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  1. It's actually just 2 months from now and is going to be the majority of the format and not this honeymoon 2 month format, but eh. I know TCG only players will be ignorant to the whole thing. Can't expect them to keep up with new cards. You're looking at the short term strengths of the list, and I'm looking at the long term faults of the list. The f/l discussion is that the lack of Norden ban or IF hit is really dumb and everyone will be hating it very soon. It's just a choice to push new product into the meta and sell their secret rare. It's not my fault this guy keeps quoting me and continuing the discussion. I'll stop responding to him.
  2. The list you posted looks like a mess and more of a one trick pony than Heroes which is actually topping. That angler card also isn't tcg legal. Tbh by making these posts I'm sure I look like one of those crazy people who scream "Gladiator beasts will be tier 1 mark my words" after lists come out, but whatever. I think having Norden is enough to push it to be good and I'll just say I don't look forward to the post INOV format because of it.
  3. Magician won't be played with 1 Call though, and we already went over this. Metalfoes are better than Magicians as a scale deck when there is no Call. They can search what makes their scales sticky, and Magicians rely on drawing that 1 Call. If anything no Pendulum decks will be played, but lets see what happens in testing.
  4. Okay the "deck has to go first" argument has always been garbage. If the deck could only win if it goes first, then it wouldn't be as successful in events. Very few people will realistically get that luck of winning every single roll. A glass cannon deck cannot and will not ever get multiple tops in an event. The heroes you know are not the heroes we will be playing. 3 Instant Fusion, 3 Hero Lives, Soul Charge, (draw power to get those), and all the rank 4 spam means there are plenty of plays to break boards (without losing card advantage or relying on normal summons) in a single turn whether they be Kozmo boards or not. The TCG meta is not stronger than the OCG meta now either, so that can't be used as an excuse.
  5. I was messing around in the fake format of TCG list + OCG cards and Treatoad Heroes are just not fair when Instant Fusion is at 3 w/ Norden. List will be good for a few months and then when INOV hits Heroes are going to become tier 1 and darklaw.dek being that good is not going to be fun. Deck's nearly tier 1 in Japan with only 1 Shadow Mist and no Norden to abuse w/ Instant Fusion. Sure they have Stratos instead but 3 Shadow Mist is better. It'll certainly be good enough to be meta here. Take this tournament for example: It's the 4th most popular deck and significantly weaker there than here. In general it's the 4th/5th best deck in Japan without Instant Fusion giving a free Bahamut+Treatoad 40% of games(desires and some other draw cards add odds) and 3 Shadow Mist. Otherwise IF is used for going second and breaking boards.
  6. Fuckers didn't ban Norden. Now they can sell all the Treatoads they want.
  7. INOV comes out 1 week later and I have no doubts this deck is good enough to beat ABC post-list and INOV, unless Kirin gets straight up banned. No idea how Spyral/Subterror will influence the meta of course. YCS Liverpool(UK) and a handful of regionals seem to be the main events going on between ABC release and INOV release. But yeah I really don't have anything to add to the discussion until a list comes out.
  8. I think summoning Tsukuyomi in game 2 is just asking to lose to Winter Cherries. I haven't played with the deck much myself but I haven't lost a single game against them where I cherries after they go Tsukuyomi. They just have nothing left.
  9. One of the better applications is GGX searching a sided Cycle Reader in the mirror match. Otherwise idk, a Gadget or something.

    Reigen is just the best. Can't wait until episode 12 .
  11. I'm not entirely confident Metalfoes can be tier 1 before INOV (where it is 100% tier 1 because amazing fusions) but they might. It's even more wait for the banlist then Blue-Eyes because Magicians/Performapals are better than them for sure. On the bright side, the majority of cards played in a Metalfoes deck are being reprinted in the mega pack. Blue-Eyes will set you back $300-400 now that Desires is out I think. Spirit is being reprinted in the mega tins and will be a $5 card.
  12. I would still wait until the banlist though. Blue-Eyes can barely hold a candle to the current decks.
  13. Drawing Alternate + Blue-Eyes without activating any spell cards is pretty good luck though. It's not going to happen very often. And you need to not have a Kirin. There are builds I like a bit more than Qli, but I think it's pretty good for the consistency.
  14. Don't play boss monsters because Kaiju exists? K I guess Spirit Dragon is awful too then. And Odd-Eyes Vortex and Beatrice and Dark Destroyer and the entire format. Making Infinity is a +1 btw. The deck is designed to have a boss + Kirin or boss + boss, which is very possible thanks to playing 6 Kirin, 3 Desires, 2-3 Gofu, 4 Scout, and whatever other techs you have. One Kaiju isn't enough to break your locks.
  15. You can make Durandal with Gofu if that's what you mean, but you can't make Ultimaya since the cards have to go to grave.