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  1. I know mausoleum fairies with guardian jone is a thing, so you could probably base something on that. There's also to go with your freed idea, feast of the wilds Lv5, with normal freeds and that other lv5 warrior. Maybe dragon beatdown with watttail and blue-eyes with the trap that summons things from the hand and grave, a serious problem can be opening multiple tributes in that kind of deck, and mausoleum can fix that (even though kaibaman blue-eyes probably is better).
  2. Ritual monsters cannot be normal or tribute summon, they must be special summoned. A ritual monster can only be special summon with a ritual spell card that will work (either it's intended ritual spell or something like advanced ritual art), or via a card effect if the monster has been properly ritual summoned first. An example would be using call of the haunted on a Herald of Perfection that was destroyed by battle. This would work. You cannot however summon herald through say celestial transformation (summons a fairy from hand), because it hasn't been properly summoned first.
  3. You can also use soul exchange with nepthys and card of the soul. Soul exchange is brilliant to use with hand of nepthys. I'm currently gold 5 with a half-optimal nephys deck due to lack of cards, but can confirm having 1 nepthys isn't too much a issue. My deck right now Resources; 1 Sacred phoenix, 1 sphere kuriboh, no soul exchange, no stray lambs Skill: Beatdown (faster kills, helps beat over problem monsters) Monsters: 1 Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys 1 Freed, the Matchless General ( If I draw nepthys then this is a replacement with cards of soul, atk & def = 4000, deck thinning 1 in general) 1 Red Dragon Ninja (probably worst card in the deck, thinking of chucking it but can't think of anything I have better right now) 1 Goka, the Pyre of Malice 1 Sphere Kuriboh 1 Twin-headed Behemoth (tribute fodder, small synergy with island) 1 Mog Mole (same above) 1 Planet Pathfinder 3 Fire King Avatar - Yaksha Spells: 3 Fire King Island 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Card of Soul Traps: 2 Security Orb (best defensive trap I got ) If I could though i'd use 3 of sphere, wild tornado over orbs, another phoenix or 2, more goka, and soul exchange with hand perhaps.
  4. I'd honestly love to play psychics on this but I'm just too piss weak worried that all that life point costs is too much in a format with 4000 life lol. Psychokinesis though is a amazing card for psychics and there isn't really much comparable to it in this game right now.
  5. What does that accomplish? Won't the second island still get it's effect?
  6. Tried pretty much exact naturia deck but it bricks alot, and opponent summoning anything over 2500 atk brings a lot of problems to the table, learned that the hard way when I faced a Blue-eyes Peak Performance deck. I think due to the nature of game the naturia deck has a hard time dealing with all those problems, but it can be a fast swam deck which ends the duel before things begin, if you open good enough and are not interrupted. I invested in Dawn of destiny via the sale, and now I'm pretty keen to make something decent. I pulled 3 headrush and 2 offerings to the doomed via it. My options I've considered are; working on the naturia deck as above, nepthys deck (only pulled 1 phoenix though), Fire beatdown deck (pulled 3 volcanic zone, +500 to all fires) or Fireking dinos (got idea from here; Fireking Dino's is pretty funny as it just completely remind me of true king dino's in the TCG, and is as fast as swarming as naturias, but less bricky I'd say. Fire Beatdown is good too as it makes most of your monsters, even the weaker fire monsters, usually between 1800-2300 atk with 4 stars, more if you throw goka and fire types tributes into it. Being a bunch of normal summons though makes it slow, and all the monsters effects are either irrelvant to swarming or are just normal monsters( which you could abuse with many cards). Nepthys decks I think will have their place as a tier 2 deck at least, it's consistent backrow removal and can be searched with card of soul at full life/ hand of nepthys, and fireking island also makes summoning a 2400 body to field easy. You'd need ways to either chain 2 nepthys or find someway to destroy the field before she comes back though, as fireking island will destroy her when she destroys it, so you're effectively waiting 2 turns for her to arrive to the field.
  7. nobleman of extermination god its been ages since i said that name
  8. Dam oh well. I got some random drop skills with bandit kieth today, got balance and draw sense: Fire. Any good strategies for them? The rock otk strategy has also been working too, I ditched the traps to make it more consistent.
  9. I do not, I've heard they have some good abilities though? And still level 20, have to grind up to that stage.
  10. So I had no idea what farming was until 2 days ago..... this is after the fact I'm level 20 and having been wasting gems on the earth packs trying to make a baboon beast deck. I'm trying to get something relevantly easy going, waiting for the card trader to stock cerberus again (he had it like once from memory? hasn't stocked it since :/ ). So I pulled a megarock dragon and trying to make a farm deck via that, how do you think this might pan out? I've moved onto neos impact to try and pull some magical merchant to go with the rock deck, and also maybe get the lv4 ritual guy as I read up that's another viable strategy with blue eyes/ ritual weapons. My deck is this; Deck: 22 Monsters: 17 1 Megarock Dragon 17 Rock monsters Spells: 2 1 Wonder Balloons (To discard all the drawn rocks) 1 Stop Defense Traps 2: 2 Needle Bug Nest (If I pull the combo pieces early then this speeds up the game) Any ideas to make it better/ other alternative farming decks I could make with relatively ease? As I said I'm Stage 20, and haven't unlocked a great deal of good abilities either, and my highest characters are kaiba and yami yugi at lv15. Seems like it's going to take ages to progress as far as some people have unless I drop money on this game ( considering it, I actually really like it) .
  11. I've been hearing people saying there's ways to grind in this game, what are they talking about? Just selecting auto duel or is there a deck I don't know about. Also those structures are sweet, I wish they were out a week ago when I finally downloaded this, would have save so much time, at the time 1550 was my biggest lv4 and in the late early stages the opponent's start just summoning 1600 atk / def mons and you're walled till you equipped something or tributed for a bigger monster.
  12. I will note SpiceyYanni I'm actually pretty clueless in what zoodiacs you'd play besides raptier and drident. Maybe whiptail and Tiger mortar? This will also sound extremely casual, but I think running zoodiacs takes away from what these cards can do. I remember having a similar position when pendulum magicians where last a thing, saying xyz monsters are not as good as synchro/ fusion plays with pendulums. But with that said I will try it , might have to bump to 42 to fit. As for your notes Victor, I was trying the old magicians and was using Luna, heck I even made the card discussion for it, so I was considering using her, wasn't sure how well she would do though in the new format or her new interactions but I think I'll put her back in. Tried the Arma engine in the past and came to the conclusion its to many cards just to justify running tuning magician, timestar and harmonizing get me to see tuning magician and trish enough I think anyways. Jinzo injector and jinzo isn't something I've tried, but it sounds like in tangent to the arma engine, too many non-pends in a pendulum deck. Psi-blocker and denko seem more better options but I'm really intrigued to try breaker now that you've reminded me of it. The only issue I see is battling for the normal summon with joker but that's beside the point, maybe more a problem if trying to use luna as well. Thunder dragons cool, I'd be more making volcasurus then pleadies I reckon though.
  13. This is the list I've been playing with as of late. I'll give brief descriptions of card choices after the list, and ask some questions on opinions in what I could be running better. List: 40 Monsters: 30 3 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker 3 Wisdom-Eye Magician 3 Double Iris Magician 3 Purple Poison Magician 3 Black Fang Magician 3 White Wing Magician 3 Harmonizing Magician 2 Chronograph Sorcerer 1 Astrograph Sorcerer 1 Oafdragon Magician 1 Timegazer Magician 1 Timesword Magician 1 Tune Magician 1 Maxx "c" 1 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit Spells: 8 3 Duelist Alliance 2 Pendulum Call 2 Star Pendulumgraph 1 Upstart Goblin Traps: 2 2 Time Pendulmgraph Extra: 15 2 Timestar Magician 1 Tornado Dragon 1 Trapeze Magician 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning 1 Number S39: Utopia Beyond 1 Blackrose Dragon 1 Odd-eyes Meteorburst Dragon 1 Psy-framelord Omega 1 Ignister, the Blasting Dracoslayer 1 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Supreme King Z-ARC Choices;
  14. BUT DEXER, WITH LINKS OUT NOW THIS DECK IS TEIR 1 OR RELEVANT Read my list again. Nothing has changed from this format to the next.
  15. k guys so the point is he is using the fluffals to do the draw 2 thing they do with toy vendor, hence the foolish burial goods. Yeah benten is the right cyber angel, the one that searches when tributed. And zomg, stick chair = ourobors, xyz omega!!11!! With Scyth to stun and sanctum to trick my oponents mst!1! Let me tell why this deck is not the "nuts" coming from a guy who plays it way to much. 1) You go second you lose. Seriously the game today has so many negation cards and quick effects that you can't just set up or keep herald alive. Your other main deck monsters are also a joke to try and play with, its like you're purposely giving yourself a handicap. 2) Kaijus. Kaijus everywhere. 3) You'll never out a master peace. Ever. 4) Ash blossom and Ghost ogre are threats and being heavily played 5) Solemn warning, Solemn Strike, D BARRIER even works against this deck. And yes, you still tribute when they chain it to your field spell.