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  1. When's YGO? Oct 20-22

    I am at the Dallas YCS, anyone else here ?
  2. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I haven't played Goats in a while but I am in. Sent $5.00 to you.
  3. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Big Daddy Nelson giving me a close run this week. Now I have to hope Lockett doesn't show up 2nd half. In zuerlein we trust
  4. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Yeah I expect Smallwood to do better, just because he is an Eagles type of player. That being said I do not have a huge crush on either of these players and my bid on Smallwood was blown out of the water.
  5. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I would go for the same 3 as Jazz posted just because I would find myself waiting a week on Sneed.
  6. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I can join in if you need someone to make it an even number at the end of this. Buy-in amount doesn't really matter to me, so whatever works for everyone else.
  7. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    Right now card prices are still not stable due to an increase of players and supply being low. Blue cards in particular have risen a bit recently due to being labeled the best color by many people. The game still is not expensive where the most expensive card that isn't an alternative art special card or a promo that were just released goes for around 25 (Beerus General of Demolition) and again that is if you decide to run blue. Yellow Based Frieza and Red Based Champa have had success and are on the cheaper end where the most expensive cards in the deck would be around $10 or less depending on how you build them.
  8. New! Dragon Ball TCG

    The game is pretty fun, we have been having some high turnouts at my store. If I had to compare this to another game it would pretty much be like a mix of Duel Masters/Kaijudo and Cardfight Vanguard. This also comes from a guy who has no real idea about dragon ball, I have watched less than half of an episode and I still enjoy the card game. One fun thing has been watching people evolve from mono color is the best, to mono color with off color combos is the best, to now two or more color decks as people fully explore the card pool and what this game offers. They just spoiled some set 2 cards and they seem very interesting, so it will be intriguing to see where the game and the people go from here. (The new Zamasu leader is awesome)
  9. Just because I have seen it brought up here about sports and match fixing. There are teams who have given up on a season or as in the case of the 76'ers multiple seasons in an effort to get rewarded with a better draft pick. There have also been cases like the Dallas Mavericks who lost a game they did not want to win in order to get the 8th seed over the 7th because that would be a better and more familiar match-up for them. This is done by doing things like resting starters and shutting younger players down for health reasons. The way this is definitely not done is by players going out there and trying their best to lose. There have actually been players on tanking teams state the exact opposite that they are trying to win and definitely not lose on purpose. In circumstances where it is confirmed that a team has its players purposely trying to lose the match or it is just that obvious based on actions, Sports have been very harsh on the teams and the players. The Olympics situation was brought up earlier about the teams being disqualified for trying to purposely lose to avoid a better team, high school sports has this happen publicly and there is always a backlash towards the team, the coach and the players and if I remember correctly there was an international soccer match where to try and rig the bracket neither team tried to attack and all they did was defend until the end of the game where a player put the ball into his own net to guarantee his team lost the game. That player was banned from international competition and his team was fined. Like I said before I would not want this to be the decision that was chosen but I understand why it was. I may be wrong but I remember reading somewhere where Allen told the captains something along the lines of the spirit of the game and this being a success was more important than being all out competitive this season. In that same thread where Julia posted that she doesn't believe this goes against the Policy, John Danker did post how this could be construed as hurting the integrity of the game which would fall under the cheating guideline and she says every existing way has not been included on the list or document in this case.
  10. battle of the yugioh card artworks

    I nominate Ghostrick Specter. I think it's art is awesome especially in a game where most people take themselves a bit too seriously. The background is also nice.
  11. While I do not like this decision, I understand why it was made. I am looking forward to Season 2 and I will try and be involved in it rather than spectating.
  12. The Next Season of Warring

    >super teams are allowed In my opinion a super team is good. It gives people a common "enemy" while also giving people something to reach for. As long as they are not able to just keep stockpiling people onto a team and forcing the creation of new teams of free agents to beat on, I do not see a problem there. >no standard rules for team wars There were always rules for team wars but many options to choose from, Captains used to choose what was best for their team and slowly that went the way of hearts just because the activity was not there. Allowing active teams to do crossfire or other war formats, gives more power to teams with captains who are willing to look at their team and determine their best chance of winning. >no incentive to war or take it seriously other than individual ranking This was my biggest problem with the system, however ACP has stated that there will be team tournaments still which gives incentives for teams to win. I have no idea if other E-Sports do this but in Smite they just had an invitational tournament where top players were able to hold a mini-draft including other pro players and have some fun format games. They had rules for drafting based on teams and geographic location and even something like that could be extrapolated for a fun prize for a tournament, to give meaning to things. >warring is not special The way I am understanding it, if you solely have entered because you want the prize from TGA than warring would not seem that special. You can just grind all day and increase your chances that way. If you want to compete in the team tournaments or if you are interested in being apart of something bigger than yourself, that is where warring would come in. As long as there is a reason to be in a team, warring will matter. Even without the same power and responsibility in the team leaders hands, they will still have a big part in cultivating the fact that warring is special. So hopefully some good people are able to step up and do this season right and treat it special.
  13. The Next Season of Warring

    I have been trying to keep tabs on this season of warring and have seen the incidents and the fallout from them that has occurred. With that in mind I still think it was a successful first season for you and the people involved. To me personally the concept of drafting people works much better than letting people set up their own teams but as you have seen, you need to have the right kind of leaders for that. I don't believe taking an emphasis off of the wars themselves and a winning team helps warring. As you stated, people played for pride and it wasn't about prizes in the Alpha Omega and Brady Bunch days. That is true however for me it was not individual pride but pride in my team. I am pretty sure back in the day I made a post similar to ,"The best thing that could happen in this war is if Soul goes 0-5 and we win 6-5". Winning was important, individual results mattered but at the end of the day it was about the team and the wars though. I brought up Soul before because he is very different than me, I am pretty and he isn't, I am west coast and he is east coast, light and dark, fat and skinny. conservative and liberal. However a good leader like Brady brought people like that who were different and had them make friendships and fight for that common goal, for the team and its battles. I still have many of these people on facebook and keep up with whats happening with them even though they are no longer in Yu-Gi-Oh. I even got excited when I saw that Soul was in this draft and warring. All of that starts at the top by being a good leader though, I think if you spent time finding/making these kinds of leaders that this system would flourish. I think even in your proposed system for Season 2, if you have a lack of good leaders you will have issues. I don't know if this would fix the issue, but if you made teams bigger and had the captain put lineups into different ongoing wars that would make it so everyone can play and enjoy the game while also from the captain's standpoint allow him to cover his weaker players by using his best players as well in that war. Also letting teams be represented by their best and worst players so it gives the captain and team a goal to make their under-performing players better. Wars would still matter in this system so a team who just throws his worst players in one war would not be helping himself out. This is again just an idea as I do not know what is going on behind the scenes or is occuring out of sight of this forum/discord so this may all be moot.
  14. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    Just Flip TCG is hosting tournaments on Thursday at 5:30PM (Short notice, my bad) and Friday at 6:00PM as well as having general playtesting these days as well. We have DOCS in stock and it will be the prize for the tournaments.   We are located about 13 minutes away from where the YCS is being held. Like I said above I am vending at the YCS so if anyone needs me to bring something specific for them let me know or stop by and pick it up.   Just Flip TCG 1672 Berryessa Rd, San Jose, CA 95133 (408) 493-5442
  15. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    I am gonna be vending at this event, so if any of ya'll see me dont hesitate to say hello. Still as sexy as my avatar with 100% more beard.   I don't know when you guys are getting in but would people be interested in tournaments on thursday and friday for playtesting?