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  1. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Thanks and will do.
  2. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Back 2 Back wooooooooooooo
  3. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Just wondering to wish him luck. Gotta be nice so the fantasy gods don't destroy me haha. Worked so far last play of the titans game was terriric.
  4. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Is Kenny from DGz or is he one of the off of site friends?
  5. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Damn .34, hopefully there are no stat corrections.
  6. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    He hasnt been on the site since Tuesday. I just sent him a facebook message though.
  7. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I didn't care before you asked but I actually think that would be a good thing to do. I prefer you being able to draft the best you can given that you can't make the draft over any advantage I could garner from bad autodrafting. This may just be me but I view this like a friends and family league where while it is quite competitive in terms of players and knowledge, I support having fun and giving everyone their best chance to compete over trying to push Jazz down day 1.
  8. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I joined and paid when you first sent out that email. Team name is Gospel.
  9. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Paid and joined.
  10. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Whatever works best for everyone works for me.
  11. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I am down for whatever anyone else is down for. Anthony.Gausepohl@yahoo.com
  12. Since they are both optional effects the turn player will choose whether to activate their effect and if they do so it will be chain link 1, the non turn player will get the opportunity next and it will go on the chain as chain link 2. Resolving it backwards will lead to the non turn player getting the sheep and the turn player resolving with no effect since the sheep is no longer in the grave.
  13. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    TheGoldenTyranno: I was assuming I could not because of Rule 10. Since it is my own channel. Pengwan: Turceal: In terms of stopping the combo droll&lock hurts the Gouki engine as a whole giving you another turn which is why I liked the idea of running actual traps to fight back. Veiler and Impermanance are great since it doesn't matter how I manage my chain links you can stop what I want to protect. Ash is okay against it but it basically just makes your opponent need another monster. Ogre has its windows where it is very good and holding it for those is very important, depending on what you hit you are forcing your opponent onto a limited number of options to continue playing that turn.
  14. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    I have a youtube video online which shows the main combo I was doing at the Vegas Regional. Can't post that here though. A lot of the combos just come down to what you drew and what you want to play around. For example Invoker makes every combo better but you risk a ton by going for that over Isolde if you have the choice.
  15. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    Butterspy and Junk Forward are there to be a warrior on the board to combine with a gouki to make Isolde. Lets say we open with the level 3 gouki Twist Cobra and any one of those warriors listed we can get both on the board, link them to isolde and protect our isolde by going chain link 1 Isolde and chain link 2 Twist Cobra. We would search the level 2 Gouki Headbatt off of the Twist Cobra and the level 6 Gouki Bearhug off of Isolde since we can not use it this turn. This is the basic start to all the combos in the deck so being able to get a warrior out on the field first in the case of special summoning Junk Forward or after normal summoning a gouki in the case of Butterspy helps immensely in getting to this position. I have a video up on youtube where I just show the main combo for this build. The Extra Deck is really tight in terms of space and after your first turn combo you are left with just the 2nd Isolde, Invoker, Borreload, Phoenix and Unicorn in the extra deck. I feel those five cards give me more utility and options than the gouki links.