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  1. SOMA

    So, anyone here who has experienced the ending yet? It's quite impressive...
  2. SOMA

    Very close to finishing. It's been quite the roller-coaster. I don't want to put any info here (not even in tags) but holy shit. So far they did a good job making me question myself.
  3. Computer Gets Stuck in a Reboot Loop

    Are the reboots random or can you recognize a pattern? If so, when exactly does the reboot occur?
  4. Diagnosis

    As a guy who had his (pdd-nos)diagnosis for 20 years, it makes me happy when "similar mindsets" realize more about themselves.   Congratulations.
  5. Coding help

    Comments should clarify what potential readers might fail to grasp?
  6. Coding help

    I don't think it's "his' code. Just something he got from the teacher.   Can the OP confirm/deny?
  7. Yugioh Nationals 2014 CYOA

    Allen Pennington
  8. I'm not 100% sure but can't you just tell your opponent something like "I play a little bit sluggish, I apologize in advance?". Seems pretty normal to me that different people have different rhythms. I've seen plenty of people who have trouble reading cards or following the game. When I play something like infernity I will come across people who are unable to follow what is completely happening. If they ask, I'll slow down. If not they see bits and usually accept the end result.   If you rarely go into time and you are already taking things into account by playing fast-paced decks then you are already compensating. I believe it's safe to tell complainers to piss off.   If you don't mind me asking: How long do you know you have this disorder? Your frustration might come from things you don't understand about it yet. I'm no expert but I have a little disorder myself and every now and then I hit a new wall related to it and have to find out what is going on.    
  9. [902] Next Challengers

  10. Dueling Network

    And that's the laziness that will kill your application and/or give you plenty of more hours of work in the long run.   For anyone who cares, it is possible to get the source code from the DN site itself. [spoiler]All you have to do is get the flash file and run it through a decompiler. [/spoiler] Be warned though. It is a wave of unorganized files and at least one file has over 500 public variables.
  11. Dueling Network

    Coding with people is fine when both sides know what they are doing. Unfurtunately, that is rare.   That just sounds like BLS has a horrible code structure.
  12. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

    I hope they have their own version of these:    
  13. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    Think a few years ahead before you attempt to program something. I'm sick of fixing your dependencies & hard-coded bullshit.
  14. Premium Gold

      If europe gets a gold secret quaser/vulcan then I won't feel screwed.