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  1. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    there is an old train and a new train backed up by everyone who is active in the thread its a tie and you expect someone of the caliber of brandis to go 'im going to go against the momentum and vote silver!' like why the fuck games have you been playing if you think thats a thing, he votes for me 10/10 times here, same with tyranno, it has nothing to do with how me and silver have posted
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Go back and reread if you think i didnt take position. The fact that you dont understand it doesnt make it a punt. I explained why mascis shouldnt be killed (and I was right), you deemed it as scummy. I voted soph (and I was right), and it was ignored and you deemed it as scummy to the point where my vote was pointless. I explained why silver gives info (and I was right), and you didnt understand it. No, not every lynch gives info. What info did you get from my lynch? zero. You only get info after silver flips. The same info you would get if you flipped silver in the first place. You've played like idk, 100 games here. Go back and try to find like 2 of them where you dont suspect me/malcolm/rei day 1. You wont. I never said I was fearkilled. Im saying i cant take these suspicions seriously because they are there every single game. You dont suspect e.g. zeropassion every single game, you dont suspect anyone else every single game so either: a. rei/malcolm/confuse rei are the worst town players in dgz mafia b. You are biased and want to be the hero who didnt get outplayed I talked about it with slick privately, I cannot find any other explanation as to why this happens. Even if you happen to be right, its only a statistical thing and not a mafia thing, because im bound to be scum at some point. And yes, in this game, that is exactly how it happened. the votes from slick you and jazz+ scum piled on then players that are influenced followed up on the momentum. Obviously they would. That is how mafia has worked for like a decade. Had I been around there would be another side to the argument and I would have been aliive because towniness is an objective term and not something that can be measured. You cant see town in me because you are biased and not because of some golden town appearance rule that everyone but me followed. Also you fail to recognize that I was posting without the need to show towniness because there wasnt a voice of concern towards me. Why the fuck would I have to prove myself and to who? I am just posting for my own good to figure out the game, and if someone has any concerns about me i can address them and explain my thought process. You also look the game through your POV and not through mine. You can literally post your role pm, be confirmed town, and still only get NK'd like night 4-5 if me/rei/malcolm are town. Its horrible -ev to make myself confirmed town, it means i literally cannot play the game, I would only make myself 'confirmed' town to your eyes if i felt the lynch is going the wrong way, I have zero reason to do that out of nowhere and for nothing, I just kill myself by doing that. You said you got better and you talk like you are some sort of god's gift to mafia. I see the same insecure oblivious to how the game works player i knew when i left. Tone it down and accept your mistakes instead of pointing fingers.
  3. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    1. the difference is that I wasnt afk all day, you had 44 hours to voice your concerns, and noone said anything and that's whats foul. If I was afk the whole day then of course it would have been fair game but i was vocal and very active, you just decided to not say anything for most of my game. And its the first lynch of the game, its not lylo where you kill scum of get killed, you had time and days to discuss and argue and analyze. Instead you waste a day talking every single person but me then ignore all that just to go 'lets kill crei lol'. Even if i happened to flip scum you have pretty much admitted that you wasted your whole day by doing so. 2. It would have been a fine play to peg mascis as neutral because he is anti town, so you put him as neutral, never lynch him, and scum are forced to waste a nk down the road on him over a pro town player. In fact Malcolm is the only person other than me who got why mascis should never be lynched by town, so what you deem as scummy is actually a very pro town play. I just didnt spell neutral because if I call him town he gets nk'd easier. Malcolm did explain it to you and most people needed like 2-3 days to grasp it. 3. The gaia is town/scum paranoia actually helps me as scum. Go back and reread every game im scum and underwood/you is town scumreading me. Ive derailed the game for at least half its life span on walls over walls over walls to still be alive. By the time I do get to die ive mislynched at least a couple townies and made the thread unreadable for town to solve because my teammates are buried in a sea of arguments 4. You should vocally suspect, but you didnt do it with me. From suspicion to lynch is a very long way.
  4. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    My game was fine. You slick and jazz suspect better players every single game, it has nothing to do with how we play but with how you perceive reality. Go back to every single game we've played and find one day 1 where you don't suspect me/Malcolm/rei . Either everyone sucks or...? Plus going 'oh it's minus ev but I'm still going for it!' Is still going for it lol, we have a name for shit' like that and it's called distancing. Stop excusing your lack of logic and take the " I can't let myself get outplayed therefore Gaia is scum" glasses off. My lunch was baseless, you just had three people who would always go for me in every game if they are town, forced silver and a scum to boot. You made a huge post that no one could respond at the time of you posting it, formed a train with these people, and then people who are easily influenced (tyranno, Brandis) jumped on the momentum because that's how mafia works when there is only one side to an argument. Under those circumstances I can kill ANY person in ANY game. That is how I died and not because of an "off game"
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    I like how Underwood has tried to logically explain my kill like forty times when the only thing that is to be said is 'dgz town can't read for shit' and move on Malcolm played one of his better games as scum and people( = same like three people) still suspected him because they suspect him every game Less drama more thinking You punk ass bitches
  6. of course no one would even dare to hint at a suspicion towards me for 44 hours and then i go to sleep because i cant be around at fucking 4 am and somehow i get killed not only is this a horrible play to kill an active player at the only time he cant respond to the accusations, its shitty behavior in general because everyone involved knew full well I wouldn't be able to defend myself but i mean how else would you ever be able to lynch me and try to have your shot at a hero moment pee your pants more in my presence you punt ass bitches confuse rei out
  7. we had to take all the money because if we left it to you you'd spend it all in dentists
  8. can we just appreciate the fact that its eod and i havent meme'd the day at all?
  9. you dont have to post like 10 opinions on people in fact its best if you keep it simple otherwise you will be a headless chicken
  10. thats as transparent as they get you did that off the top of your head and you know where he stands can you do it for every single person in the thread? i cant do it for like half of them which is why what he wants is crystal clear id argue that ive posted the most reads in this thread by far and im untransparent as shit
  11. anyhow if u wanna go for mascis go for mascis, i understand how poor that one post was but to me it was just this one post I'd rather kill my boi silver I trust town to kill scum day 1! but regardless i think day 2 will be interesting after 2 flips and a fuck all of role madness lets hope poor confuse rei survives the night
  12. i was under the impression that there wouldnt be activity modkills
  13. Honestly there are way to many people to get accurate reads on. Where the fuck is Zeropassion or that brandis guy and how have they contributed? off the top of my head nothing. But they might have and if i dont read the entire thread I wouldnt have a clue. Im fine with just taking the trash out for a phase because its the easiest way to sort out the remainder of the player pool parting thoughts. psk slick underwood malcolm haz jazz lfn seem town in various degrees of towniness mascis, walia sol and probably antag id go town for now I think the first 3-4 kills will sort this clusterfuck out because there are wayyyyy too many question marks unless oooo role madness if silver/mascis flip scum dont auto assume the other one is town
  14. Ive thought the mascis/silver thing very much to the point where im overanalyzing stuff that are most likely punts so its of no use at the end of the day mascis has made several posts that made me go 'this comes from town pov' and one horrible one silver has yet to make a single post that made me go 'this comes from town pov' Plus at least half the thread has posted semi strong opinions on silver at some point during the day so