to pay for a flight in over six years but I would suggest to get various booking sites and the actual airline before making any purchases. For hotels I usually just book on hotels.com. Most metropolitan areas worldwide have decent public transit but security and ease varies from place to place.
  9. Top 8 YCS Indy: 10-0 with Chaos Dragons

    It was nice meetin you bro. You hella funny. Good job on the top.
  10. YCS Indy 2012

    Nice seeing you Scott. Good job on the top, too bad you couldn't go any further.
  11. YCS Indianapolis.

    Bobby, you should get your ticket on Tuesday/Wednesday.
  12. Undisputed

    Theres a city named after me? D:
  13. Nats report

    Henryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , we need to chill more dawg. Nice seein you.