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  1. United States Presidential Election

    Well that is not actually even close to being possible but ok.
  2. The YGOrganization -[TCG] SPYRAL MISSION – Assault

    Each exclusive deck in the past has been pretty much full power and tier 1 by set 2 of 4. This has been pretty bad tbh and I feel like konami is finally doing it right and working towards tier 1 instead of just throwing it out there straight away. This stuff all has super high potential. With 8 cards remaining in a deck that seems to have endless tutors and special summon ability it's pretty clear that 1-2 cards in the next 2 sets could break things wide open.
  3. Card seems pretty good tbh.
  4. Jesus these cards are op
  5. It's a promo in Legendary Decks 2
  6. Even if there is the product sucks so it wouldn't sell very well.
  7. Pot will probably get close to hitting the $100 mark tbh. The set is really bad atm and doesn't sell very well. It is a net negative EV for stores to open product most of the time. The market will dry up and people will be forced to pay out the ass for them from online stores. If you don't have them already, bite the bullet and pay the current market price, because it will only go up.
  8. I think Galy was just dethroned after 3 finals in a row...
  9. I believe Pot will go up soon. The set is not great and kind of needs Venom to push the exclusives. There is a massive stigma that banishing your cards is a negative and a lot of people will not even look at Pot until it starts seeing significant results. Once that spike happens, which it will, then the demand will increase dramatically. Also the fact people won't want to buy the set will force players online to purchase and for a store to keep up with demand of a card in an average set the price will have to increase.
  10. Worlds Banlist

    The life gain cards have been banned every year since like 2007. Idk why this surprises anyone. SANTA CLAWS G
  11. Pokemon GO

    I'm having awful luck with this game. 1. I save up all my Pokemon for mass evolution. I do the lure, aroma, lucky egg drop. Server crashes 30 seconds in. Doesn't restart for an hour so I lose everything. I had been farming for like 2 days and managed to squeeze in a full 30 minutes uninterrupted for this. It's not easy to find 30 full minutes in a day I can just crank the game without interruption. 2. A friend cons me into investing real $ into buying 25 Lucky Eggs and 8 Incubators. I get the 2500 coin package needed. I go to buy Lucky Eggs and error comes up. I wait, then go to try again. Error again. 2 minutes later I check and I have 50 new Lucky Eggs and no coin left for Incubators. I'm pretty tilted. Because I'm already pretty invested I have to spend more $ to get the Incubators otherwise its all kind of a waste. So I go to purchase another coin deal which is best value for the Incubators I need. An error comes up and says it was declined. I check my bank account and boom money is gone yet I have no coin that I purchased and no incubators and 50 fucking lucky eggs. 3. I have 5 5x km Eggs hatching at the same time. I'm at 4.95km steps and counting. Server crashes. When it starts up I have no Eggs or new Pokemon. 4. I will tell you what bad beat I have tomorrow.... FML
  12. Eldritch Moon Spoilers

    So I played 4 pre releases. I opened 5 Gisella in 4 kits... along with Bruna in 2 of them... + other bomb rares / mythics. Was silly. I'm on sone crazy hot streak atm. FNM last week SOI draft and pack 2 Avacyn, Pack 3 Nahiri.
  13. Hi res image from the poster of this card had been out for like 2 weeks. I'm surprised it's only been noticed now...
  14. lolo9lololol accidentally swapped decks
  15. lol who the fuck are those top8 players. lol @ usa worlds team bohdan for locked champ