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  1. UDE old Yugioh site

    oh that would be great info to have again !!
  2. Free Agent Thread

    Free Agent : Demonic259 (want to be active)
  3. Anti-Meta GB

    replace burdens with d fissures.. deck gets retarded
  4. Stay Wide Awake

    good deck , needs grepher
  5. AfricanAmericanWings

    Does this otk a lot without reckless?
  6. Six Sams this format?

    Sams are amazing with 3 Charge of Light Brigade, 3 Ryko, and double edge swords =]
  7. Mr. Young Pro GB Deck

    Good deck, shit is just like mine - the oppressions, I wish u goodluck and hope somehow this sjc is covered. , take videos dude
  8. lil City = Best Deck?

    wow.. ok so side decking > little city... but come on... LC has some good side options aswell... D fissure for LS, rose for easy stardust + drain , Fake trap for twisters/dusts/malevolent, Prohibition for cold wave, rcat, and bestiari, Mind crushes for LS , Gb and combo decks cards that really hurt this deck would be PWWb, and cwave when u have no drain... but with 3 solemn/bribe + sided prohibitions or m drains you should still rape
  9. Ok I don't fully believe it is but theoretically shouldn't LC be smashing sworn and gb left and right?? Honest. Skill drain. Oppressions, barbaros, alius, tkr ... all spell gb smash in my eyes... why aren't we seeing more of these and what's the hype with light zombie?? Let's just stick wit stratos and the e hero engine
  10. I won my match 2-0 my opp.sed he drops, JFT ur still pussy
  11. fuck you, go die. soooo not in the mood, fagot. so play me u fat pussy lipped bitch
  12. This tourney is str8 cheeks and ur pussy JFT
  13. Oh well I'm in new york, pretty sure there's a t zone difference, but why they gave u the win?? I rather not play with a 0-1 starting record... and I dun think they'll let us go back now BTW its 10:17 in nyc right now and ur not online
  14. he's on every single day., infact I was testing with him earlier today and we played some pokemon. at the wierdest times then... cuz twice i logged on at 4pm then again at 11pm not online.. sent him msgs on aim too
  15. How yall gave me the loss vs JFT when that nigga was never online??? drop me from this stupid shit k thx