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  1. lol i remember nigel coming up to sign up for 3v3 thing, and then 2 hrs later he comes up and tells me the same salty story lololol
  2. Seattle Regionals Report

    great job man! I saw how well you were doing till last round, sorry you had the round 1 lost from registration. I know it is not your fault, let's hope next time there is more tables so we have more ppl at regional! but just try to get there earlier next time so nothing like this happens again. registrations are always open at 8:30am, come early, dont get screwed. lol
  3. Mr. Irrelevant, Seattle Regional Report

    time to take out genex controllers and undine, this regional have proofed that those cards are bad and dead draws and cause you to lose games and matches.
  4. top 8 Seattle regional undineless mermails

    nice job Kyle. you didn't waste your $20 this time.
  5. Seattle Regional Top 8 Report

    nah, last seattle regional had 373 players. we only had 328 this time. congrats harold on the top regardless. you should've seen Simon's face after the match, I swear he was going to kill you when you go to the bathroom.
  6. Vancouver Regional 9/8 Top4/8? Report

    [quote name='Sexified' timestamp='1347401888' post='3278560']Lol simon anyway good job wai![/quote] Lol Ed! "He" shall not be named!
  7. Vancouver Regionals 09/08 T8

    congrats man, i am pretty sure i saw you jumping for joy! hope to see you next regional!
  8. Vancouver Regional 9/8 Top4/8? Report

    lol cause I activated the "Kyle Palsson" beast mode!
  9. Preregional Thursday: I go to my local, Shane's Big League Sportscards, with the intentions of practicing the Machina Geargia deck. I joined the tournament of about 20 players expecting easy wins, but realized how badly you need to draw Geargiarmor to win, overall I went 2-2 and I start having second thoughts about playing the deck. My friend Kyle Palsson went 4-0 with his Evol deck and I decided to netdeck him and play his deck because I have not play YGO for months and I wanted to just have a fun weekend. Preregional Friday: I meet up with Kyle at his house in the afternoon because we were planning on leaving early to go to the Richmond Night Market and going to staying at JULIAN WONG!!!'s house afterward (Mad Props to Julian for letting us stay at his apartment btw!) Later I received a call from our friend "S" who were suppose to go with us (I will not name him because I don't want him to be mad at me for pointing him out), and "S" said he have to work until 11 pm at night because someone called in sick. Kyle was really mad from hearing this news because we had planned this trips for weeks and he was really looking forward to going to the Night Market to get this "Hurricane Fries". Kyle decided that he would not go to regional with us anymore, and our other friend Junior Santos who were suppose to go with us, was also mad at our friend "S" for not asking the day off. We decided that we would not go regional either unless Kyle was going, so we all voted that we ditch "S" for regional and just leave by ourselves. I gas'ed up and we left Seattle around 7:30 pm, on the way to Canada we repeatedly say, "We really left "S" without saying anything!" and we laugh about it but honestly we were all feeling guilty about it. After we got to the Border control, the Officer decided to troll me by telling me that my passport was not legal, and we all went "WTF?!?" in our mind then the Officer told me that I did not sign the passport, Haha he got me pretty good!. Afterward got to Richmond Night Market around 10 pm. The "Hurricane Fries" did not disappoint us, and we all had a pretty good time at the Night Market. We all went to Tim Hortons afterward to borrow some WiFi, write down decklists, sleeve up, and waited for Julian to get home, and I messaged Jonathan Weigle (Also Mad Props to him because HE IS THE MAN!) on facebook to check on his situation, and he informed me that our friend "S" asked him for a ride. Weigle MAN'ED up and decided to drive instead when he already had a ride to Canada and gave our friend "S" a ride to Canada. Weigle, you da MAN! and of course Karma helps him out at regional! We got to Julian's house around 2 AM and Austin Kulman, Jonathan Weigle, Michael Anderson, and "S" arrived around 3:30 AM. JULIAN WONG is SUPER COOL and let us sleep in his guest bedroom, but Austin, Michael, and "S" were left to sleep on the couch in the living room. My friend Kyle kept me up with his snoring and Austin was being a kid and decided to stay up and draw on people's faces, and Austin got Michael pretty bad Haha. Regional Saturday: We all woke up around 8:30 AM and JULIAN WONG made me morning ramen for breakfast, which was really tasty and awesome! and Julian is a really good guy and I am not kissing his ass just because. Then we all made preparation to leave for the venue earlier because Julian have to judge the regional so we all got there around 9 AM. My friend Kyle and I decided on the same side deck and I added 1 extra card to the main deck because I like running 41 card main deck instead of 40 cause I topped every regional with 41 cards. I watch my friend Kyle pulls Grandsoil out of his packs while I got nothing, but I do not feel so bad because I pulled Gear Gigant X at sneak peek, so it is all good! We walked around, sold some cards, traded for some cards and they announced it was 127 players 7 rounds and cut to top8. If you do not know what the cards I mentioned does, Google is your savior! Round 1: Wai Vs Phillip (Zombie) Lost Roll Game 1: He draws 6s and pass, I set Westlo first turn and MST. He summons Snipe Hunter discards Despair from the Darkness and destroys Westlo and Book of Life Despair back and I started losing because I could not draw Mirror Force or Dark Hole. Game 2: I do not remember early game, but late game I have Utopia and another monster and he drops Gorz on the first attack and I kill token, next turn I set Najasho and Enemy Controller and take his Gorz and special summon Vulcano and made Laggia and attack thru Mirror Force for game. Game 3: He passes, then I set Westlo, he summons Snipe Hunter once more but he missed 2 times in a row and discard Heavy Storm and other good cards, and I just came back with Najasho Evo Force combo into double Diplo then Laggia control and won. 1-0 Round 2: Wai Vs Anthony (Wind-Up) Lost Roll Game 1: Haha it's funny how I never remember the games I lost, but I got smacked pretty hard by Shark, double Factory first turn, which turn into Magician Shark next turn. Pretty obvious what happens next. Game 2: Late game, he makes Zenmaighty, Zenmaines, and Giga-Brilliant and attacks my Westlo and I grab Cerato and he crashes Zenmaines to go down to 3000 life points to kill my Cerato at end phase. Next turn I Dark Hole, he Solemn Judgment and put himself to 1500 and 1 set trap left. So I Evo Force Najasho and got Vulcano Cerato and made Laggia with Vulcano and the dino I brought back, Mind Control Giga-Brilliant and pump up my guys and attacked for game. Game 3: He goes T-King first turn and set a trap. I set Lagosucho and Mirror Force. His turn he summoned Wind-Up Rabbit and refuse to attack into my facedown "Westlo" haha so he thinks! Next turn I set Vulcano as a bluff and another trap and passed. Next turn he sets 2 more traps and passed. This is where it starts! My turn, I flipped Lagosucho and he was really surprised that I set bluff and attempted to activates its effect, he chains Fiendish Chain after some thoughts, and I chained Econ to take his T-King, then I special summoned Najasho off Lagosucho. I then flipped my Vulcano and again he was surprised by my bluffs and after some thinking, he decided to Solemn Warning my flip summon. I normal summon my second Vulcano in hand to try to XYZ again, but he had a 2nd Solemn Warning for me! But I had Monster Reborn for Vulcano and I dropped him to 900 lifepoints after he "jump" his Rabbit and I XYZ into Maelstroke. Next turn he sets 2 more traps and passed, I topdecked Econ and attacks with Maelstroke, he attemps to Fiendish Chain, but I chain Econ tributing my Najasho for his Rabbit and I got Diplo from the deck to pop his Fiendish Chain and I get a replay because his Rabbit ran away and I attacked for game! 2-0 Round 3: Wai Vs Terence (Machina + 3 sets of Gadgets) Won Roll Pregame: I see a Judge sitting on my spot and he informs me that I was selected for a deck check, which I was fine with. So I left my deck with him and as I walked away I noticed that my opponent was just sitting there across from the judge and just waited... I came back around 5 minutes later and the Judge informs me there is nothing wrong with my deck, and I asked why was I the only one selected for deck check and what about my opponent? He tells me he do not know and he just left. At this point, I was pretty pissed off because my opponent just watched him deck check my deck and my element of surprise was gone, I thought whatever I got this. Game 1: I set Westlo first turn, and I expect the worse. Next turn He summons Gearframe and attacks into my Westlo, which I was quite surprised that he did not know what my monsters did. Few turns later, I top deck Econ and takes his Machina Fortress and attacked for game with other monsters. Game 2: I sided in Snowmans and Level Limit B and He went thru 9 Gadgets without ever drawing 1 of them, but he burns his MSTs on my Level Limit and other set, I flip Royal Decree end phase and set up Laggia and he can't deal with it. 3-0 Round 4: Wai Vs Craig (Rescue Rabbit) Won Roll Game 1: We both set 5 spells/traps and later I misplayed by adding Najasho to my hand because I thought I had Evo Force set, but I did not so he would not let me take it back, after I got rid of all his spell/traps, I attacked into Gorz and lost next turn. Game 2: I do not remember what happened, except I was pretty shaken by my game 1 that I could not focus on game 2, and the match ended up pretty much 1 sided again. 3-1 At this point I was feeling SUPER SUPERSTITIOUS because my friend "S" was watching my game 2, and I felt like karma is coming back to bite me in the ass. Round 5: Wai Vs Joey (Wind-Up) Won Roll Game 1: I do not remember very clearly, but I won pretty easily because I opened up Westlo Tsukuyomi and gave me mass advantage when all he had was Utopia. Game 2: Late game, he had Tiras with no material, Zenmaines, and Maelstroke and I had Heavy, Reborn, and Pot of Avarice. I needed a Evo Force really badly, but I could not draw it so I lost few turns later when I tried to fight back with what I had. Game 3: We start in time, I opened up set Westlo and 2 traps. He gets nervous and Heavy storm and summon T-King into my Westlo which I searched out Cerato. Since it was time, I Evo Force my Westlo into Diplo and pop his Dprison and attacked over T-King with Cerato and made Laggia main phase 2. At that point I had too much advantage and he couldn't deal me enough damage with 2 turns left. 4-1 Round 6: Wai Vs Francis (Wind-Up) Won Roll Pregame: I was surprised how well he was doing considering his age, and he was wearing a shark hat. Game 1: I set Westlo and Book, he goes Factory Tour Guide into Zenmaity which I Booked. Next turn I flipped Westlo into Diplo and searched out Casinero with Evo-Diversity and made Laggia and I negate his Magician next turn and won the following turn. Game 2: Turn 3, I tried to Veiler Magican Shark, but he had Reborn for his Sangan in grave and made Shock Master which owned me pretty hard. Game 3: I set Westlo first turn but he counters it by firing a Nobleman of Crossout at my set which hurt me a lot and I fight back and late game he was down to 2000 life points and I had Compulsory Evacuation Device set with a 1900 Cerato, and I top MST for his set trap. I Compuls his only set monster and summoned Najasho and attacked for GAME!!! Najasho is MVP 5-1 At this time, I check with the other Washington Players and My friend Jonathan Weigle was 6-0, and Kyle, Junior, Michael, Dominic, and myself were all 5-1. We were joking about how we were all gonna win next round and dominate the Vancouver Regional, but things did not work out for us, because when the pairings came up, we learned that I was paired against Michael and Kyle was paired against Dominic. Round 7: Wai Vs Michael (Wind-Up) Won Roll Pregame: My friend "S" was just standing there ready to watch out games, but I was feeling REALLY SUPERSTITIOUS, so I told him to go away and don't want our game. Which he fights back by cursing me out and saying that it would not change the outcome of the match. At that point, he was really mad at me, but I did not mean to make him so mad, but I am really Chinese, so I can't help it but feel uneasy. Game 1: I opened up 5 sets spell/traps and a set Lagosucho, and Michael Duality for Shark does the same and summons Wind-Up Rabbit and set 4 and passes, next turn I set Vulcano and passed. Michael then summons Shark and activates Torrential Tribute, and I chain Starlight Road and he is forced to chain Solemn Judgment and he lost Rabbit and Shark for my Vulcano and Lagosucho. And I had massive advantage after I Evo Force my Najasho for 2 Diplo and Hits Dprison and Torrential. Eventually I draw Pot of Avarice and draws Evo Force Econ and I had the other 2 Najasho in hand which won me the game pretty easily. Game 2: Michael opens up Tour Guide + Shark, which turned into Shock Master, Zenmaity, Wind-Up Shark and he called spells which is NOT good for me because I had 5 spells and 1 Westlo. I tried to fight back by setting Westlo and 2 Econ, but I misplay by not taking his Shock Master then tributing that to get rid of it next turn. So I couldn't deal with Shock Master calling Spells 2 more turns in a row. Game 3: I opened up my best hand by far, I set Westlo and Compulsory. Michael sets Snowman and Torrential, and he was forced to activate Torrential when I flipped Westlo for Diplo. I then set Najasho and Evo Force it away for Cerato + Vulcano bring back Diplo and made Dolkka to attack drop Michael to 3600 life points. Next turn Michael tries normal summon Rabbit and Reborn Snowman to make Acid Golem to attack my Dolkka, but I activated Compulsory against his Acid Golem. Michael then reach his hand forward and conceded due to a nearly all Monsters hand. 6-1 At this point, I cannot believe that I top a Regional with a "Non-tier" deck according to some people. But I have to give credit to where it is due. The deck was built by my friend Kyle Ervin John "WINNER!" Palsson, and the deck was amazing and I only topped because clearly this deck was too good and even a scrub like me can top a Regional with this deck. It is sad that 4 of us were forced to play against each other and Kyle end up losing to Dominic Game 3 because he opened poorly and drew no monsters besides Vulcano and Diplo and my friend Junior lost to a top deck Rescue Rabbit while he had Sirocco and Skill Drain. So only 3 Washington players were in the top8. When standings came up, I was placed 5th and I had to play Craig again and this time I was feeling more confident that I will beat him. He comes up to me and tells me that he does not care about the deck box and he wants to split the packs and the only thing he asked for is the win for the match. Which I do not care at all, so we ended up doing exactly that because I do not want my friends to wait for me, which I should have played anyway because we had to wait for Dominic and Weigle to play out Top8. Weigle lost in top8 and Dominic won in top8 and pulls 2 Geargiarmor, Gear Gigant X, and Grandsoil like a boss! We went to Buffet Sushi place that Julian recommended after the event was over and Julian's friends Michael and Malcolm ate with us and we had a pretty good dinner, we exchanged some stories about the regional and ate lots of fish. Dinner was awesome, and again, Thanks to Julian that we all had this awesome weekend! And we left around 11:30 PM and eventually made it back to Seattle around 2 AM. Props: JULIAN WONG!!! FOR BEING SUPER COOL AND AWESOME AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!! Kyle Ervin John "WINNER!" Palsson for building BEAST decks! Jonathan "DA MAN!" Weigle for driving "S" to Vancouver! Junior for being Junior and the random things that always happens to him. Austin for being Austin making money at regional. Michael for being Michael because he is super chill and cool and lending me cards I need. Dominic and Ryan for helping out "S" trying to find a Heliopolis Dragon at regional "S" for being "S" Sushi Buffet being the best dinner I had in a while! Canadians for being Canadians! Friendly Asians for being Friendly Asians. Advertising to everyone Seattle Regional Sept 22, 2012! Slops: NONE! Except we all went back to Julian's house and destroyed his bathroom with our bowel movements! SORRY BRO! And a complicated issue that I need to figure out DECKLIST?!?! Only Kyle Ervin John "WINNER!" Palsson can tame these BEASTS, so cannot be leaked. I only topped because Kyle Ervin John "WINNER!" Palsson gave me permission to top. Lol, hope you enjoyed reading this essay! THANK YOU JULIAN WONG!!!
  10. Salem Regionals Report

    Sorry double post
  11. Salem Regionals Report

    Thanks for knowing how to spell my name.
  12. New Regional Playmat

    I took this picture from a friend who is the head judge of a recent regional, just wanna give credit to where its due.

    Are you retarded? A 5-2-0 would have 15 points and a 4-2-1 would have 13. Also, hi Pat. From what I remember, it was around 80 to 90. With 7 rounds of swiss. I realize my mistakes that I wrote when I reread what I type up. What I meant was, Nate was probably 5-1-1. Nate Bell was 1 point ahead of all other x-2. Regardless of tie-breakers.

    No when you have a draw, you get 1 point. So basically he was ahead of every other x-2 after the x-1 regardless of tie breaker. That's why it's flawed. A win is 3 points and a lost is 0. Konami is stupid for starting doing draws. Otherwise that scrub wouldn't top. Even his teammate was like, "nate bell topped? Finally!"
  15. Broken Parts

    trunade over cold wave, cause its better to clear backrow and set up your fortress then set backrow to protect.