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  1. Marcus i hook him up with ur adress and phone number and is expecting a date soon u guys will b very cute together hehehe
  2. this looks like a job for spooderman
  3. Dominican#1930 Add me Also the way classes are set up right now, Priest will always be in a bad spot due to Warriors being a Much Stronger control class.
  5. i just turned 12 last month
  6. Does anyone here play? Recently met Soul's twin on there.
  7. Ginger spice!!!!
  8. Why not both?
  9. Took me a while to figure out my password but it's nothing spooderman can't handle, ive met some of the best people I've ever known on this site, and I would like to thank everyone for such an amazing time and experience I've had on this website.
  10. And I still love you all.
  12. Arson Daily
  13. eat my pussy faggot
  14.   I agree, playing on the same team as Lebron is pretty much a guaranteed trip to the finals, I don't see why he would leave that to go be the man on a losing team, especially when he's never made the playoffs.
  15. Ginger Spice