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  1. Naruto Manga

  2. Adventure Time!

    season 3 has continued the greatness
  3. Naruto Manga

    sharigan + 1st hokage dna = rinnegan?
  4. Naruto Manga

    I win Naruto
  5. Big Z is here

    thank god he tagged this thread, I was searching for someone returning from the north east
  6. How to Feel Sexy on Your Period ?

    i could have puked if she put more production value into the last part
  7. Naruto Manga

    [quote name='pkmn prof. grant' timestamp='1318783605' post='3009315'] I don't see why the madara clone would need his soul. couldn't it just be an autonomous "machine," enacting his will? [/quote] this there are two examples of something similar in the manga: The fourth hokage appearing in Narutos subconscious when his soul was supposed to be sealed inside the death god Kabuto said he felt as if orochimarus chakra was attempting to take control of his body, however orochimaru is supposed to be sealed away inside itachis sealing sword. Obviously they arent the same but in naruto someones will doesn't seem to be restricted to their "soul"
  8. Naruto Manga

  9. Naruto Manga

    way to miss my point
  10. Deuce.

    [quote name='Wumbologist' timestamp='1318735528' post='3009047'] who are you people [/quote] ygo
  11. Naruto Manga

    its true tho
  12. Naruto Manga

    ok my idea is this The key to Madara/Tobi's plan all along was the fight with the first hokage and it was never about defeating him, it was a diversion to get his DNA which he used to create zetsu/tobi/rinnegan. Tobi is a special zetsu clone or just a host for madaras will. How Tobi can have Madaras will while still being able to be summoned by edo tensai is the main problem with this theory but that will get explained kishi style. Sasuke and Nagato are huge parts of his plan as they were both meant to groom the ultimate eye techniques for madara/tobi to later steal and use himself. He needs to EMS and the rinnegan to become the jyuubi jinchuriki like the sage was. Madara knew he wouldnt be able to gain the power of the first hokage with out dying so he set up his revival as tobi. something like that, gg crash edit: sorry to those that didnt want the story spoiled, blame crash
  13. Naruto Manga

    I am close though, the specifics and details are off I am sure
  14. Naruto Manga

    [quote name='Reginald' timestamp='1318722721' post='3008936'] madara and tobi could be like kami and piccolo [/quote] closest yet, by far
  15. Naruto Manga

    I have a few more hints if nobody figures it out, no one is close