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  1. Wow, am I bored lol

    Cool story bro lol
  2. sjc orlando

    Just bcuz you get outplayed doesnt mean the other player cheats

    I agree lol
  4. Jerry Wang vs. Sam Jones

    Sadly, that's true. Just shows you how bad FL is. He is not the best in florida no way.. Hector heras, Maurice brantley, GLENN LIGHTFOOT.. sorry bro he is not the best
  5. Rob Ackerman

    I agree those are my favorite also rofl
  6. Was everyone fucking sick after sjc orlando?

    me too i felt like shit till yesterday
  7. Orladno Weekend

    I told you those cards were going to come clutch royal and my body
  8. Orladno Weekend

    Yea mee too
  9. Pro Players? LOL

    Konami* I agree me and my friends were laughing bcuz shonen jump second place gets more than first place lol