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  1. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Thanks and will do.
  2. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Back 2 Back wooooooooooooo
  3. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Just wondering to wish him luck. Gotta be nice so the fantasy gods don't destroy me haha. Worked so far last play of the titans game was terriric.
  4. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Is Kenny from DGz or is he one of the off of site friends?
  5. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Damn .34, hopefully there are no stat corrections.
  6. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    He hasnt been on the site since Tuesday. I just sent him a facebook message though.
  7. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I didn't care before you asked but I actually think that would be a good thing to do. I prefer you being able to draft the best you can given that you can't make the draft over any advantage I could garner from bad autodrafting. This may just be me but I view this like a friends and family league where while it is quite competitive in terms of players and knowledge, I support having fun and giving everyone their best chance to compete over trying to push Jazz down day 1.
  8. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I joined and paid when you first sent out that email. Team name is Gospel.
  9. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Paid and joined.
  10. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Whatever works best for everyone works for me.
  11. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I am down for whatever anyone else is down for. Anthony.Gausepohl@yahoo.com
  12. Since they are both optional effects the turn player will choose whether to activate their effect and if they do so it will be chain link 1, the non turn player will get the opportunity next and it will go on the chain as chain link 2. Resolving it backwards will lead to the non turn player getting the sheep and the turn player resolving with no effect since the sheep is no longer in the grave.
  13. Hi everybody. I participated in the Las Vegas Regional this weekend going 7-0-1 and coming in 1st place with Gouki including the new nightmare support. I was not going to make a report for this since it was a smaller regional with 152 people in attendance but I never got around to making my YCS Dallas report so I decided to do one for this regional. I do not get to play in many events anymore as I choose to vend over playing when I get the choice. This meant this Vegas regional was my third "Premier" event in the last couple of years. Those previous two were a Vegas Regional in Zoo format where I conceded to a younger teammate giving him his first top 8 and I played go 2nd Spyrals with Tough at Dallas and finished 42nd. So going into this event I have not really done anything in Yu-Gi-Oh for a while. Going into this tournament I was prepared to play Spyral as I felt that I had the best grasp on the deck and it was a deck that gained a lot from the new nightmare support. One of my teammates from my stores sponsored team #Royalty named Tom topped the recent San Jose Regional with Gouki and was talking about how the deck was just a better version of Spyral that does not fold to a Ghost Ogre. He was working on a list since the San Jose Regional and I trusted him taking his list to the regional with minimal changes in the side deck. I did not have my invite for this season and was hoping to get one so I could make fun of my local players who do play and still didn't have one. I arrived in Vegas at 4am and decided to just not sleep and hang out with the other people in my suite. That all changed at 7am when I decided a 30 minute nap would not hurt. 4 snoozes later I woke up at 7:50, showered and headed to the venue which is connected to the Resort we were in. The tournament was ran well with Konami representatives there and it started on time. Round 1: Against Pendulum: He goes first with Dragon Shrine and I ash it. He stalls for a bit before passing his turn and I OTK him. Game 2 I end up having to play a grindy gouki game and play through his backrow that was sided in. I end up getting there after he warnings my link and I have rematch to keep going. Round 2: Against Pendulum: I win the dice roll and go off doing the full combo and setting imperial milled by curious. He just scoops and doesn't want to show me what he is running. I side for going second since after seeing the full combo I doubt he would let me go first again and he chooses to go first and makes an electrumite which I use ghost ogre on. He proceeds to pendulum 2 and make another electrumite, special an astrograph and end the turn with 4 pendulum monsters in hand, a scale and those two monsters. I make an isolde and went for the otk path, he acted like he had something to stop me but I knew his hand. Round 3: Against Lair Infernoids: This was a tale of two types of games. I ended up winning this because in game 1 I went off with the combo to otk him and in game 3 I went off with the combo and set the imperial to stop his hand of spells. Game 2 though I lost because I made a borreload dragon, If I just sat on my gouki monsters I could have won in two turns but I went for borreload to push the clock up a turn and to avoid harmadik. This was the wrong move because it actually gives him more outs as well as possibly makes his two backrows alive. He ends up going void vanishment which i ogre, flips a set imagination which I ash and flips a second imagination to take the game. Round 4: Against my teammate who was also running Gouki: Game 1 he goes first and I stop his play only for him to have soul charge and bring everything back. The thing was this made his board too good which he hadn't actually practiced with and it took his first turn to around 25 minutes. I actually still could have broke his board and tried to win the game but his last draw off gryphon which he used to set a rematch was imperial order. Game 2 I go off with the combo and pass with about 5 minutes left in the round, he tries to break it with kaijus and while it creates a board that he cant beat it creates a board that cant negate what he is doing and his mini combo puts us into time where I kill him and we end up drawing. He wanted his invite and ended up getting it just missing out on top 8 due to misplaying in time in the last round. Round 5: Against Altergeist: I have no idea what the new stuff does and have to ask to read the old stuff again to make sure I don't misplay. He asks to read all of my stuff as well so I play very quickly to NOT end up in a draw again. Game 1 I have a hand where I went invoker over isolde to start the combo because I opened up Iblee and got veilered, I use rota for super agent to keep going and he has droll and lock to effectively end my turn. He couldn't clear the invoker though so I used the effect next turn and he negated it with the altergeist dog. At this point I just went for it knowing that even if he stops the otk, the pluses from all the gouki cards would allow me to try again next turn as well. He flipped anti-spell on me to stop rematch from going off but knightmare phoenix just cleared that and super agent cleared the other one and I continued going off for the win. Game 2 he uses duality for rivalry of the warlords and sets 5. He activates anti-spell which i promptly red reboot. All in the clear I go for the otk combo with a tri-gate and he tells me that i already had enough for game, to which I just replied not if you had a set enemy controller or scapegoats. Round 6: I play against my friend Kenny Nguyen top 32 Worlds Competitor who was running True Draco. This is a pretty easy match-up for the Gouki deck and one of my teammates who also runs Draco tells him that it is insanely hard. I get game 1 pretty quickly going off with the combo and game 2 I evenly him leaving him just a Master Peace which i make pop before I make borreload and proceed to take that match. Round 7: against Infernoid Lair: He is running 50 cards and tells me to go first. I put him on either either an invoked build or a grass build but either way I combo and search the imperial to set and he can't do anything saying that he probably should have went first but he didn't know I could do all that. Game 2 he make a saryuja turn 1 and set a backrow, in my standby he flips void feast sending his last card and I skillfully top decked ash to basically win the game right there. I just make an isolde into a cerebus and he scoops right there. He ends up getting eight place at least. Round 8: against B.A. Infernoid: He is running 60 cards and just beat my teammate on True Draco last round making himself the last 7-0. His build makes his deck very grindy which means it can not do much on the first turn without other cards. We get deck checked and we are off to Game 1 where I win the dice roll go off with the combo and set solemn judgment off curious milling it, he thinks for a bit and scoops up his cards. The crowd of people watching the duel remark that my deck is insane and unfair which is normally code for good. Game 2 he goes first and ends with a underclock taker pointing at a beatrice which sent a fairy-tail snow. I special junk forward, summon gouki suprex and special another gouki to go off. He uses fairy-tail snow on one my suprex to clog the zone and stop me from searching twice but I just go off and end up firewall bouncing the set suprex, kaiju his beatrice followed by killing it with knightmare cerebus and using knightmare unicorn on his fairy-tail snow back to send it back to the deck. I end up with my main combo board and a set imperial but he does survive. He summons fiendish rhino and specials harmadik. He reads my knightmare cards again and thinks about his options since I have a knightmare mermaid lowering his monsters attack,knightmare gryphon which doesn't allow them to activate their effects on field unless they are linked and knightmare goblin stopping them from being targeted. This is backed up with a tri-gate negate and an imperial so it really limits his options. He makes dante and passes. I just tri-gate banish it and attack for the win. It was a good regional overall and not just because I won. I went down with 4 other teammates from #Royalty and we came in 1st, 5th and 17th. One dropped early to go "walk around" which was code for go gamble and the other was forced to drop because he gave a teammate the win which I did not understand why but he also didn't care much so it was okay. I am very proud of this team because when I started working with them they were good local players in my mind but they had no results at tier 2 or premier events. In a little less than a year every member has done something whether it is a ARG Win, YCS/UDS tops to even regional tops for the newer players. I just try and be the best Brady Brink I can be <3. Now I have to debate if I am actually going to go play at Nats. My deck profile is up already on my teams new youtube channel as well as some other places but I will include it down below also. I plan on doing a video on the main combo and otk combo as well that will probably be up tomorrow morning. If you got through all of this thanks, as I know it is a lot. If you have any questions let me know and I will try and answer them. Decklist: 40 cards (I don't remember how to do all the cool formating like back in the day for this) 3x Gouki Headbatt 3x Gouki Suprex 2x Gouki Octostretch 2x Gouki Twistcobra 1x Gouki Bearhug 1x Gouki Riscorpio 3x Junk Forward 3x Blue Mountain Butterspy 1x Spyral Super Agent 1x Knightmare Corruptor Iblee 3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 3x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 2x Gouki Re-Match 1x Reinforcement of the Army 1x Monster Reborn 1x Moon Mirror Shield 1x Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade 3x Solemn Strike 1x Solemn Judgment 1x Solemn Warning 1x Imperial Order 2x Infinite Impermanence Side: 15 Cards 3x Evenly Matched 3x Red Reboot 3x Twin Twisters 2x Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju 2x Waking the Dragon 1x Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon 1x The Last Warrior from Another Planet Extra Deck: 15 Cards 2x Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights 1x M-X Saber Invoker 1x Knightmare Mermaid 1x Knightmare Phoenix 1x Knightmare Unicorn 1x Knightmare Cerebus 1x Knightmare Goblin 1x Knightmare Gryphon 1x Linkuriboh 1x Binary Sorceress 1x Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion 1x Tri-Gate Wizard 1x Firewall Dragon 1x Borreload Dragon
  14. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    TheGoldenTyranno: I was assuming I could not because of Rule 10. Since it is my own channel. Pengwan: Turceal: In terms of stopping the combo droll&lock hurts the Gouki engine as a whole giving you another turn which is why I liked the idea of running actual traps to fight back. Veiler and Impermanance are great since it doesn't matter how I manage my chain links you can stop what I want to protect. Ash is okay against it but it basically just makes your opponent need another monster. Ogre has its windows where it is very good and holding it for those is very important, depending on what you hit you are forcing your opponent onto a limited number of options to continue playing that turn.
  15. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    I have a youtube video online which shows the main combo I was doing at the Vegas Regional. Can't post that here though. A lot of the combos just come down to what you drew and what you want to play around. For example Invoker makes every combo better but you risk a ton by going for that over Isolde if you have the choice.
  16. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    Butterspy and Junk Forward are there to be a warrior on the board to combine with a gouki to make Isolde. Lets say we open with the level 3 gouki Twist Cobra and any one of those warriors listed we can get both on the board, link them to isolde and protect our isolde by going chain link 1 Isolde and chain link 2 Twist Cobra. We would search the level 2 Gouki Headbatt off of the Twist Cobra and the level 6 Gouki Bearhug off of Isolde since we can not use it this turn. This is the basic start to all the combos in the deck so being able to get a warrior out on the field first in the case of special summoning Junk Forward or after normal summoning a gouki in the case of Butterspy helps immensely in getting to this position. I have a video up on youtube where I just show the main combo for this build. The Extra Deck is really tight in terms of space and after your first turn combo you are left with just the 2nd Isolde, Invoker, Borreload, Phoenix and Unicorn in the extra deck. I feel those five cards give me more utility and options than the gouki links.
  17. I just watch Mafia Games here and there when I have the time @confuse rei has seemed pretty knowledgeable and good in those games. I see that he hasn't been on recently in about 2 weeks so I do not know if he would have the time but I believe he is a fine nomination.
  18. If the European pool works better for me in terms of time would I be able to play in that or would that not be allowed because we are taking the top 4 of each pool and people could use that to set themselves up in different pools? If it matters, I am over half italian. A Spicy Meataball, Mario Mario, Linguini, Tortellini, Gnocchi.
  19. Dragonball Fighterz

    They had another open beta day yesterday for Xbox One because of all the previous connection issues. It ran pretty smoothly this time and I hope it is like that on release since during the beta I could rarely get a match to happen.
  20. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Thanks and Congrats on a successful season everybody. Like I said before this was one of my sharper leagues and it was fun to play in it. Hopefully we can get this going again next season. Fantasy Football is a game of inches, for example in week 6 if Emmanuel Sanders did not get injured and in week 8 if I started Rob Kelley vs Dal over Isaiah Crowell vs. Min, I would have ended up in 5th and lost to Joe in the Semis 171-165. Things obviously would have changed if that happened, like I would have probably taken Joe's trade offers for Mike Evans as I would have been trying to guarantee a spot in playoffs over trying to solidify my playoff team and that would have worked out better for me overall in hindsight. It is interesting to look at things like that and see what could have been and use that to fix your weaknesses as a player/evalutator for future seasons.
  21. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    @Francis J Underwood We are gonna split 100 each. I also agree looking at that draft in hindsight can make things look very bad. I for example got made fun of for being very aggressive on Gurley in all of my leagues this year and if he failed or got injured everyone could look and say how I don't know what I was doing etc. I make my projections and predictions at the beginning of the year and I bet that I am correct, Sometimes I look great like being super high on Wentz and Gurley this year and some years I look like an idiot and have to make magic happen in free agency like that one year I took Michael Vick and Chris Johnson Round 1/2 and that went completely to shit. I found this league to be sharper than most of mine in regards to the unconventional names that I was very high on in the draft, lead me to getting a lot of guys who I was not thrilled about having but according to my projections I had to take them.
  22. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    So that would be 140 and 60 @Joe.. You still down to split?
  23. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    So what is the final prize breakdown for this year so Joe and I know what is being split?
  24. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I personally do not care what is chosen but I think that choosing to give something to the team that scores the most points at the end of the season changes up waiver pick ups and who is played at the end of the season. For example I could have picked up riskier options and just went for a home run since I knew I was in playoffs already, I think that changes the strategy a bit and some people are already out of the race for that prize early in the season. On the other hand it is miniature in terms to the actual prize pool which is why it does not matter to me. I would actually prefer to see like $5 taken out of the prize per week and given to the top scoring team overall for the week. That way it keeps people whose teams are out of the league to keep playing and being active as they could get a portion of their entry back in. If we did it this way for this season Joe and I would have won $15 each so far, Jazz and Chris would have made $10 each and Nelson, Kid Rock and Mariota Bros would have made $5 each. Besides Joe and Myself these other 5 guys did not make playoffs and they equate for 7 of the top 13 weekly scores of the league (Not counting playoffs). I just think something like this rewards people for playing the whole season and trying to make the best of things. Also I would be remiss to not ask, do you want to chop 1st and 2nd Joe?
  25. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    That playoff game was super close. I don't know why the pats went away from Burkhead in the 2h, especially since what he was doing was working. I assumed he fumbled somewhere to get put in the Beeeeeelichick dog house but it doesn't look to be the case. Was it posted somewhere what the prize breakdown is?