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  1. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    [quote name='Jazz`' timestamp='1345990524' post='3264834'] Austin, do you know what you're playing yet? I can't wait for saturday :3 [/quote] Depends if I can get 3 Armageddon Knights and a Bouncer or not but preferably Graveyard Black tbh Look in your fucking box I know I saw 2 rare armoknights
  2. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    I'm still saying fuck duality Not gonna play it in Miami neg me all you want 8lllllllllllllllllllllllllD~~~~ I wanna summon my SDD and set up my shit asap I still play etele, might be why I don't like it, but I don't think it's needed imo you play draw power to get to your power cards faster so you can use them sooner Duality go against this in here imo I'm trying to think of any other deck that's synchro/xyz oriented that plays them and I can't [legit: i just started playing again 2 months ago I missed some shit]
  3. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    I fucking hate duality in synchro/xyz oriented decks! You grab your power cards and you cant use them dosyfuguasg WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS IT'S NOT WORTH PLAYING? not sure if I'm blind or everyone else is missing something
  4. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    Also Grepher +Mali/PSZ is still retarded good You can either go SDD or Strike Bouncer if you play a level 6 Synchro
  5. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    Id play dandylion and pwwb [notsureifserious] fuck the haters I do like your zero deck a lot too though ignore the side and extra [img]http://i.imgur.com/DJJLs.png[/img] This hasn't been tested but I it's the way I'd go with the deck or something simila
  6. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    2 bottomless 2 pwwb 1 return's what im doin but ya you don't need many traps and you should have ones that help protect SDD imo i like the pwwb, makes junk in your hand useful and it can literally stop anything except Barkion Decree and Shi En
  7. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    I play tomato but I don't play duality I find myself Doom Lording something then using Necroface for the lulz
  8. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    [quote name='S{t}ack' timestamp='1345486372' post='3260390'] [quote name='Austinnnnn ' timestamp='1345415714' post='3259597'] [quote name='Lee Hale' timestamp='1345415591' post='3259595'] D-Hero engine sucks and is out of date. [/quote] Starting to agree the more I play it 3 Allure and 3 Solemn made teledad godly, not DDraw or ETele [/quote] why would you still play teleport? its just awful atm especially w. maxx "c" and sicne you only have two mali so d-draw mali doesnt get all of ur teleports online at once (which is what made teledad so good/consistent) [/quote] It's not awful, it's underutilized. You gotta acknowledge Maxx C but I don't care if they draw cards if I'm going for game that turn. I can chain teleport to Maxx C right? That's pretty dope imo
  9. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    [quote name='Lee Hale' timestamp='1345415591' post='3259595'] D-Hero engine sucks and is out of date. [/quote] Starting to agree the more I play it 3 Allure and 3 Solemn made teledad godly, not DDraw or ETele
  10. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    [quote name='S{t}ack' timestamp='1345414209' post='3259576'] [quote name='gatManB' timestamp='1345404578' post='3259492'] [quote name='S{t}ack' timestamp='1345389596' post='3259384'] i dont get why 5 destiny heroes are needed, ive been having no problem just playing 4 of them. you also get rota and stratos, which automatically count as destiny heroes once you draw them, so you already have 6 targets. [/quote] this is just one of those things you'll probably never understand, as most players who realized 5/3 was the best was during older hero formats, even ones that included disk commander. 5 are needed. [/quote] the thing is that at this point, the formats are going faster and faster. its true that before, 5 destiny heroes was the best ([size=7][b]i think most tele-dad had 2 mali[/b][/size] 2 diamond dude and 1 plasma/doom lord) but the thing is that right now, because of power creep, etc. the destiny heroes are rapidly becoming even worse than they were before (and they were pretty bad already.) sometimes, i think its good to look at past decks as a basis, but in this case, i see more searching monsters (tgu into sangan) as well as more draw power (pod) than before. ive gone down to 4 and it really hasnt been a problem at all. with disk commander its different because then id rather have the 5th hero (disk commander) since it was such a good card. its no longer legal so id rather play stuff like tgu to grab the hero if i need it than to include a potentially dead card in my deck. pretty much every destiny hero is total garbage if you dont have destiny draw, ideally you would never want to summon it you always destiny draw/allure it away. thats why i think its better to lower the number of destiny heroes you could potentially draw, since once you have d-draw its usually fairly easy to search out a hero. [/quote] stopped reading
  11. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    I'm starting to question Destiny Heros guise . _____. It' just don't feel right lasgaiguapuhpehp DISK COMMANDER D'; I was gonna try zombiehero then I remember Brio got banned
  12. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    Destiny Draw's a great card but it's not so broken that it justifies playing subpar cards just so you can play it. If you can't make it work without adding to much derp to the deck then it will ultimately fail. I look at things on a grand scale, not just game-to-game. I'm talking about building a deck that can last multiple rounds of swiss. The deck needs to have great synergy without taking away from it's versatility or potency.
  13. Destiny Hero - Discussion

    [quote name='gatManB' timestamp='1345360512' post='3259179'] [quote name='Austinnnnn ' timestamp='1345166411' post='3257166'] I get neg ref'd for saying a shitty list has no win condition. I can point out a lot of flaws just skimming through I'm almost sure you have no idea what you're doing, ramble/ I've played Stratus Turbo, DDT, PC, DRaiDa, DAD Return, teleDAD, salvoDAD, Drain DAD; I've played DHeros every format they're viable [even now] /ramble. I'm pretty sure I can talk about DHeros without explaining myself, BUT allow me to attempt and be somewhat constructive [quote name='S{t}ack' timestamp='1345096329' post='3256537'] i ended up trying a generic-styled deck that focused on cardcar D to leverage into advantage and it ended up working really well, and it seemed like a deck that functioned more like plants than tele-dad though, its pretty much fast enough to keep up w. any deck ive played against so far and the real strength is in how flexible the side-decking is especailly since u draw ur hate cards super fast bc of all the draw power in here. 3 ryko 2 tgu 2 trag 2 mali 2 d dude 2 veiler 2 cardcar d 1 sangan 1 sorc 1 plague 1 dad 1 stratos 1 gorz 1 bls 3 d-draw 2 pod 2 mst 1 heavy 1 dark hole 1 reborn 1 allure 1 charge 1 rota 2 tt 2 warning 1 judgment [/quote] Why are you playing D Hero's in here? You play the Destiny Engine (Stratos, 2 Malicious, 1Dhero/2DDraw, or 2DHero/3DDraw) because it's a consistent draw engine that has great synergy with the Synchro mechanic yet you only play 1 Plague and 2 Veilers. You don't even play Dark Grepher, Instead you want to force Chaos in you build, but you don't really understand how it works, so you max out on Ryko and splash CotLB which makes you DHero's ratios (all ratios for that matter) completely irrelevant. You only want to mill 1 Malicious and 1 PSZ with your Ryko, that's it, which means it would make more sense to main Grepher. Everything else you play Destiny Draw to get to faster, that's the whole point of Destiny Draw. I'm not saying cut Chaos, I'm just confused as fuck because I run Sorcerer and BLS consistenly and I only play 3 Veilers which is another reason I assume you just derped out a list real quick and never really tested it. With the heavy draw power and 3 TGU to force a Sangan and get a Veiler if I have to (which I usually don't) I find it's really all you need to get them both off. I don't understand Card Car in this build or most I see it in tbh. You have Rota, Stratos, 2 TGU, Sangan, Allure, and 3 Destiny Draw (5 recruiters, 4 draw cards, 9 cards, %23 of you deck if you're playing 40) you don't need more 'digging' power, you need ways to abuse the consistency, fodder, and speed the engine already offers. Card Car's also counterproductive because this deck really only needs a few cards to generate winning plays and what good's drawing game winning cards if you're giving you opponent a turn to do something? I only understand Card Car in decks that are heavy in 1for1 plays because it's one of their only ways to net advantage. I want to nag on Duality too [but people are probably gonna argue this one.] Sarcophagus is infinitely better in something like this, yet questionable at best (Sarco TGU DDraw: Sarco Stratos > TGU > Leviair > special Stratos > Win yugiohs) Duality also takes away in the decks ability to shit out Synchros and set up game winning situations by getting that SDD on board with back rows etc. Other bad choices (imho) Diamond Dude (Plasma and Doom Lord are the only other good D Heros) Tragoedia (I mean, sure you'll have cards in your hand but you don't even have things to abuse it's lv change ability on Mali or anything like that, I just don't get it; so underutilized.) The simple fact this lacked Emergency Teleport is why I joked about it honestly Aside from the obvious 8 Star plays with Malicious and Sorcerer and adding huge OTK possibilites; Let's assume you play 2 Doom Lord 2 Krebons 1 Commander You just opened Doom Lord and ETele You can now 1 Doom Lord their Monster, etele Krebons, make Android (OH SHIT IT'S A LIGHT,) end gaining 600+ while setting up your BLS/Sorcerer and being a DDraw away from 3 Darks. 2 Doom Lord their monster, etele Commaner, make Leviar, special their monster, go from there 3 Doom Lord their monster, etele Commander, Zenmaines, follow up with one of your 2 TGU > Leviar next turn I'm not trying to be a dick, this is just obvious I thought. On a side note: IMHO if Teleport and Draw go to three it will be a pseudo teleDAD format where you drop SDD DAD and BLS for game instead of SDD, and 2 DADs or SDD a DAD and Goyo for game. Even Acid Golem SDD and DAD's game -___- [/quote] I agree with most things you said here except that it lacking teleport is what made it bad. I feel like I already have a pretty decent concept with this deck that doesnt use teleport (I had teleport at 1 by the end of that format anyway, it actually seems terrible to me in here). I also agree the basic engine should be triple doom lord 2 malicious, or if you really could find a way to justify running it, 2 mali 2 doom lord 1 plasma. A lot of stuff I see in this thread is just people really trying to just rebuild decks that died years ago, when you guys should be looking for realistic new win conditions outside of sarco'ing your DAD lol (good play too, but far from a consistent win condition). [/quote] I said Sarco's mediocre at best The Teles I'm not completely sold on yet (Diva and Miracle seem retarded) but the fact I main Cyber Valley and shit gives me a lot more plays with my Teles than just Synchroing. Personally I feel like people don't know what the cards can do, they just know what they can do with the cards, if you get what I'm saying. [quote name='S{t}ack' timestamp='1345389596' post='3259384'] i dont get why 5 destiny heroes are needed, ive been having no problem just playing 4 of them. you also get rota and stratos, which automatically count as destiny heroes once you draw them, so you already have 6 targets. [/quote] I view 2 Malicious as 1 whole. So if you play 2 Malicious and 2 more Destiny Heros you'd be playing 3 total; your 3 DDraws only have your 3 other DHeros to go off with, the second you're forced to commit one to the board or something you automatically have one dead card in your deck. I mean you can make it work with 4 but you're not helping your odds at all and without cards like Wind Blast to turn useless cards into plays then it's hard to justify imo I run 1 Plasma 2 Malicious and 1 Doom Lord right now and feel like I just might continue maining 2 Destiny Draw once Sep rolls around instead of forcing in a 3rd. There might not be enough viable Destiny Heros to run 3 lol. [quote name='S{t}ack' timestamp='1345390099' post='3259386'] and ive been actaully liking diamond dude a lot more its really really good with 3 d-draw, ive been playing night beam over mst (with future fusion gone thats huge since there arent that many good/relevantface-up threats anymore other than like necrovalley) [/quote] Just stop. Diamond Dude isn't going to be that game winning card it's slow and inconsistent and your opponent can play accordingly unless they're retarded
  14. Prophecy / Spellbook - Discussion

    3 Village 0 Tower? Village with the ability to reuse Veiler seems nice. I haven't really played the deck that's why I'm asking these Qs though. This comes out tomorrow right?
  15. Prophecy / Spellbook - Discussion

    I was thinking Apprentice > Spellbook Magician next turn flip Magician search w/e Spellbook card then making Gachi with a second Magician or swap the Magician or summon Tsukuyomi to flip it back down and end or follow up with both Tsukuyomi and Swap for greatness. If you play Breaker you have an added bonus. I'm also wondering how 3 Secret Village > the Spellbook fieldspell would do.