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  1. lots of things

  2. is bottomless trap hole worth taking out for a spirit reaper in BW
  3. Black Ops - Zombies

    hit me up on xbox my gamer tag is asiangeegee theater is 27 five is 25
  4. dat zombie professional

    hay hit me up im pretty good
  5. Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Asiangeegee hit me up on zombies guys
  6. San Jose Regional 10/23/2010

    well your welcome a friend of Joes is a friend of mine lol
  7. San Jose Regional 10/23/2010

    hay i was the guy that let you borrow the stardust wasap
  8. YCS Philly Report

    good job man that sucks of the tie
  9. LUCKSWORNS !!!!!!

    Go for it I'll probably play something like this but hay when you come to San Jose go to pro star sports on Friday that where me and some people are. Going to be
  10. any locals in la

    really were cause im planning to go to triple j but not sure if its good
  11. any locals in la

    im in la today and im bored as hell what locals are good and near santa anna?
  12. LA regs this weekend

    cool cool
  13. Hit me up so we can chill Ill be wearing the V neck, some so-cal people lets do it.
  14. 5-29-10 Anaheim Regionals

    nope save that spot for me. YEAAA