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  1. My head cannot process the awesomeness of what has been seen.
  2. Yo guys sup

    How you nigs doing?
  3. Yo guys

    I'm new here and stuff, sup?
  4. Yea

    Eh ok
  5. Btw, I have to bump your thread about the one dude.
  6. LoliBall Z

    Well, it can be whoever you want it to be. I'll reveal my true account in the morning.
  7. Hello.

    Want inside of me?
  8. This Thread is About Me Going to University

    Well pirating would be great in Japan. I think you know what you are doing, you seem pretty good at this type of thing.
  9. LoliBall Z

    I'll reveal my true identity later on
  10. LoliBall Z

    Then it was just sucking, all the time. Erin would go down on me whenever she could. And when Gary came over she would do him too. There was a couple of times when Gary would spend the night and Erin would be gone, spending the night at her friend's house or something, and Gary would want to mess with me and I would let him. He never made me suck him but he sucked me all the time. When Erin turned thirteen she acted like she didn't want to do it any more. I would come into her bedroom and pull my hard dick out and she would be all, Eww, get out, I'm telling Mom. But she never told. And she would come into my bedroom at night and get in bed with me and actually make out with me, with kissing and everything, before she would suck me. We had sex for the first time when I was sixteen and she was fourteen. It was kind of an accident. We were both completely naked in my bed, making out, and she was on top with both legs around me and we were grinding our hips together. And suddenly it just went in and I was inside her. We both froze, she was in pain and started to bleed but then calmed down a bit, it was awkward and I thought she didn't like it. So I pulled out and let her suck me. After that we didn't talk for about a week. Finally on a Friday night, Gary came over while my parents were away. That night Erin confessed that she liked it when my dick was inside of her. I was relieved and happy at the same time. I stared to make out with Erin. Then the three of us got naked and she started to suck me and Gary. I asked her if she wanted me to put it in her vagina and she said yes. This was it. It was now or never. I put it in and we started to fuck. Gary got a little jealous, but Erin would play with or suck him from time to time while I fucked her. After awhile I began to breath really hard. Erin already knew what was happening. She told me that it was alright and I could cum inside of her if I wanted to. Gary was somewhat shocked and told me that she could get pregnant. To which I replied, "Yeah, she would. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Only..... It doesn't make a bit of difference guys. Dende is gone. Remember? The balls are inert."
  11. LoliBall Z

    It basically started when my little sister Erin caught me masturbating. She was ten, I was twelve. I yelled at her to get out and I was mad and embarrassed. But after a while, I started to think about her watching me. And then I fantasized about it. So I started to leave the door cracked when I was jacking off, hoping she'd barge in, and one day she did. I just looked at her and she looked at me, so I continued doing it. After a while she said she was going to tell Mom and I said I'd tell Mom she was watching me. She ran out of my room and I shut the door and locked it. After that I got real worried. I thought she'd tell on me but she never did. It was about two weeks later when she knocked on my door. I wasn't jacking off or anything. When I let her in she looked real disappointed. She asked if she could watch me play with myself again. I said only if she didn't tell and she said she wouldn't. So I pulled my dick out and played with it until it was hard, then I sort of stroked it for a while in front of her. She would stare at my dick, then glance up at my face, then stare down at my crotch again. Finally I asked her if she had enough and she shrugged, so I said that if she didn't want to leave she could play with it. I think my exact words were, "Why don't you beat me off." Then I stuck it in her face and she played with it, and it felt really great. She was smiling and blushing and everything. . . . . . . So then we'd do it when we could after that. I told my friend Gary about it and he wanted to see it happen, and he also wanted her to do it to him. The next time he spent the night we were all in the basement together and I nodded at Gary and we pulled our PENISes out. It was the first time I'd seen Gary's dick. It was like mine, but redder and a little thicker. She played shy and shocked at first but then Erin sat between us and played with both of our dicks at the same time for like a really long time. Then Gary asked if she ever sucked me and I didn't really know what he was talking about. So he told Erin to put his PENIS in her mouth and she was like Ewww, no way. And he said it was no big deal and then he got down on his knees and put MY dick in his mouth! I was like, holy shit. But it felt great. He let Erin try it on me and she kept biting and scraping with her teeth, so Gary kept showing her and telling her what to do. Then it was her turn to suck him. They both wanted me to do it to him but I was like no way. I held him and beat him off a little, and that was actually pretty cool, but I didn't want to put it in my mouth. Then Gary said we should take off all our clothes. Erin didn't want to but we both said it was unfair that she could see us and we couldn't see her. So she undressed and we did too. . . . . . . . Gary made Erin sit back and spread her legs so we could see her thing. He called it a pussy and she called it a vagina. I knew both words. So Gary and I looked at it for a while and then we all sat back and sort of played with ourselves. Then we scooted a little closer and played with each other. It was neat to feel Gary's fingers next to mine in Erin's pussy. It was even cooler to feel both Gary and Erin's hands on my dick and balls. I was so hard that my dick was sore, really sore and aching. I told them I'd have to stop because my dick hurt. Gary said his hurt too. So we got dressed again and Erin went to her bedroom and Gary and I went to mine. Gary would spend the night at my house about once a month after that and we would always mess around with Erin. When we wasn't there Erin and I would mess around too. It never went beyond touching and sucking until I was fourteen

    That baby hella went in
  13. Hello.

    Hey, I'm new here. Pleased to meet you.