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  1. 2018 MLB Thread

    I am not that thrilled to be paying Dee Gordon that much money to be our CF. That extra 1 million in international money from the Marlins to go with the 1 million from the Twins, I am thrilled about....unless we don't get Ohtani lol.
  2. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Coming down to the wire for the final two spots of playoffs. I don't think Bell will do enough tonight to get Scumwood in, leaving Blue Bloods and Bill Beeelichick in as our 5th and 6th seed. I think that this was a pretty successful and interesting season where 10 of the 12 teams were still in playoff contention in the last remaining weeks.
  3. 2018 MLB Thread

    As a Mariners fan and as a fan of Ohtani, I really hope he goes to the Mariners or at least stays away from the Angels,Rangers or Giants.
  4. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I talked about times to set up play with @Mascis. He made his available times clear and it was at a time that could work for me. Sadly getting ready to and vending at YCS San Diego occupied my time for this round. Please give Mascis the activity win for our match.
  5. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    Yeah, longer rounds are only good if the players actually get the matches in and trying to find activity over that long of a period of time is hard. Good Job though. I wish Soul lost last round so I would of had another bye this round .
  6. Trickstar Invoked deck help

    Looking at your current decklist which is Trickstar Burn you have quite a few cards that are not core or essential to the deck if you are looking to make it a deck that can grind it out against bigger monsters. The extra burn cards like dark room of nightmare/burning mirror force and the extra hand disruption like present card and disturbance strategy are easy cards to move out to bring in a whole new engine. What are the normal decks that you are playing against? Is the unending nightmare in the deck for a specific match-up or reason that comes up for you often? Do you find yourself having trouble going second with so many traps and only 5 hand traps?
  7. Trickstar Invoked deck help

    Hi Sayanote, It looks like you are new here, so welcome. There are plenty of people that can help you here on this site but just saying you need help with the deck will not lead to any discussions or help for you. What you should do is post what you deck looks likes currently and if there are choices that are not obviously explained, you should explain those so we all can be on the same page. Then if you explain what you are trying to add and why, we can all be more focused and helpful in getting your deck into the right configuration for you. Without that you will find that the very skillful and capable people on this site will probably not be as forthcoming with advice and help, just because your opening post doesn't show a ton of effort on your part. If you have questions you can PM me directly and I will be glad to answer them to the best of my ability, but again with a little work in your opening post you can get some very helpful collaboration and input from some very good members.
  8. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    If it isn't just let me know and I will send you $5 for him.
  9. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    The $5 I am not sure about since the paypal address may have switched from Paraliel (The one in the opening post) to mmf, the decklist should be sent to mmf on the forum or discord.
  10. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I will try and find you on tomorrow if possible Tr!stan. Are decklist required for this?
  11. When's YGO? Oct 20-22

    Thanks, running a weird Spyral deck. Played terrible my last round although it may not have mattered. Have to win out day 2 or get lucky going 1-0-1 and have about 4% of the field draw. Edit: Dream is dead 1-1 Gonna make a tournament report about it here on DGz. Had fun playing in my first event in the last 5 years rather than vending.
  12. When's YGO? Oct 20-22

    I am at the Dallas YCS, anyone else here ?
  13. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I haven't played Goats in a while but I am in. Sent $5.00 to you.
  14. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Big Daddy Nelson giving me a close run this week. Now I have to hope Lockett doesn't show up 2nd half. In zuerlein we trust
  15. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Yeah I expect Smallwood to do better, just because he is an Eagles type of player. That being said I do not have a huge crush on either of these players and my bid on Smallwood was blown out of the water.