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  1. Out of 6 games I ftk'd twice, the rest were as you said I drew brick or started brick (20 mons does that). As for fetching the head from graveyard, you have dark eruption. Still not sure how well that would go, I think that variant use to use back-up soldier? Which is a trap so you're looking to get exodia by turn 2, or as you said mill heaps and ditch the dead pieces in hand to get back with dark factory/ eruption. I'll look into it as well I think though.
  2. Made this to test, what do you think? Monsters: 20 5 Exodia Pieces 3 Royal Magical Library 2 D hero Dogma 3 D hero Plasma 2 DL Zerato 3 DL Superbia 2 DL Ixtab Spells: 20 3 Allure 3 Trade-in 3 D Draw 2 Banishment of the DL 2 Pot of Duality 3 Into the Void 2 Hand Destruction 1 Upstart Goblin 1 One Day of Peace Not sure about all the "Once per turn cards" like the darklords or duality, thinking may have to use some more luck based cards like mallet, reload, cup of ace etc, so put in Royal Magical Library, may or may not be good either. What do people think of also deck thinners like the Toon Package for example as well, idc if the above list is trash I'm not great with making these kind of decks, just trying to get a starting point going for @mark
  3. I haven't played the deck for a few formats so I'm not entirely sure. However with allure back to 3 that really helps. I wouldn't play veiler either, like its not seeing play for a reason. You'd maybe want to play some of Raiden the multi-dimensional kaiju to out threats and it being dark for allure. So perhaps a monster line-up of; 5 exodia 3 battle fader 3 Cardcar D 2 Raiden Kaiju 1 Necroface (for your idea) Which makes 14. Even then this might be too high. -------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe if you're going for a FTK route, combining DarkLords and Destiny hero might be good for a draw engine. As we know darklords can power through their cards. All are dark for allure. Darklords banish a heap so you can use the necroface idea too. You can run lv8's with Destiny hero, kristya. Diamond dude works with all their normal spells. Both decks have rota's. Armageddon knight can dump darklords to revive, or dump the necroface to banish with some cute tech like creeping darkness to add necorface/ exodia piece. I'm sure the deck could be good enough at a regional level, its just going to need the right circumstances and build.
  4. I still think the best way to play exodia is with hope for escape. Yeah its slow af, but just playing defense until you draw your good draw cards seems like the safest route to me. Relying on graveyard retrieval or the banish pile makes the deck reliant on those few cards needed, and should the opponent somehow stop that method then your deck flops. Same goes for the Hope route I guess, but at least then your opponent has to focus on either slow-playing through your defenses while negating your draw cards, or letting you dig for pieces while they chip for damage, which helps you draw more cards with HFE.
  5. This might be the best route going forward, back in the day using broww and snow to search grapha with allure, dark world dealings and trade-in, in theory should be more synergistic then mallets and the cups
  6. Would this work with brilliant fusion?
  7. For you question, nah I think Gishkill isn't viable at all, or like mark said any ftk. The only one I think that actually stands a shot is nurse burn (she was errated to become a darklord now, they have a rota to search her) or exodia ftk with some way to abuse massive draw cards such as Hope for escape or something like using utopia change tactics to keep drawing off xyzing up and down utopia monsters. I say nurse burn over other burn variants as they have the ability to deal 2000/3000 damage with single cards.
  8. If you wanna have some fun with with basically clownblade deck, there's this, it's pretty meta and I've been playing a slight tweaked build online recently. Too bad most of it's cards are crazy expensive; Also, Aqua Madoor 8)
  9. ^ Sounds clunky to me. You're essentially going to try and combine two combo decks and hope you get the draw cards to work together and the ritual spell with herald together too. Granted the lv6 guy is better in this version, but you'd need 2 heralds to fuel one ritual summon, or run more lv6 fairies to have enough lv6's in deck to make the summon work consistently. Then again you could run some lv2's and lv4's like manju and orange light to also go that route, but thats too many cards I think.
  10. satellarknights

    Some good points have been raised about field wipes, you do need them. I feel duality is needed as well. Thing is you don't use it when you don't need it, as more then likely you wouldn't use it unless its a do or die situation, similar to desires I feel. I used to run no desires in herald for the same reason, but there is literally no other card in the game right now that can bail you out of these situations of drawing blank or not enough answers. Also I'm wondering if some mirror force cards would be good in here, they would work better with demise anyways then spells or monsters.
  11. ^ I mentioned earlier mega mobius, seems blow-out if you ask me. Then again jinzo is just infinite easier.
  12. Yeah nah, don't take that to anything beyond a local lol. I just play it for fun online mostly, this morning I cut it down to 50 and it does better, but honestly still wouldn't be sure if it would be really good for taking it to tournaments if you cared about winning or topping.
  13. ^ Pretty much You could just say fuck it and go all in> 3 JD 3 Raiden 3 Lyla 3 Lumina 3 FT - Snow 2 Garoth 2 Ehren 2 Minerva 2 Photon Thrasher 2 Trick Clown 2 Necro Gardna 1 Jain 1 Felis 1 Electromagnetic Turtle 1 BW - Zephyros 1 Goblindbergh 1 Glow-up Bulb 3 Ties of the Brethen 3 Pot of Desires 3 Monster Reincarnation 3 Solar Recharge 2 Charge of the Light Brigade 2 Instant Fusion 2 Twin Twisters 1 Rota 1 Soul Charge 1 Raigeki 1 Dark Hole 2 Breakthrough Skill 1 Treachorous Trap Hole 1 Norden 1 Trishula 1 Scarlight 1 Crimson Blader 1 Psy-Frame Lord Omega 1 Micheal-Arc Lightsworn 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Coral Dragon 1 Utopia Lightning 1 N39: Utopia 1 Castel 1 Starleige Paladynamo 2 Minerva, Exalted LS 1 Abyss Dweller
  14. Ties also works on lyla for trick clown and fairy tail snow. If you could find another lv3 spellcaster you could also do lumina with regular minerva. I think the only relevant one though is jowgen the spiritualist, though there are more silly options like Ceremonial Bell (1850 def, both players must have their hands revealed), White magical hat (opp discards one when it deals damage), or Spellstone Sorcerer Karrod (1900 def, gets a counter for a spell used, goes to 2100 def, can use the counter to banish one from opp grave).
  15. Something cute you can do is Ties of the Brethen on Raiden> summon ehren/garoth/Jain, and mill a shit ton/draw during that end phase, sets you up pretty well to. If you've drawn/ milled to many LS warriors Photon Thrasher is also a option. I also think Breathrough skill is pretty good in the format, banish from the grave to negate something like a metalfoe alkahest or toadally awesome could get you there.