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  1. Pendulum

    The main thing to take away from this list is that drident is banned, which means our scales can potentially live longer, meaning going second no longer sucks as hard unless we had the access to pendulum call, which ash's existence makes using it a gamble. I like luster and wavering being semi and free'd, cause as much as I love pend sorc, takes up a lot of room, what with usually running lizrdraw and guiturtle + maybe odd-eyes resolver. This deck also still is the number one deck with most anti-masterpeace options, and its budget as fuck. Wavering at 3 is probably mandatory cause there will be mirrors for that fact alone.
  2. Pendulum

    The main thing to take away from this list is that drident is banned, which means our scales can potentially live longer, meaning going second no longer sucks as hard unless we had the access to pendulum call, which ash's existence makes using it a gamble. I like luster and wavering being semi and free'd, cause as much as I love pend sorc, takes up a lot of room, what with usually running lizrdraw and guiturtle + maybe odd-eyes resolver. This deck also still is the number one deck with most anti-masterpeace options, and its budget as fuck. Wavering at 3 is probably mandatory cause there will be mirrors for that fact alone.
  3. Other Decks Strategy Discussion

    So I had this thought of making a cancerous mill deck with Tea because I only recently just unlocked duelist standby, I'm greedy for gems/ pvp rewards, and I had some ideas with new cards from the newest set. Lol and behold, someone else in PVP had the same idea, and ended up beating me with it. I'm not sure how great it does overall, but the theory is decent, let your opponent play out their hand, and you set some backrow and a monster, next turn summon silent magician and activate the draw spell to give you more cards for milling/ take a huge chunk out of the opponent's deck, warm worm level chunck; Monsters: 9 3 Silent Magician 3 Warm Worm 3 Hiro's Shadow Scout 1 Sphere Kuriboh Spells: 3 3 Silent Burning Magic (each player draws till 6 cards in hand) Traps:8 3 Assault of HQ 3 A Feint Plain 1 Curse of Anubis 1 Windstorm of Etaqua
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Anyone else having absolute atrocious drops from Super Rex? Not only that, but I've only encountered lv40 like 5 times in the week, every other time was lv30, I even vsed fucking lv20 :/ And the prismatic packs he has dropped have all been trash. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also GX needs to hurry up and get here
  5. Zefra

    I have, and I can say for certain the dino engine is most likely the best as 1 oviraptor is a denglong compared to needing a lv3 with flare resonator etc. I've yet to try a version I've heard of with 3 Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron, but I think that list needs Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon, something which a Oceanic ergo European myself have the misfortune of not being able to use in tournaments. The strengths of each engine are as follows I believe; Resonators> play against d barrier, lv1-2 tuners, Red resonator come summon Psyframe - gamma if you play it , Con: 2 cards to work with, no attack, can't be pendulum. Dinos> 1 card Denglongs, play against d barrier, decent beater, search kaiju/ultimate conductor, lv4 for xyz, Con: disruptive prone, dead copies after first successful combo, can't be pendulum Odd-Eyes Synchron> Very searchable, another field spell to work with, makes other monsters tuners, can tune with scales, play scales that summon it from hand, scale itself. Con: Whole deck pendulum based, weakness to pendulum hate intensifies, scale 6 means no zefranui (key piece to zefra), Hard to fit all pieces without going over 40, requires 2 cards to make play. They all have their ups and downs and if you wanted to abuse set rotation then I the Synchron variant is the way to go, but if you want to run more hand traps then resonators since flare can use dead cards in hand if you brick with too many, and if you want something super consistent but not probably as explosive then dino's are a good pick. EDIT: CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MOVE THIS TO THE DECK GARAGE, FML
  6. Zefra

    I've been toying with this deck for a few months now, unfortunately due to other events I haven't been able to go to any significant tournaments or obtain all the cards, and then Links became a thing and I lost hope for the deck cause Zefraath, its most broken card, seemed now pretty sub-par. I got to trying out again online though and honestly it still does pretty ok. I like to think of it as a denglong turbo deck (cause it is honestly), but it doesn't suffer so hard as much as Dino yang zing does to disruption because of more defensive cards and pendulum plays. It's also a deck I find to have a really solid outcome in going first or second, and I never feel losing a dice roll is a bad thing, though obviously I still want to go first all the time. The first turn boards it can create as well are really powerful, 2 negates and 1-2 hand traps in hand in a best case scenario. I'll list the deck and give a explanation on the ideal combo set-up, and a way to get there; https://imgur.com/a/NQMWD Monsters: 26 3 Zefraath 3 Zefranui, Secret of the Yang Zing 3 Zefraxi, Treasure of the Yang Zing 2 Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi 2 Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrapilica 2 Stellarknight Zefraxcition 2 Stellarknight Zefrathuban 1 Shaddoll Zefranaga 3 Souleating Oviraptor 1 Miscellaneousarus 1 Jurrac Aeolo 1 Maxx "C" 1 Ash Blossom and Joyeous Spring 1 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit Spells: 10 3 Oracle of the Zefra 3 Zefra Providence 1 Fossil Dig 1 Terraforming 1 Emergency Teleport 1 Upstart Goblin Traps: 4 2 Zefra War 1 Zefra Divine Strike 1 Nine Pillars of the Yang Zing Extra Deck: 15 1 Missus Radiant 1 Constellar Ptomely M7 1 Herald of the Arc Light 2 Denglong, First of the Yang Zing 1 High-Speeroid Chanbara 1 Stardust Charge Warrior 1 Metaphys Horus 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing 1 Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing 1 Psy-Framelord Omega 1 Vermillion Dragon Mech 1 Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing 1 Nirvana High Paladin As mentioned the ideal set up is 1-2 negates and a hand trap or 2. Example hand Oviraptor, Oracle of zefra, Zefwendi, zefranui, Zefraath NS Raptor, pitch misc, summon aeolo, make denglong > Search Nine Pillars Play oracle, search zefraxi. Scale zefwendi and zefraath. zefraath effect, ditch a scale 7. Pendulum summon zefraxi and nui Zefranui effect, search zefra providence, Denglong effect=pitch 2nd zefraxi, make lv3. Synchro denglong/ zefraxi into stardust charge warrior, activate stardust charge cl1, oracle cl2, denglong cl3 Summon 2nd Zefranui from deck, stack a hand trap (maxx C), draw maxx c. Activate zefra providence, search zefra divine strike Overlay Stardust Charge with 1 zefranui into Ptomley M7, oracle effect draw 1 and discard a card. Ptomely effect to add a monster back to hand, either the discarded, aeolo, or return stardust Set both traps, pass Field; Ptomley M7, Zefranui 2600 def, 2 counter traps, hand trap in hand, in grave protection for scales/ zefra cards. From here you have a number alternate routes you can take, instead of making ptolemy you can go into chaofeng if vsing zoodiac or Lightsworn for example, or end with 3 negates with both counter traps and herald arc light. I play zefra war as both a hand trap and disruption, and pretty much nearly everyone never suspects it all the time, because traps played from the hand are pretty much unheard of. E-tele is in here because lv3's are important for making oracle plays and also summoning ogre to the field should I need a defensive option. I'm not too worried about using ash blossom or ghost ogre either as tuners, as vermillion dragon mech and nirvana make them recyclable. Also, I run 2 of each stellarknight zefra, as Lv4's are important to making some lines of plays with the synchro's and their effects help me make use of dead cards and simplifying the board state more. Overall I really enjoy the deck and think this is what I will be playing up until my next YCS and after a meta has been established after the new banlist. If there's anything you think would be better or want to talk theory on the deck, feel free to comment.
  7. Think you left out a key part of the game and F2P aspect, I went ahead and drafted this, pick apart at it as you will; Auto Duels The main way F2P players earn their cards, and all players for that matter, is through grinding up the characters levels and earning cards/gems/gold. This means constantly dueling standard duelists as a means to earn exp. This is the mobile aspect of the game shining through, and at the later levels it will take days to level up characters. Thus the "Auto-Duel" function was added, as a means to duel standard and event duelists quickly, using a AI to calculate duels and play has increased speed in gameplay, significantly downgrading the time it takes to beat opponents, by means of a simple click of a button. Since the deck is played with a AI which uses algorithms to decided moves, the AI doesn't take into account game state or card advantage. If it sees it can make a move, it will make that move, despite the fact keeping cards means they can attack for game that turn. Because of this nature, a good auto duel deck is a deck that runs lots of lower level powerful monsters, and cards that keep those monsters alive or boost their attack power, and doesn't rely too heavily on discarding/tributing for costs. Another thing to note is abilities. The AI is incapable of using manual activating abilities, such as kaiba's beatdown or yugi's destiny draw. Because of this, abilities that are automatically in play such as peak performance or LP Boost are more beneficial to run. You can be fine not running any abilities, but any advantage can help win more duels. Attribute Beatdown These decks are made possibly via Echoes of Silence, Electric Overload, Crimson Kingdom and Dawn of the Destiny, which introduced field spells that boost attributes atk by 500 and decrease their def by 400. These 4 sets have power creeped the game into introducing 1800 atk lv4 monsters as well, with significant easy pull rates, some of them being rares, meaning a great benefit for F2P players. These sets also funny enough, introduce more monsters for a particular attribute in the next set, a pain for sure to switch sets, but if you're running low on high atk monsters then you know where to find them. Examples of these kind of decks (note; some cards are not from the aforementioned sets, any missing spell/ traps that are not the field spells can be replace with anything decent, the same can be said about the monsters, however the higher atk or effects that boost atk are more valuable then most other effects). Light: 1 Chaos Command Magician 1 Thunder Nyan Nyan 2 Ninja Grand Master Sasuke 3 X - Head Cannon 2 Herald of Creation 1 Hoshiningen 2 Luminous Spark 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Lucky Battle Axe 2 Security Orb 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Dark: 1 Angmarl, the Fiendish Monarch 1 Twin Barrel Dragon 2 Genex Ally Powercell 3 Maiden of Macabre 3 Dark Blade 2 Mystic Plasma Zone 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Lucky Battle Axe 2 Security Orb 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Fire: 1 Knight of the Red Lotus 1 Goka, Pyre of Malice 1 Charcoal impatchi 1 Heavy Knight of The Flame 3 Fire King Yaksha 3 Great Angus 2 Molten Destruction 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Order to Charge 1 Beast Rising 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Water: 3 Gemini Lancer 3 Gagagigo 3 Uminotaurus 1 Star Boy 2 Umiiruka 2 Order to Charge 2 Super Rush Headlong 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis 1 Security Orb Wind: 1 Luster Dragon #2 1 Spear Dragon 1 Cave Dragon 1 Red-Eyes Wyvern 1 Harpy Lady 1 1 Harpy Lady 2 1 Harpy Lady 3 2 Birdface 2 Sonic Duck 2 Rising Air Current 2 Super Rush Headlong 1 Elegant Egotist 1 MetalMorph 1 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis General Beatdown As seen as above, auto decks generally use high attack monsters to attack for game. If you are new and are missing many cards to make said decks, or have splurged on packs not realizing which ones you should have been buying, it is perfectly fine to put all your highest attacking monsters into 1 deck and support it like you would with the attribute decks. Example; 2 Gemini Lancer 2 Gagagio 2 X-Head Cannon 2 Dark Blade 2 Great Angus 2 Super Rush Headlong 2 Lucky Battle Axe 1 Ririyoku 1 Metalmorph 1 Inspiration 1 Enchanted javelin 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 1 Curse of Anubis Themes Ever hear people say " this theme takes such skill to play", meaning the complete opposite? Some decks are like this, which is good in the AI's sense, as just by doing its job it can bring powerful monsters to the field. In Echoes of Silence, the LV monsters are such a theme, or The Creator and it's incarnate in Electric Overload. With Mako Tsunami, A legendary Ocean decks with hammer shark are not only decent PVP decks, but can be used quite successfully with the auto duel AI as well. Naturia can most times be ran efficiently by the AI too, as well as using a blue-eyes beatdown deck . In general, if the theme centers around special summoning monsters from the hand/ deck without too much resources wasted, the deck has potential to be a auto duel deck. Grinding Skills If you are after certain abilities for duelists and want to maximize your time and efforts, auto duel decks can be made to try and maximize your point values at the end of the duel. Such auto duel decks center around Ritual/ Fusion summons for the bonus, and run any prismatics and glossy cards to rack as much value as possible for up to 2000-3000k. However as mentioned before the AI doesn't take into account game state or card advantage. This can lead to some questionable moves such as skipping turns or setting fusion/ ritual requirements in def mode when not needed. Ritual decks also have to be wary of the AI ritual summoning a second time with a already ritual summoned monster, for no reason. These decks can do fine in the long run, but compared to the above methods, it has the least consistent win-rate. Final Notes As explained over again, the AI is by no means perfect. It is a program with its faults, and even with a perfectly made auto duel deck, there will be times it makes mistakes, makes unnecessary plays, and extend duels that don't need to. The good part about this? Most standard duelist duels can let you afford 1-2 mistakes, which makes the mistakes null and void often, and can sometimes lead to increases in after duel point assessments. With all this said, Happy Grinding.
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    dark driceratops is lowkey good, I remember my 13 yr old self winning locals with it and other structure deck cards from the original dino structure deck, i expect dino's to make a comeback in the meta climb. Destroyersarus is also clutch, people might maining s/t hate to deal with this potentially.
  9. Farming Strategy Discussion

    Here's another version for 30/40, stolen ideas from jurassicimpact duellink-tuber; Elements Unite 1 Gk Vassel 3 Thunder Dragon 3 Equip spells (any that can be used with gate guardian) 1 Polymerization/ Fusion Gate (gate better) 1 Secret Passage 2 Union Attack 3 Trap Jammer 3 Good Goblin Housekeeping 1 Twin-headed Thunder Last 3 cards can be anything to get more points (fusion subs, primastics, rituals, life manipulators) Lv 30 is easy, he can't beat gate guardian, just do the normal union attack combo Lv40 jurrac impact is a problem, hence then trap jammers, also he has super ancient dino beast which CAN BEAT OVER GUARIDAN if he lands solidarity on the field. He however has a tendency to clog his backrow, especially with fossil excavation. If he does this, don't attack the monster summon by fossil and leave his backrow clogged. If he doesn't have a full backrow, keep destroying his mons to make sure he doesn't get the tribute the dinobeast. With the above decks, if you don't have vassel/ 2 union attacks, the usual pirhana army/ riyoku/ matry combos do work, you might have to cut down on things though, making it less consistent. Rex also has fossil dig and destroyersaurus to dig through his deck fast, so you have to use cards that net you +2 at least in the overal game to get ahead of him to get the cards on the brink bonus. I've tried the strategy on both levels and its worked, it still varies due to rng obviously but yeah hope this helps, its a bit more f2p friendly as well.
  10. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    k, use venus then? Surely there's some lv3's you can use, I don't play the deck but was just reading people are having hard time against draco.
  11. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    What are you waiting for in a set to make you spend them? Also I found treeborn frog cute in the phoenix deck, gave another decent pop target in hand for yaksha if you had nothing else to pop, you could pop phoenix with island and blow itself up again and then bring back the treeborn after that for at least a body for defense. Also typical e-con take/ tribute combos. Mecha phantom beast hamstrat also has been pretty good in testing, it's like a field protecter on its own, and sometimes in weird situations can help boost another monster with beatdown due to increasing levels with a token on field.
  12. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    If you're running gofu then why not tech a beelze in the extra for true draco? Gofu+chosen= beelze.
  13. Gravekeepers for 2017 format

    @ehren don't necrobump threads
  14. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    yeah this, it goes for every deck, the only way to bypass it is with a field with a mandatory effect they can't fulfill or magical mid-breaker field
  15. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Well imo I think soul is pretty bad, I get the whole max consistency thing, but against some decks like burn it makes the card completely dead in the deck 90% of the time (unless your life falls on a number that might be able to search something else to at least give the card some value), not to mention that this format is 20 cards only, running 3 of a card means you have a really high chance seeing it, so I don't think something like this is essential. I really only run soul in a sense as my third copy, borrowing the theory from the main game that 2 field spell, 1 terraforming is the optimal ratio. If I had the 3rd phoenix I'd cut soul immediately for it, but then again maybe this might be optimal ratio? My main gripes with some deck recipes I see, like the nepthys one for example, is the deck maxes out every single card it wants to play, meaning many of the times I can imagine them holding dead cards in hand. This is what chiron was for as well, to sort of bypass this, as I want all my cards to be usable each turn if I can help it. When you say collection, just list what you think should be there, there's no use saying to people "I'd help you but idk if it will help if you don't have x card" because people can work towards any card in the mobile game unlike real life I believe. In terms of the deck and common cards I have; 2 phoenix 1 goka 1 sphere kuiboh 2 Wild tornadoa 2 planet pathfinder treeborn and the mecha phantom beast that summons tokens are the best defensive monsters I have besides sphere kuriboh, other then that I some copies of twin headed behemoth, mogmole and exploder dragon as cheap alternatives to flip monsters like hane-hane or 4 star ladybug I've seen used.