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  1. True Draco Monarchs

    So I started thinking about this strategy a lot after this guy was first revealed: (Wikia Link: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ignis_Heat,_the_True_Dracowarrior) His 2400/1000 stats give access to Tenacity of the Monarch + Return of the Monarchs, which in itself is sort of an interesting engine - all the regular Monarch shenanigans, expect Return itself can actually be used as a tribute to summon Ignis. It gets even more interesting when you throw in The Prime Monarch... -You can tribute a dead FU Prime Monarch to summon Ignis, summon back the Prime Monarch from grave -Prime Monarch is LV5 and so is Ignis = XYZ -If you're trying to XYZ w/ Prime Monarch while Return is face-up, you can just tribute it off to summon Ignis and proceed Anyways, this gave way to a whole slew of discoveries on the ridiculous synergy between True Dracos and Monarchs. Here's some more examples: 1) Escalation of the Monarchs: combo fucking wombo > activate and tribute itself off for any of the single tribute Dracos during your opponents turn (Single Tribute Dracos: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Ignis_Heat,_the_True_Dracowarrior http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Dinomite_Knuckle,_the_True_Dracofighter http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Majesty_Maiden,_the_True_Dracomage http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Draius_the_Third,_the_True_Dracogeneral) > activate and tribute off a FU S/T that's about to be hit by Twin Twisters, etc. for a Draco > activate and tribute off a Draco S/T for a single tribute Draco = instant spot removal on opponent's turn (Draco S/Ts: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Succession_of_the_True_Draco http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Disciples_of_the_True_Dracophoenix http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Revival_of_the_True_King http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Apocalypse_of_the_True_Dracos) > activate and tribute itself off alongside a Draco S/T for Dracoslaying King: (Wikia Link: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Master_Peace,_the_True_Dracoslaying_King) instant spot removal, King is a 2950/2950 DAD that's S/T immune (you can get even crazier and go for Metatron using a mon + 2 Draco S/T = full immunity + destroy 2 opp cards) *worth noting the Draco Traps let you do a lot of this anyways on your opponent's turn, but this gives the Spells added utility 2) Edea + Eidos > destroy an Edea to search with Diagram (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Dragonic_Diagram) = +1 Monarch S/T that's banished > Edea + Eidos into Dracoslaying King that's monster immune > recycle Monarch S/T using Dracoslaying King + Edea Now my personal favorite gem: First, please note the lack of OPT clause. Not always relevant, but still ridiculous, especially when the Draco S/Ts give you an added Tribute Summon for the turn. 2 or 3 of these face-up is just unstoppable. > Triggers off of Dracoslaying King tribute summon. Did you tribute 2 Draco S/Ts? Scored a +2 and a floating DAD with some combination of S/T immunity > Use Edea + Eidos/other Monarch shit to field Erebus/Ehther, +1 (or more if Edea triggers) > Tribute the card itself to summon a Draco Between all the +1s generated through Dracos, the existing tribute engine offered by Monarchs, and the extensive suite of continuous Monarch S/Ts available to use/tribute, there's a lot to exploit here.
  2. [902] Next Challengers

    Are the Goblin and Trap posted above decipherable?
  3. Wiretap

      I guess the silver lining there is that, if Soul Charge lives up to the hype, it would suck dick to have to pay 2000 LP again if you re-draw it.    While we're playing devil's advocate, I guess you could Traptrix BTH back out lol.
  4. Dragons of Legend

    Based on the way the reveals are going, it would seem almost 100% that we're going to have at least 2 more of these sets. DRLG-001 ~ DRLG-014 are all cards from the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series. So far, 001-005 are all Yugi's cards, and 009-014 are all Raphael's. Since we now know Reaper's Scythe is also in the set, I'm willing to bet that Eatos' Celestial Sword is either DRLG-011 or DRLG-12, while the Scythe is whatever one its not. Then, DRLG-015 (Sabatiel) begins the GX Era portion of the set.   I think this implies that Konami intends to structure at least the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! section of each Dragons of Legend set so that it features one of the three main characters and their "rival" in the Orichalcos arc (in this case, Yugi's rival was Raphael).   Which means another set will likely contain Joey's Hermos and the Armor Cards. And another would contain Kaiba's Critias and Balrog, Ziggurat, etc. etc.   Based on this, I would think Legend of Heart will allude to the potential for other sets in the future by saying something along the lines of:   "Pay 1000 LP, tribute 1 Warrior-type monster, and remove from play 1 "Legendary Dragon" card from your Graveyard: Special Summon the appropriate "Legendary Knight" monster from wherever, etc. etc."   Implying that there will be other Legendary Dragons, which would explain why Timaeus has that line at the top of its text box saying its also "Legendary Dragon Timaeus"   tl;dr This probably won't be the last time we'll see a large wave of anime import shit that's of the same caliber as Kuribandit, Soul Charge, and Mathematician.
  5. Wiretap

            Notable advantages over Seven Tools: No LP cost (obviously); more to Soul Charge with! Vs. Theosophy of the Artifacts - Doesn't destroy it, therefore doesn't trigger it's "Destroy 1 card" effect Seems like Seven Tools is obsolete now.
  6. The Eye of Timaeus

    you mean the banish the 3 dragons and special summon part?  with the anime eff, it seems gimmicky at best, given that you need 3 cards that are more or less not comboable in a single deck, all the the grave, a warrior type on the field to tribute, and 3 lvl 8 monsters in the deck to summon with.  I guess It would depend on how useful the legendary dragon knights can be, but personally I wouldn't put too much hope on it Depending on how its phrased/executed, the 1000 LP/Warrior/Banish portion of it could end up being the cost of the effect.   Though I doubt Konami would be dumb enough to let you rip three free 2800+ monsters off a D-Dude rip.   Then again, stranger things have happened.
  7. The Eye of Timaeus

    Diamond Dude'able?   Because if so, could be interesting in some sort of hybrid deck involving Prisma.   Especially if Legend of Heart retains some degree of its initial effect from the show.
  8. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

    Another really strong aspect of this engine is the built-in protection having Astro + Chrono up provides.   The more copies of these cards you accumulate, the more overwhelming the pressure:   Astro/Chrono in the P Zone, Odd-Eyes in M Zone = Pendulum Monsters can't be Mirror Force/Lance/Prison/BoM'd If you draw into another copy of Astro and Pendulum Summon it = Pendulum Monsters gain immunity to Compulsory If you draw into another copy of Chrono and Pendulum Summon it = 1 MST isn't going to break up your Scale by itself   Add Odd-Eyes's double damage in, and your opponent will be hard pressed to find an out ASAP.   The interactivity of this engine is phenomenal; scares me a little to think how Pendulum Monsters will evolve overtime, though.   After all, we all thought Stardust Dragon, Colossal Fighter, Leviathan Dragon and Utopia were all good starting points for their own respective mechanics too, and look just how much those mechanics have evolved since then.
  9. (901) The Duelist Advent

      cuz you can place the scales at either side i suppose   i mean if the pendulum monsters are placed as 8-1 as opposed to 1-8 starting from the left, would that make a difference? Based on what we know, I would say 8-1 vs. 1-8 does make a difference.   Apart from the fact that Konami will most likely print a Pendulum Monster with different scales, the different colors are somewhat relevant right now.   For example:   Player A has Magician of Chronomancy on the Left/Blue Side and (???) on the Right/Red Side (whereas ??? has a Pendulum Scale of 8)   ??? is not a "Odd-Eyes" or "Magician" card, and thus Chronomancy has a scale of 4. (Left: 4, Right: 8, Can Pendulum Summon Monsters of LV 5-7)   Player B MST's Player A's ???   Now, if Player 8 were to place Magician of Astromancy on the Right/Red Side, Chronomancy's scale would become 8, and Astromancy's would be 1. (Left: 8, Right: 1, Cannot Pendulum Summon)   This possible scenario makes placement of the Pendulum monsters relevant; whereas in the original Pendulum setup, Chronomancy played its role as a Scale 4 to help summon LV 5-7 monsters alongside ???, ???'s destruction made Chronomancy's placement a hindrance to Player A, as Player A can no longer have the Chronomancy-Astromancy interaction they could have had if Chronomancy was on the Right/Red Side.   In general though, I think Konami's execution of Pendulum Scales has been poorly managed; as mentioned above, referring to the Blue/Red sides in tandem as one "Pendulum Scale" will only make it more difficult for them further down the road if they decide to differentiate between the Blue and Red sides.
  10. Jackpot 7

    Bear with me on this one, but Give and Take is honestly one of the best ways to abuse the Dark Scorpion Burglars method of winning through Jackpot 7     Essentially the focus is on the fact that Burglars is DARK; this makes it easy to dump via Dark Grepher or Armageddon Knight (you can even run Tomato - its synergy with Creature Swap makes Swap a good include for utility purposes, as you can swap the Tomato or swap Burglars)   The real key to winning after Give and Taking though is this:     Also DARK, which means its pretty easy to dump through the same means that you'd dump Burglar (Grepher, Armageddon, etc.) Give and Take boosts the Level of the Grepher/Armageddon you'd have up by +4 (LV 8 total), you give them Burglars, revive your three Eaters off LV 8 monster, run them into Burglars for game.   Other possible includes into the Deck to make Eater more consistent: -Dark Creator -Kagetokage/Evil Dragon Ananta (Knight/Grepher (Dump 1 Eater) + Kage > Lavalval Chain to dump 2nd Eater OR Kage + LV4 > King of Feral Imps > Ananta) -Destiny Hero Malicious (possible Plague for alternate Grepher/Arma options)   Deck is quirky, but I like the DARK Burglar route because it gives you other options of ways to win besides Jackpot 7, instead of an Empty Jar-or-bust model where Crow or bad hands can fuck up your plan almost instantaneously.
  11. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

    If I was a little Japanese kid when this "Starter" Deck comes out, I think I'd rather just commit seippuku than try to understand this shit
  12. Powered Inzektron

      something tells me you're insinuating that we summon powered inzektoid by using unknown synchron and cyber dragon as a fusion materials lol I think hes referring to the no damage clause; you could Power Bond for Twin/End the same turn you summon Inzektoid and you wouldn't take damage during the End Phase
  13. Jump Festa

    If you play this in some Zombie Dark Hybrid (Goblin, Master, Plague + Mali, Maybe even Teleport/Krebons, etc.), you'll probably have access to Key Beetle too, which makes this pretty splashable:     Strap to Key Beetle for obvious reasons, or strap it to Beelze (covers D-Prison/Compulse/etc, cant destroy Beelze if destroyed)
  14. Jump Festa

    Unknown Synchron + Level 7 (Dragon Rulers ???)
  15. Primal Origin (808)

      Wait, I'm sorry, am I mistaken or did we just get 3 more MSTs? The way this is worded makes it sound like you don't even need to run Artifacts, unless I'm retarded.