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  1. I've been playing this game since it came out. I can vouch that it's fun. If you need a house, you can probably join the one I'm in (~70 members). Vault progress is much faster the more people you have, and amount of contribution needed/gained scales while based on how many so it doesn't become harder to get good rewards. This is the deck I'm using to some good success, dunno how close to optimal it is (There aren't really any sites to get "top decks" right now). It's a quite a "good stuff" deck, but at the same time it's VERY slow at times. If you decide to win off building an army of tokens with Stonecall Seedling/Vein Waker, prepare to win with only a few cards left in deck.
  2. Get Puyo Puyo Tetris ($30, April 25th). It's so good. Until then you can play the english demo which has unlimited 2 player vs or vs COM
  3. I was hoping this wouldn't happen. Really disappointing =/.
  4. I wouldn't exactly call that a team builder though. It might be good for in-game teams but not VGC. Lacking moves, items, evs, ivs, abilities and all that jazz. Pokemon Showdown will probably have all of the gen in within a week. Might already be done and they're just waiting for the game to be released.
  6. Spy vs Pyro all over again lel Not really though since if you have a chance of engaging a Winston (he jumps onto you while you are going for another target), you'd probably have a safety net teleport up. He can't really follow you through walls. It would force you to disengage for a bit, but it's better than the alternative of death. You're distracting at least 2 heroes and doing it very safely. Then you can quickly get back in to the battle because of your shift speed and hacked health kits. Not that Sombra would necessarily be played that way. The rest of her skills provide huge utility to being with the team. But I'm sure it depends on the situation.
  7. Her damage is so high and that clip is huge. Feels like a tweak is needed to one of those.
  8. How people are falling for Titanfall again is beyond me. What makes you think the exact same thing as last time isn't going to happen?
  9. I know how the card can be used yes. But System Down is still better because it's a catch-all answer to ABC regardless of how they play the card. So the only reason you should ever side Avidity is if you're also using it to nullify cherries for a +1. Hence your scenario is only relevant in the mirror match game 2 because no other deck has a reason to side it (maybe BA). So you should know exactly when playing around the card is relevant.
  10. It's a side deck card to counter Winter Cherries. So that scenario is only relevant in the mirror really. Otherwise there are better cards to side.
  11. I mean like..if you just look at the first pages of the thread you would notice that everyone started where you are exactly now. Everyone focused on the turbo ABC and it's nothing new that hasn't been tried for half a year. Maybe the posted builds aren't nearly as good as where you are now, but everyone has tried the same thing without posting it. Saying we haven't tried something different than that is definitely wrong when the deck started the same way you did. Yeah and like people are saying, when you Brilliant Fusion, the draws from Tsukuyomi mean absolutely nothing because all you're picking up is cards to make buster when you already have it. It helps nothing to establishing your board which is pretty serious. I don't think a single ABC actually does win you the game, no. The card is amazing, but people are stretching when they say that. I'm sorry but what going 2nd cards are people cutting that are actually good cards? People are still playing Kaiju, people are still playing Maxx C and a lot of builds are still playing Instant Fusion. People are obviously still maxing Twin Twisters. Have you even looked at the builds that have been winning regionals? The build squiddy posted is the most different and isn't what they all look like. So all we're cutting is "engine cards"..(Whatever that even means to you..Transmodify/Brilliant Fusion/Galaxy Soldier I guess) , but we already know your math was really wrong and the increase wasn't as much as you originally stated. Not to mention all of your methods are just as weak to traps as everyone else if you don't draw Twin Twister. Giant first turn boards also make you struggle just as much as everyone else if you don't draw a Kaiju. Your ability to play through strong t1 boards isn't anything better than everyone else really. (Also in your build all it takes is 1 Kaiju to blow you out if you don't draw Galaxy. You stated you don't standby tag ABC, but the other builds can afford to do that because they're playing traps too. Because if you tag early and the mirror makes ABC, they're just going to banish your pieces and what will you have left? Your 1st turn is weaker and your 2nd turn isn't better either because it requires the same cards to break their 1st turn. So why is your build even something worth considering?)
  12. Pre-INOV is very important on this site because there is a YCS event before INOV releases. The event is in Liverpool, UK. There are some players here that are participating in it. There are also some regionals I guess.
  13. Okay but how does this apply to being over-represented? My original reply was a response to the fact that you thought there was a over-representation of ABC. All of these scenarios you mention create an under representation of the stronger deck. You originally said it was over-represented because it was new, and I said that people wouldn't take a new deck to an event if they didn't thing that deck was also the best deck to take to the event. This only applies to the caliber of players that could actually top said event anyways (IE: The 11/16 at that regional).
  14. We shouldn't care about people who don't have access to decks or confidence. It does not apply to ABC. Because I'm saying that whether they had access to a more expensive deck or not, people should still be playing ABC. But yes, prediction of the meta and highest chances of doing well are what makes the best deck. Rock Paper Scissors formats are rare in yugioh however. The game isn't that balanced.