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  1. Day 5 was sponsored by the confuse rei slipping into dementia foundation
  2. guys im town look vote confuse rei
  3. takes one to know one
  4. i saw a dream where my gym coach came to my house and rang on my bell at like 2 am and she was furious that I wasnt attending the gym lately and she had like short hair they were really horrible and then we were teleported to her wedding and the reception occured next to a cliff and the guests lined up before the couple and they laid their gift, and if the couple didnt like their gift they were just thrown off the cliff
  5. if we tie enough giraffe necks together cant we make like a bridge to the moon
  6. by 2030 we will have sent giraffes to Mars
  7. markus death was very touching in the scum chat i dont want to die im not ready
  8. just ejaculating
  9. i mean not killing my father
  10. you have no idea how many years i have waited for this opportunity
  11. did u guys know that the octopus is the only animal that kills his own father in order to ejaculate
  12. this one time in mafia camp i put wifom in my butt
  13. guys there was this bug in my garden today it was like purple black and had like a huge horn in the front but also like 8 legs and like something like a tentacle looking tail like what the fuck was that
  14. fullstops are the devil's work
  15. i guess im just a hopeless romantic