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  1. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    reluctant in
  2. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    the fuck
  3. Until we meet again

    But if you leave how will my username make sense
  4. Wonderland mafia aftergame - The_Be(a)sT loses

    i have no idea what happened but judging from underwood i guess i should be angry about it
  5. Wonderland mafia

    vote mark whatever you say you stud
  6. Wonderland mafia

    step 1. you die contradicting my claim for some underreason that confirms me as town step 2. scum for some reason NK me despite my claim being contradicted because they are using undereason as well and think im confirmed town step 3. I survive, but get lynched because despite being confirmed town after your flip, i am scum the fuck have you been smoking
  7. Wonderland mafia

    i thought i was confirmed town if you die how do i get lynched
  8. Wonderland mafia

    Let's say you say 'hmm i agree' on me and give me a pass How do I proceed to win? Will I not get killed by day 5 still without contributing anything to my faction? I am not a newbie player who started yesterday. I strategize and plan way ahead, probably better than anyone else in the community. You know that to be true. I am not waiting for you to lay down an exact plan. But ive thought about this many times and there is no possible way where my faction gets rewarded if i do that. This isnt 'o i hope i get by!' thing. I can't get by. It would be WIFOM if i had something to win by doing that. But getting by and going deep is not a reason. The deeper I go the less people listen to me, and they eventually kill be because im not nk'd. I wouldnt even argue if its wifom because you're the only one pushing for this idea. I would just let it get buried because you are one of the most inactive posters. But its just so illogical it irritates me existencialy
  9. Wonderland mafia

    also yeah i missed the most obvious one underwood is neutral survivor underwood sees me/rei claiming a similar role and trying to take ourselves out of the nk pool, narrowing the nk list down around him, essentially fucking with his wincon from early day fucking 1 'i'll allow it'
  10. Wonderland mafia

    Nelrick you are thinking from your scum pov and not mine. I can never reach day fucking 7 as scum no matter how i play it out, neither does rei. I dont need to go deep to help my faction, nor is it ever my goal to do so. If I lead to town to kill town day 1 and 2 and that is my contribution to the team. You can and you should, but it is a horrible play for me to try to play it off to reach the end game, and it is very clearly not my play of choice, the examples are somewhere close to the hundreds by now over the years. And yes it makes sense to kill me/rei. The fact that i claimed it doesnt mean its true and clearly, a lot of people dont believe im telling the truth. underwood's claim is clearly fake regardless if it contradicts with mine says he is neutral survivor but prods me to post my scumreads since jazz figured it out! like lol say you are town or ill out you! when do you ever say that from neutral survivor pov
  11. Wonderland mafia

    your definition of town siding is hilariously ridiculous
  12. Wonderland mafia

    I think nelrick is town because i dont believe he has the balls to go after me as scum on day 2, either a more aggressive player would have done this push or they wouldnt have done it at all
  13. Wonderland mafia

    How am i discrediting a potential healer? I said i find it unlikely because of my power and jazz's claim. Even with a healer in the game, with me and rei being likely non healer options, healer has to more or less heal in the dark in the sense that there isnt a player that stands out skill wise From an unlikely successful healer target n1 with jazz's claim and my role, i said that 'I likely was targeted' because it only makes sense. Had i discredited the existence of healer i should have gone after you but I didnt. So this is all just false. Not wifom, not agree to disagree. Just a waste of space. and no, its not wifom. I play to win. How do I win if i rob myself of my ability to influence the game? Give me how this strategy pays off for me. What do I do in fucking day 3-4 when me and rei are still useless and alive and have done nothing to help town or my faction? Its not wifom, its idiotic, i kill myself and a scum mate and always lose if I make this play as scum, and noone plays to lose. You cant possibly not grasp this Jazz figured it out without me having to spell it out for him get on track
  14. Wonderland mafia

    everyone is neutral
  15. Wonderland mafia

    everyone is neutral