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  1. No chance of it not being sadly. It's the set seller.
  2.[/img] (Quick Play Spell) (1) During either player’s Main Phase: target 1 DARK Xyz Monster that has no Xyz Materials that you control; Special Summon 1 DARK Xyz Monster from your Extra Deck that is 1 Rank higher than the targeted monster’s by using the targeted monster as an Xyz Material (this Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon), and if you do, attach this card to it as an Xyz Material.(2) During your Main Phase; you can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 DARK Xyz Monster you control; attach 1 “The Phantom Knights” monster from your hand to that monster as an Xyz Material. Pros: -Highly searchable in the PK engine for free. Both boots and cloak can search it. -Huge range of good cards. -Dark Rank 3s can turn into Evilswarms. Ophion/Ouroboros? Yes please. Easy to do due to removing a PK trap and recurring a Break Sword. -Pretty good rank 5 options too. An OTKing Dolkka (, Rhapsody > C-80 (get to banish 2 cards in grave and on field), Vampire Bram(steal their shit), Shark Fortress, Outer God Azahoth on opponents turn (OCG) - High OTK potential due to Shark Fortress/XYZ Requiem (Rhapsody will probs be how you ditch the xyz for any non C rank 5 if you can't xyz dragon) Cons: -To make rank 5s, will require 2 PKs (not too hard) and your opponent having a card to destroy. Or some other awkward interaction. Break Sword covers the rest. -The "intended use" of XYZ Requiem is a little awkward of requiring a monster to target to remove all materials from XYZ Dragon. -Despite all the control cards you can summon, it can't be used on first turn due to being unable to get a 0 material XYZ. Break Sword would have no target to destroy w/ itself. This can be pretty big. -Lol extra deck room. Obviously you can't use nearly every card mentioned here. Do you think this card is worth running in current decks or is it too much effort?
  3. How does this card work with something like Rai-Oh? Can they pick the option that will fizzle or is it a forced choice?
  4.   ^ from Chris Vanmeter v his article     Theres 3 vocal mtg pros playing HEX  Chris Vanmeter, Jeef Hoogland and Adrian Sullivan All write for HEX sites (some the main one). Pretty good community members. I'd say their articles are definitely worth reading to help introduce you to the game.      Set 4 launches on April 26th. Same day as Hearthstone set :P
  5. The best dTCG out there in my opinion. At least in content it has to offer. A free 10  hour campaign right now (that will get longer) that is like a tabletop RPG with tons of sweet encounters and mechanics. 3 sets out right now, with the 4th coming out in a week. Trading and auction house is very good.  Tons of tournaments to enter similar to MTGO, though there are asynchrous tournaments like Hearthstone where you can pick up where you left off. Asynchrous Sealed which follows a format like Hearthstone arena and Asynchrous gauntlet which you play until you get 5 wins or 3 losses in best 2/3 matches. Draft is still a thing too, which obviously can't be asynchrous. Sets are balanced heavily on draft.    WHAT IS HEX? This article is good at explaining it. Better than I could for sure.     Card value is good, but not too expensive. About half the cost of MTG. A Tier 1 deck will probably run you around $100 (or in the F2P side..A LOT OF GOLD) unless you want to play in blood (then it'll be $200 lol, blood has so many good legendaries).  There are budget options though. Especially aggro decks. Some control decks on the cheaper side though.   The cards in this game can be really interesting. There are gems which you can socket in cards to repurpose them for multiple decks. Here's one of the strongest socket cards right now:   and here is the list of gems: Inspire is a mechanic where if a troop of a cost of equal or greater enters the board, it gains all abilities listed by the Inspire. So in this case, they gain all abilities the gems give Azurefate Sorceress   So a control sapphire deck may want to run the card with Quick (you can play the card on your opponents turn) so they can keep their resources open for counters. But the major gem slot is often different even among control decks. Wild Sapphire decks want the Spellshield(can't be targeted) for their boss troops to be hard to get rid of. Sapphire Blood decks want the mill gems so they can get the spiders (that they put in there) out of their opponents deck. Ruby control decks want the face burn on play so they can burst their opponent down when they get their combo pieces.    Less control decks might switch the sapphire Quick to flight. Flight/Spellshield can be a powerful combo for the more midrange decks. Here is the Steam launch trailer     And here is the store page:   Core mechanics are very similar to MTG, but HEX  won the lawsuit so who cares. Main differences can be outlined in this: Though it's obviously a very biased article. Also heres a thing trying to say why you should give HEX a chance:   Some resources: A list of all decks that can win gauntlets and weekly tournaments: : Tons of articles and they host free weekly tournaments every Sat/Sun with prizes and door prizes. At the end of the month is a finisher tournament that invites the players with the best qualifying points.   New player guide:!/cards A list of all the cards. Cards with the funny border on the left side are PVE only, and cards can have equipment which are also PVE only. Video Tutorial on how to play  (UI is very old, but video is still relevant to how to play).     Some of my favorite cards: [spoiler] --- > Puts this in your deck It makes for a very powerful card if your opponent can't get it off the board quickly. Once it stacks up you'll be drawing Specter after Specter for some strong board presence.   A burn card that gets stronger as the game goes on.    Tunneling is a mechanic where you put the card face down for 2  and it comes up in a few turns (listed on the's sorta like Morph) except it's a lot stronger and more interesting because the cards can have effects while face down. This one lets you see your opponents hand without them even knowing you can. Of course they can guess thats what it is, but decks running it run a lot of other threatening tunneling troops too.   A huge tempo card that demands to be answered.  More to be added later. [/spoiler]
  6. No one knows what Blizzard is thinking by making this common. 
  7. Hammer of Twilight 4/2 shaman weapon for 5 mana Death rattle: summon a 4/2 elemental. Epic rarity The 5 cost is pretty high. Surprised it isn't a 4 drop with overload 1. I guess it still could be good at 5 since the 4/2 will probably trade with something. I'm also interested in how much the elemental costs since that is some master of evolution synergy. Probably only 3 and at most 4 given the stats.
  8. RNG praise me seems pretty good to evolve a tuskarr, the other new card (counts as 6 cost even when reduced), etc.
  9. the tempo is real
  10. Just gotta take it slowly. You don't have to do all the gnomes at once :P Also you gotta pack a lot of removal in your deck like Repels or Kills because damn those worms hurt.  The fights are pretty unfair though until you have a stronger deck. It's optional so you can just come back later.  Don't even try fighting the queen.   Some secret cards: Cards that can be won from special encounters: -Piranha Swarm (beat the Piranhas) -Wormoid hydra (beat the Wormoid Queen) -Contract Killing (beat the Killipede) -Kiss of the Princess (revert the frog in to Princess Daphne in the Sea Hag fight and then take control of her before you win (Mancubus)) -Spectral Caller (beat AoM level 6) -The 5 untamed cards (tame at least one of the fight-specific untamed cards with the containment sphere in the battle)
  11. Yeah it is   Experthies or Zalkan are the mono blood. 
  12. Yeah. Blood is really strong still and no one can do draft/sealed for set 1 packs so they are being opened less (outside of the event two months ago that brought set 1 draft back). There's also a vampire princess now which is a staple in the deck which is a 3 cost 2/3 lifedrain/flight that does the same thing but for actions.  
  13. Drop them a little higher maybe. That's weird. It should be    1) Open 2) Spin 3) Stash
  14. Chests can be opened for stuff inside. You can roll gold on them to upgrade them too and possibly get some rewards. Chest rolling is a gold sink though, don't really do it. So just open them.   Sell the shards of fate boosters they're worth a decent amount of plat on the AH (170 plat).