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  1. KC Cup

    Man this point addition and subtraction system is absolutely soul crushing lol.
  2. KC Cup

    I got cucked 4 times last night to Ancient Gears from being max lv, idk why i just drawing ass, even though on the climb to the ladder I've beaten probably 10 AG decks :/
  3. KC Cup

    mmm, its not too hard, with a day and a half I'm stage 16 with GB's. The first 10 stages you can climb pretty fast because you only need 1-2 wins in a row to level up (example, winning 5 in a row at the start gets you straight to level 5). Oh btw @Zeppelin I tried your build out but....... Idk this probably sounds bad but I disliked it. I felt it had very little ways to deal damage to seal games quickly, and that would lead to games where the opponent would stall. And having 6 monsters, meant any destruction on them lead to resources dwindling fast. I've been liking the monster line-up to be 3 Laquari, 3 Beastari (the third needed has come up numerous times), 2 Murmillo, with the last spot switching back and forth between Augustus or Sphere kuriboh, depending on what ability I decided to use (restart for Augustus, Mind Scan for Kuriboh). Also, this is the second deck I've tested out Forbidden Chalice, and I've come to dislike the card. The effect negation is nice, but the 400 atk boost is actually a little relevant in Duel Links when it comes to the lower level monsters, but against decks like Red-Eyes or CA it hardly does anything at all (moreso in the former match-up). It also prevents your monsters from being tagged out, which seems less then ideal. If I were to try a balance build again, I'd consider the 2nd Anti-spell arrows and the 1 Rush Recklessly I own over them, because even though CA is probably going to be pretty common in Stage 2, in Stage 1 I've vsed mostly control/ AG/ GB decks with some sprinkles of randomness (2 of my losses for example were to a Life Cost 0 deck and somehow to Genex >.> )
  4. Autoduel decks

    Not every character gets balance though, like you have to think about who you're using with the auto duel deck. If a character has balance then it will probably work, but for others then you have to build the deck itself not to brick.
  5. KC Cup

    Nah I'm still Legend 1, haven't had time lately to play much
  6. KC Cup

    Yup, I have 3 of every glad beast card except andal, and maybe alexander? But the latter isn't relevant lol I forgot to mention I have 2 forbidden chalice, 1 sphere kuriboh and 1 metalmorph on that list. Too many card that work with this deck lol. Adhesion actually could be a great tech, I think I have 1-2 of those, so probably will give it a whirl. Right now my spell and trap line up has been this; 3 econ 2 Anti-spell arrows 2 Wall of D 1 Floodgate Trap Hole 1 Impenetrable attack 1 Curse of Anubis 1 Windstorm of Etaqua
  7. KC Cup

    I have the following relevant in Glads: 3 E-con 3 Wall of D 3 Half Counter 2 Anti-Spell Arrows 1 Floodgate 1 Impenetrable Attack 1 Curse of Anubis 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 0 Cosmic Cyclone 0 Mirror Wall 0 Half Shut
  8. KC Cup

    I've been away for about 2-3 days, going to hit kc cup with glad beasts cause i still don't have CA :s What do you think is better skill for them, balance, restart or mind scan? I run 1 Augustus so been playing restart, it's been good because I also get to shuffle back hands where I open too many monsters. I feel however I could probably fix that situation by itself by running less monsters and not running any that brick, hence why I think Mind Scan might be good.
  9. Seto Kaiba

    Can't you just play riyoku field/ spell shield type to negate the e-con? Or does he boost blue-eyes somehow?
  10. Duel Links Friend Code Thread

  11. Autoduel decks

    I'll get right on it Only have 1 vorse and andal though, but like have shit like chiron the mage to also use. I'd say it works as well like the Water build with uminotarus, it otks or finishes them pretty fast. The trap however could be interesting, but I can probably seeing the AI tributing shit when they don't need to.
  12. KC Cup

    Do these wins count towards to global ladder standings in r1?
  13. [Event Ended] Jesse Anderson

    Yeah, not to mention this deck looks like it's going to do terrible in Duel links so grinding for cards feels like a super waste of time, the best CB cards (which aren't even in the game), relied on you having 4-5 zones occupied. So essentially you're grinding for Rainbow Life, and maybe Topaz Tiger if you want a pretty cat that goes to 2000 atk when attacking a monster. Amethyst cat might have some niche play in Marik Burn decks, but from memory the rest of his reward drops are lame.
  14. Glads have been amazing to me as well, went from plat 4 to Legend 1 in my PvP grind yesterday. My list is very similar to the one above, differences being; Restart instead the Tie that Binds, I don't like opening hands off 4 monsters (or in other cases, murmillo and 3 s/t) 2 Anti-spell arrows over forbidden chalice (the card has been MVP and you gain a lot of advantage over it) 1 Murmillio is a Andal, I decided to use 1 cause the deck feels lacking in high attack monsters with just laquari 1 Dimacari is a Alexander, again I felt it need some more attack power, and this guy is pretty good. Sucks to draw but hey, least he only only requires 1 tribute. My mirror Walls are Wall of Disruptions as I don't own any, I use 1 impenetrable attack cause only own 1, I use Windstorm of Etaqua because it's a more flexible trap and can be used to switch monsters to def which are free to then be attack so I can tag out. Last card is a Floodgate for the CA match-up and the same general theory behind Etaqua. Edit: I'm going to be testing Augustus tonight, as I forgot it can activate GB effects from the hand.
  15. Paradox Brothers

    Wait, did they get soul exchange now, so that's why the riyoku fields? I used to beat these guys during the event with same build, just ran ritual monsters and thunder dragons instead. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Would perhaps something with Horus lv6 or Silent Magician lv8 work? Or do they get get Gate Guardian? That seems highly unlikely though cause the odds of summoning all 3 elemental gods seems very low.