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  1. ok so Im planning on taking this deck to a couple of tournaments so I want to be 100% on the rulings of the wind-up archtype so here we go Wind-Up Shark: Ok i have a Zenmaity out and use his effect to special summon Magician can I drop my Shark. I thought I could but Ive heard a few people say that shark can only be dropped on an inherent special summon Wind-Up Factory: now I need to know how this works I understand that its a spell speed 1 spell so Im guessing when a Wind-Up effect has resolved I can activate Factory? Wind-Up Magician and Wind-up Factory: If Wind-Up Magician activates and he is Veilered or Fiendish Chained can I activate the effect of Factory also If the effect of Magician is Warning'd can I use the effect of Factory also does Wind-Up Magician need to remain face up on the field to get his effect
  2. Now this is a simple yes and no question but just need to confirm in what I'm thinking is right I summon Inzektor Dragonfly and i activate the effect of Dragonfly opponent flips up Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror in response and I chain Forbidden Lance so chain resolves and Hornet equips to my Dragonfly now Can I activate Hornets effect and send it to the graveyard and destroy Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror without Hornet getting negated? because it was a spell or trap while being sent so it can't be a dark
  3. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    The other ideas are Safe Zone: Now instead of running Lance which helps in some scenarios why not try Safe Zone, When my opponent ever Dark Holes my Dolkka and I have Lance I always have to chain it If I don't know what my opponent has because if he can't get past 1500 I will win but with Safe Zone it protects it from those cards and more it helps saving a Roach if you need to stay on the field also another thing which annoys me with Lance is that if my opponent blinds MSTs it it basically does nothing but if that where a Safe Zone I can punish my opponent for doing it now the down side to safe zone is that I need to protect it and that's not going to be easy but here is the last card and it is Starlight Road: Now I do know people are already maining this card at 1 but if you put Safe Zone and Burden into the equation that's a lot of back row so why not increase Road to 2-3, it just isn't used for Storm having Starlight Road can be really good. You can make these big pushes without fear of Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole on Rabbit targets and Dark Hole in Your opponents turn plus if you get Road off it means you can negate another card which is really good and keep you in the driving seat.
  4. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    I like Claudius build but I came up with a few ideas for rabbit so it doesn't lose to big boss monsters but you have to change things around but the card is Burden Of The Mighty Now instead of having D Fissure mained G1 you could have this because it's good going 1st or 2nd, if you do go 2nd and your opponent has a Thunder King and you summon Guaiba, then you play your Burden and get a successful hit you have got past there TKR and are able to go Laggia or Dolkka depending on the situation. If you open multiple it isn't bad it also makes your Kabazaul openings a bit better if you open with Burden also it means that the only thing which can beat the Evolzars will be XYZs and there are no boss monsters which want to take on Dolkka with materials and Burden
  5. YCS Kansas City, MO

    Bobby is his twin brother
  6. Rescue Rabbit and Future Visions

    no because future visions activates and your turn player priority to activate a spell speed 1 effect gets skipped
  7. PHSW Win A Box 1st

    [quote name='Nocturne' timestamp='1321216677' post='3028637'] Don't down it if you don't have it. If you do have it, you suck for not playing it. Winning a tournament doesn't prove any point. You are also claiming that Empty Jar is/was t1 right now. [/quote] Who is claiming Empty Jar is tier 1 right now because I dont claim it is if your talking about me, Dark World is running round and people siding Gemini Imps or Gravekeepers Watcher means that deck is not playable Also Jimbob Im Sean Jones and if I play you I hope you dont worry about my Rank 3 XYZ Also another point of my Leviair I am aware of these combos and aware of what Leviair does but nothing really gets removed when I can go into Leviair and the combos never really come up for me so why waste an Extra Deck slot on a possible card which I aint going to use that much, its going to be replaced by Zenmaines anyway which I find better.
  8. PHSW Win A Box 1st

    Cant take any pictures dont have my phone anyway here is the deck list Monster:22 3 Reborn Tengu 3 Tour Guide From The Underworld 2 Effect Veiler 2 Maxx "C" 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh 1 Lonefire Blossom 1 Dandylion 1 Glow-Up Bulb 1 Spore 1 Debris Dragon 1 Spirit Reaper 1 Sangan 1 Caius The Shadow Monarch 1 Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness 1 Black Luster Soldier-Envoy Of The Beginning Spell:13 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Enemy Controller 1 Mind Control 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy Storm 1 Pot Of Avarice 1 One For One 1 Foolish Burial 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book Of Moon 1 Scapegoat Trap:7 2 Solemn Warning 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Trap Dustshoot 1 Torrential Tribute Extra Deck:15 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Steelswarm Roach 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Formula Synchron 1 Armory Arm 1 Ally Of Justice Catastor 1 T.G. Hyper Librarian 1 Orient Dragon 1 Brionac, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scarp Dragon 1 Trishula, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier Side Deck:15 1 Thunder King Rai-Oh 2 Cyber Dragon 2 Doomcaliber Knight 2 Smashing Ground 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Chain Disappearance 2 Debunk 2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror Now I enter my local with main deck 99% ready (unsure about the Reaper I was going to main a DCK and side 2) but I decide not too since its a Debris Target and reap from hand is good. I look round and I know for a fact there wont be rabbit players so my Snowmans and Dynas stayed in my other deck box. I look round and there are a few agents a few plants some Karakuri the odd Fabled World with some dedicated Samurai players and such and such. My side did contain the Chimeratech and Closed Forest but there was only 1 Fabled World player so I decide not to side Closed Forest and I remember that I said on the Plant Deck Discussion that you don'd need Leviair and people where shooting me down about it so I take it out at a competitive level tournament to prove a point. I decided that I don't need to side any Royal Decree because i didn't see any Final Countdown or TG Stun anyway Im the last one to put in my deck list 5 minutes later round is up. Round 1 Me (Plant) Vs Scott Young Dragunity I know this kid is running Dragunity and he makes clear that he didnt like to get paired against me anyway I win the die roll G1. I Dont really remember what happened through most of my games since I have a bad memory but I win G1, I Trish him and Trish hurts Dragunitys G2 he starts off very slow and I drop a Trish on him and win from there 2-0 Round 2 Me (plant) vs Josh Turner (Final Countdown) Because I finished early I get to see that someone is running Final Countdown but he gets a draw anyway he wins the die roll goes first He gets Countdown and basically stalls out while I just Librarian through cards and then on Turn 20 I win because I kept on Solemning recklessly to stop his Frozen Souls G2 he goes first doesnt start with countdown I start with Tengu attack into Zero Gardna then next Turn go Lonefire into Librarian and Scrap and have my back rows as Solemn Warning, Chain Disappearance, Debunk and I win. 2-0 Im so glad I beat countdown without Decrees but I see my friend is running TG Stun and Im like URGH anyway brake for 30 mins Round 3 Me (Plant) Vs Rick Cherry (TG Stun) we always get paired against each other at tournaments hes currently beat me more times than Ive beat him in tournaments so anyway I win the Die Roll G1 I just control with Thunder King and then at the end go Storm plays Solemn I use my Solemn then Drop BLS for game 1 G2 I just get debunks DCK's TK Rai-Ohs and win 2-0 looks like im running good im quite surprised since I never run good Round 4 Me (plant) vs Mikey Ferguson (Doppel Plant) G1 I lose the die roll he ends his turn with Open Field I set MST and Summon Tengu and end he sets MST and attack and he MST's drops Gorz I then E Con take his attack position Gorz attacked Token and Tengu Hit Direst for 4400 then I summoned Lonefire went into Bulb which went Librarian and Stardust and GG Game 2 He opens with Gorz again but when I go to Caius he has Veiler and I cant do much Game 3 was quite Similar to G1 he had Gorz and I done some Tricks with E Con and Tour Guide and Sangan and won with One For One Dandy 2-1 quite close but Ill survive like and Im x-nil and I know who Im playing and its my friend whos playing Plant Round 5 (Mirror) Me Vs Mike Williams I totally cant remember what happened but it had something to do with Maxx C's dropped on One For One and a Tengu play on both Games which give me the win so I win 2-0 so Im top of swiss and Im looking around for who Im to play and I look at the opponents who I work out I play and its the Dragunity Guy from R1 Vs Dim Sam and Dim Sam wins And im like URGH The Curse is coming for me now anyway Top 8 starts and Im against Dim Sam Me (Plant) vs Andrew Challoner (Dim Sam) anyway cant remember much I win Die roll and i prevent him from getting Shi En and make some E Con plays with Tengun and Kizan and go into Roach and protect the Roach for game G2 is exactly similar but I protect the Roach better this time and I have a BTH for a Grandmaster and he enters the Scoop Phase After that match I was like take that DGZ Roach won me those games Top 4 Me Vs Mikey Fegusson Doppel Plant Now this is the most insane game ive ever played and too much went on G1 He opens One For One ditching Spore get Glow Up Junk Synchron and Doppel and goes into Shooting Star im like URGH I can survive anyway I set sangan set Goats. He attacks my Sangan I get Lonefire he hits and then I End Phase Goats, I then go Lonefire into Spore Synch into Formula Remove Lonefire go into Orient he Veilers and then I synch into Trish and he veilers again (Now I know I made a missplay I shud of just waited and Main Phased Trished in his turn and I possibly come back but he had everything and I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle anyway he goes off a bit more hits Trish hits Direct I drop Gorz then he attacks Gorz. I then go summon Bulb E Con Shooting Star mill for Bulb and synch into Scrap and he has the Warning ready for my comeback play (which was blow up Shooting Star with Scrap Reborn it back and go aggro at him) and Im like urgh another possible missplay so I pass stall for a few turns and lose G2 he opens silly this time but basically every play I had he countered it again and I just leave Tour Guide on field he mass Synchros with Tengu and I TT on the last Tengu and Blow his field up, I then hit with my last Tengu he takes it then Goats in End Phase and then goes Spore and Synchs into Andriod and attacks I then top a Thunder King and summon it he attacks I E Con then I attack the android anyway I hit a couple of times and he drops a Gorz I have a Book and Goats down and im starting to think i will lose since im on 1500 he goes ram Token into TK Rai-Oh then attack with Gorz I nearly Play Book on it but then like why be stupid play Goats he doesnt attack any and summons Junk Synchron and gets Spore and Synchs into Stardust with the Gorz then he goes can I SS my Doppel and I shake my head like its too late. I then top Bulb and Im like here we go time to top E Con and I summon synch to Formula and Draw Gorz URGH anyway I look at my field and I think I can get game and overthink things and dont (I Only realise it 3 Hours late that I should of got game this turn) he was on 2500 I Remove Bulb for Spore synch into Armory Arm and Synch into Orient with 1 Token left and I Orient his Stardust and attack his Junk Synchron leaving him on 1500 (What I should have done was Mill for Bulb synch into Armory Arm with my 3 Tokens and go into Orient Banish Stardust Remove Bulb for Spore go into Scrap and Blow Book away and attack for game but im an idiot when I over think things) Im like at this point there is no card he can top hes used Reborn and Dark Hole I Win from this point, no he had other plans he topped the 1 card which would give him game he apollogies for ripping it and drops BLS like holds out his hand and I go it aint over till the Fat Lady Sings anyway he declares an attack and I play Book on it giving me that 1 Turn, Im like now all I can top is Pot Of Avarice, Enemy Controller, Mind Control, BLS, Monster Reborn and Debris Dragon, Im like I never top anything when I really need it but today has been a good day for me in playing wise I am going to rip my BLS if it was anything I wanted to top to win it was my BLS he states End Turn, I put my hand on my deck, Rick Cherry Shouts rip it like a boss everybody is watching this game just saying it was an intense game basically I was on the come back but it was back and forth and I Draw and its my favourite card .... DEBRIS DRAGON I dropped Debris Dragon so fast shouting OOOOOOOSH I cant believe how I didnt actually damage it I got back Formula and went into Trish and got game then I was like omg wheve been playing a hour and where just on G3 G3 he goes off with 1 4 1 and Junk Synchron and Doppel I then MST his back row and Dark Hole and hit with Sangan for a few turns and I have lots of cards on him he has to Mind Control my Sangan synch with Spore into Armory Arm then I go Tour Guide he plays Veiler I chain E Con and get his Armory Arm I get Tour Guide and then I attack with both and equip Armory Arm to Tour Guide he goes set I then go detatch Armory Arm summon Veiler sycnh into Librarian he warnings and I drop BLS and Reborn for the Match. tight 2-1 Very Very Close Game Im now against TG Stun again before we start I do offer a split he knows I beat him before but he has the advantage and he declines and says if the rabbit gets pulled we both want it so it will only cause trouble and I agree and ready to play it out. Me Vs Rick Cherry G1 I win die roll just battle with Thunder Kings then bait out a play with My Econ on a token taking back my Caius which would leave him very low and he Solemns and and I Solemn him back and he scoops G2 He has TG's Skill Drain Barbaros I dont really have anything I have to Storm to just see if he has Road he does then I drop BLS he Warnings but I knew it was his game anyway time for G3 G3 cant remember much both back and forth DCK's hitting field with Tengus and TK Rai-Ohs and then I Tengu E Con Play and attack for game. so I win 2-1 and undefeated throughout tourney opened Box and got a Metaion which I sold for £10 and I got a Laggia net Profit 1 Laggia cant really complain its a profit either way anyway after the tournament I think things through the Chimeratech werent needed but neither was the Leviair so Chimeratech will be getting switched for the Zenmaines im getting. So Im happy i got a little bit of practicing in before the YCS still unsure what to run Im too unsure about DW with Smog now and I think rabbit will be good just need to test against rabbit and Ill be done then at the moment Im going with Plant to the YCS but Im fealing DW so anyway if you actually spent the time to read through this I thank you and hope to read some good comments like
  9. Plants - Discussion

    I ran plant at a win a box and went undefeated will post list up with a little report and what i think plant will look like
  10. Plants - Discussion

    also I may add that I side out my plants normally against every deck apart from Dark World pre Photon
  11. Plants - Discussion

    [quote name='brighteyes' timestamp='1320772526' post='3025718'] [quote name='yamilevia' timestamp='1320523594' post='3023978'] Leviair needs to be dropped before Roach [/quote] [font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Are you stupid?[/font] [/quote] Dont shoot me down until youve tried plants without Leviair
  12. Plants - Discussion

    also with people maining 3 maxx c you dont want to go off with Leviair
  13. Plants - Discussion

    [quote name='Sean.' timestamp='1320771044' post='3025698'] Or remove for BLS and summon tour guide, that's my favorite. [/quote] Ye they are the only times but when I drop BLS i win without using Leviair so using Leviair with it is useless
  14. Plants - Discussion

    [quote name='victor' timestamp='1320767124' post='3025679'] [quote name='yamilevia' timestamp='1320732573' post='3025476'] OK Im sorry but I played 100 games on DN and only used it 12 times and 3 of those times Zenmaster would of been better, [u][b]8 of those times I was just using it to get back my Thunder King [/b][/u]which is actually ok, but still Zenmaster would of put its work in and then the other 1 time i did some mad combo [/quote] So you never played Spore, RFG Lonefire in all those games? [/quote] Yes I have but theres no point in bringing Lonefire back when you have no targets in deck