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  1. Most Wanted

    Where did everyone go? :p Sup old teammates
  2. Most Wanted

    Good and you?    Sorry team for not warring. This format has been pretty lame. If you guys wanna replace me then that is fine. I might get more active once next format starts. I have to study anyways for a test to get into grad school so I will be busy.
  3. Essex vs. Most Wanted

    2-0ed rapture - raptdrag - Rapture GGs man. Sorry about your hand game 1.
  4. [↑ ►] [X] [Most Wanted]

    2-0ed  ❤: Justin Spyers: Uzi GGs man
  5. Most Wanted

    It is fine, I went to sleep anyways soon after.
  6. Most Wanted

    Thx, it is good to be back :D 
  7. Yes, CED would resolve before Effect Veiler, since the monster is not face-up on the field anymore, Effect Veiler is then just wasted.
  8. Most Wanted

    Welcome to the team homie. If I see you online I will hit u up.
  9. Most Wanted vs. Dogshit

    I only wanted that heart to battle Uzi, anyone of our teammates can have the heart, idc. :)
  10. Most Wanted vs. Dogshit

    Uzi challenged me to a war, I said sure he said "sec" and I wanted forever for him and he logged off so I decided to go back to do homework. No idea if I need screenshots for this but I have them anyways. Guess I will war with him some other time so I am calling 1 of our 2 hearts.
  11. Prosecution Vs Hitlist

    1-2 against Urthor. GGs
  12. Hitlist

    Hey team, I am not currently doing so hot right now in our wars. So far I cost us 4 war games and I am really disappointed in myself. ESP when 2 of those were DW vs FF with me being DW. I am getting YUGIOHed like crazy. If you all wanna replace me for someone who can actually win, I am totally cool with that.
  13. Undisputed

    [quote name='Vee.' timestamp='1353329495' post='3328779'] Minus The Rain Man Minus SSJ5Goku I will be making other changes accordingly. [/quote] Wise choice, between school and halo I been really busy. I am officially on break this December tho so yeah.