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  1. Aggro Agents - January 2014

    Tech Banisher of the Radiance in the sideboard; its an awesome Transmodify target with shine ball.
  2. Welcome to the YPL! --Yu-Gi-Oh! Pro Play League--

    [quote name='yourproleagues' timestamp='1343710399' post='3243836'] UPDATE: We spoke to our contact today at Konami about the concerns some of you have posted in this thread. There have been eyes and ears following threads like these across the major forums and the voices of some store owners outside of our league have arisen. Because of the amount of opinions being voiced about the league in general, our contact let us know that they would forward these concerns directly up the chain of command to Konami overseas in Japan to be sure where we stand. While our contact exists as a part of Konami US, the mother company overseas in Japan has the final word as to what constitutes legal or illegal in terms of sanctioned play. As of yet, nothing has changed on this side of the ocean, but our contact said they would come back to us with a reply shortly with whatever verdict Konami overseas would provide. Again, thanks for bringing these concerns to our knowledge and hopefully the added press and awareness means good things for Yu-Gi-Oh! organized play; perhaps if some of the more restrictive measures were indeed being discussed, organized play could take off to an even greater and rewarding level. We hope the news we receive remains consistent to what we have heard so far from Konami and we will update everyone immediately if anything changes. [/quote] Can proof be provided that there has been direct contact between YPL and Konami? I believe that showing proof will provide the players that have addressed their concerns on this thread some sort of assurance that this whole concept could have potential.
  3. La La La

    How's the deck been testing against Wind-Ups, Rabbit, & Inzektors?
  4. TGU-less Agents for 2/19 regs, need feedback

    Odds are by the 19th people will have more access to Wind-Ups and Inzektors. You should be playing 2-3 of both Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler. Also, I tested a similar version of agents at Chicago Regionals and Solemn Judgment was absolutely horrible (I played against two Inzektor decks). TKRO slows down a good chunk of the meta so mainboarding three should be manditory. Otherwise, solid build and gl at the regz.