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  1. It was just a suggestion in response to the "multiple activations of the card push it over the edge" comment. It sounds interesting to me. You open up deckbuilding a bit by removing it and it takes away the snowball games where your opponent is just slaughtering you with an unanswered Pot of Greed/Charity/Duo Magician of Faith/Tsukuyomi loop.
  2. What if we kept Pot, Duo, Graceful and just got rid of Magician of Faith instead?
  3. Mystic Tomato was also great against people who were playing warrior variants with Don Zaloog. Somewhat related; What was the name of that player who was fairly popular back in the day as a "great player without a lot of tournament finishes" who eventually won a SCJ with 3 Tomato and 3 Shining Angel? EDIT: Figured it out; Kyle Duncan
  4. I feel like it's actually worse in pre-Exarion format since the games tend to go much longer since it's harder to push through damage, so the temporary advantage you get from shuffling back a Sinister Serpent/BLS/Sangan whatever will likely get nullified by a play later on in the game or you'll get punished by topdecking it when it's a total brick.
  5. I agree with ACP on Trap Dustshoot. It always felt like a bit of revisionist history when people here starting playing it since it was good in the 2007-2009ish era of Yugioh. People tried Trap Dustshoot back then and it just wasn't very effective. It's at it's best when people just blind MST it and that happened a lot more back then than it does now.
  6. I prefer the format without Exarion Universe for two reasons. Exarion pushed out cards like D.D Assailant, Gravekeeper's Spy/Guard, Kycoo, Spirit Reaper, SDM, Night Assailant, Newdoria, Tomatos. Reducing the number of viable decklists that each had some unique elements into almost 40 card mirrors. It's more historically accurate. Exarion only existed pre-CRV for like a week so using it, but not CRV never made a lot of sense. I get that some people like playing 40 card mirrors thinking that the more skilled player will win more often than not, but every time I have played them it always feels very one dimensional in terms of how the games playout. You either end up being the beatdown with Exarions and hope to press in damage against an answerless opponent, or you draw more pieces of trinity to them and snowball it into an huge advantage.
  7. I'm pretty late to the Thunder Dragon party, but I very vividly recall you being able to discard Thunder Dragon to search for 0. I was constantly playing against people on YVD who would try to squeeze value out of Thunder Dragon with Card Destruction, Charity, PWWB, Raigeki Break, Tribe or just meta'ing it for a Balter. It didn't come up very often, but occasionally they would discard the last copy to exile for Chaos Sorcerer/BLS. The bigger implication, as I recall, was when Pot of Avarice was released in Elemental Energy that people were discarding their last Thunder Dragon all the time to go to 5 monsters. I actually remember the day they updated the site that Allen linked and sending my Thunder Dragon loving friend an AIM message telling him the bad news.
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I  fell back down to Rank 2, 4 stars. Mentally buckled in and switched to a pretty standard Secret Paladin list and rattled off 7 straight wins for Legend. Super relieved that's over with. 
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    At Rank 1 0 stars. I've been rollercoasting down to Rank 2 back to 1 for the past week. Can't seem to break through. 
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    At Rank 1, 1 star. I bounced from that position down to rank 2 multiple times before calling it quits due to connectivity issues. If anybody wants to add me my battletag is ness038#1980
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Sitting at Rank 2, 3 Stars after switching to Secret Paladin. Deck just feels very efficient. I'm not sure how hard I will push to hit legend, but it would be nice to check the box while I'm up here, but it's just such a drain. I've been playing a lot of mirrors lately. 
  12. yugioh's rise and fall, timelines and significant events

      You only see the "latest and greatest" of Yu-Gi-Oh, because it doesn't sell as well at retail as Pokemon and MTG. They carry a much larger assortment of Pokemon than they do of any other TCGs because it sells better than all the others. YGO has the smallest assortment at Wal-Mart and Target because it's performs worse than Pokemon and MTG not because people are buying it all. 
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Sitting at Rank 3 currently after playing Combo Druid basically the entire time. Thinking about switching over to Secret Paladin. Are there any optimal lists or are they all basically the same?
  14. yugioh's rise and fall, timelines and significant events

      They really shot themselves in the foot not being more proactive with video coverage. I remember refreshing the metagame page all the time waiting for the round's feature to be up. I would have killed to see some of those matches live. Can you imagine how many sweet moments were lost because there was no video? I still remember the fairy tales regarding a video tape someone has of Emon stacking CCV at nats, meanwhile, SCG and Wizards has an event being streamed live every Saturday.
  15. yugioh's rise and fall, timelines and significant events

    In terms of product, I felt like them moving away from having a Retail Secret Rare, and a Hobby Secret Rare has hurt the game in the long run. If you needed a Chaos Emperor Dragon when IOC was released you could get one. All you had to do was buy a box from your local card shop. If you wanted Invader of Darkness you looked inside the trash can. It set a sort of ceiling on the prices of the secret rares. When Dark Armed Dragon hit player's had to really lay down the $$$$$ in order to play a top tier deck. I can't recall any card under the old format from a retail set being more expensive for $50.00. I'm not sure having Star Packs/HA packs get released every few weeks really helps either. There is not a ton of hype that gets built for releases when they happen so frequently.    The point regarding how difficult it is to get back into the game is something I agree with. You couldn't hand Wilson Luc a Tier 1 Deck on the day of a regional and expect him to X-1 it. There are just so many obscure rulings and interactions that it's impossible for most to just jump back in without a few weeks of reading material. In fact, he'd probably get multiple game losses for drawing when he went first.    I think Yu-Gi-Oh has a serious problem with how they are marketing themselves to new players. The TV Show is garbage, and is rarely even on TV. If I was watching Saturday morning cartoons I'm not even sure I'd know I was watching "Yugioh" with how much random crap they are up to. They need to get Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, back on the show. They are your stars. They aren't putting out any quality video games anymore either so you're not really seeing the "Yu-Gi-Oh" brand in the electronics section either. There is no telling how many people hear about Pokemon via the Game Boy game and eventually drifted over to the card game.    Regionals are a colossal waste of time. You are essentially buying 5 booster packs and spend your entire day for a shot at winning the playmat of the month. Half the room ends up getting invites to Nationals. You used to have to Top 4 a regional for an invite. I heard a room groan when they announced only the Top 16 would get invites. It blew my mind. In premier events, I'd prefer a cut to Top 16, but they need to get their coverage model figured out. I think they would be better off not having any coverage, than the joke product they are putting out there now.    This is all being viewed through my nostalgia goggles so I may be totally off base, but that is how I feel as someone who played from MRD through 2009 and then sporadically after that.