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  1. League of Legends

    Got it again.
  2. League of Legends

    I'm not going to justify my jax build to you because you wouldnt understand it (that is to say you are too narrow minded and generally bad at this game) But going silver 4 to 2 is a joke. I could do that so easily I love how you completely ignored my original post, which, one again, re-iterates how stupid you are   I lost a lane once yesterday, so if I had to estimate, maybe 1 in 20 games I lose lane I was against a person in Gold smurfing on his friends B5 account He was better than me, but I highly suspect the fact that I knew he was Gold made me play too conservative which allowed him to bully   And FYI, I dont consider that teemo vs Fizz game to be a lane lost   I wouldn't understand it? lol? I never said it was any accomplishment to do that, it was a walk in the park for me. How can you go from silver 4 to 2 if you can't even get out of Bronze 5?!?! If I suck at Diamond 1, then you must be god awful sitting at the lowest in Bronze 5. Why are you so cocky that you win your lane every time? You're just bad man, the league system for rating isn't a thing of luck, you are where you deserve to be as long as you have played enough games.
  3. League of Legends

    Slick you do have really bad builds. Like going Hydra, Blade, Zeal, Berserker greaves on jax? You are not even actually trying to get better with that attitude. You say the bronze 5 adcs on your team run around being useless, what makes the enemy team's adc any different? Why aren't they being useless? Luck? Not at all. I played on a friend's account the past few days. I went from Silver 4 to Silver 2 25 lp going 17-2 in games with the two games I lost being really close with a throw or two. I even made mistakes the two games I did lose so it was my fault too.  You can carry the game on your own if you actually are better than your opponents. It's not as if I didn't have feeders or trolls, they don't make the games unwinnable.
  4. League of Legends

    Halfway there..
  5. League of Legends

    Most proud accomplishment so far.
  6. League of Legends

    I seriously can't believe that you people think that Bronze is some sort of obstacle is that so hard to climb. If you are good enough, you can do it. Until then, you stay where you deserve. Your stories of feeding lanes and dumb decisions is something that will never go away, no matter what division you reach. The champion pool doesn't matter, nor does the role that you play. Anything can "carry" it's just a matter of finding what you are good at.
  7. League of Legends

    100 at 10 minutes is not realistic, not even the pros manage that much in most games. 80 is a pretty good number but it is really dependent on the rest of what happens in the game. It's important to keep your CS going up even past that laning phase so make sure to constantly look for chances to farm side lanes or the jungle.
  8. League of Legends

    I don't really get why you would brag about doing that in a game when you're only in Bronze II >_> If you're better than that ELO, it would be expected to do that every game. You guys complain soooo much about your teammates, just worry about yourself more.
  9. April 6&7 Ycs San Diego

    I agree that that part was kind of ignorant but isn't that what DGz is about? Posting an opinion phrased like a fact?
  10. April 6&7 Ycs San Diego

    Why are you all haters? You people can't be happy because a person who completely deserved to win won over your DGz hero? Angel had the best Mermail deck at the event hands down, talking from my own experience and having played so many games to make that deck with him. Yeah he had heavy storm, so what?
  11. Mermail - Discussion

    Here's my build that I got 2nd at the Anaheim regionals with after going 9-0 and losing last round. There were 1070 people.   3 Megalo 3 Abyssteus 3 Abysslinde 3 Dragoon 3 Marksman 3 Infantry 3 Diva 2 Pike 2 Abyssgunde 1 Abyssleed 1 Moulinglacia   3 Salvage 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Monster Reborn 1 Dark Hole 1 Heavy Storm 1 Pot of Avarice   3 Abyss-Sphere
  12. My NAWCQ Deck

    i wouldn't say a lack of acid golem matters, i didn't bring it out once the entire tournament.
  13. I played the same deck as robbie at nats, was 7-1 then lost round 9 and 10 and didn't play the last round (which i should have since like 8 x-3s made it but oh well.). The deck is really good, drain barbaros is a win condition vs dragons.
  14. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Myth' timestamp='1339787882' post='3209745'] [quote name='teh Keewie' timestamp='1339787608' post='3209738'] Honestly I love Torrential against them. It's good for making Pulsar miss timing. [/quote] Um. [url="http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:Lightpulsar"]http://yugioh.wikia....rum:Lightpulsar[/url] [/quote] He means miss timing with an MST or a card to start a chain and then chain torrential to it.
  15. DCK vs BLS

    At dallas it was ruled that you could not Dolkka on a BLS if it attacked it because the monster was technically already considered as destroyed and could not activate the effect.