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  1. Fairy Tail - Luna Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Effect Monster 1850 ATK 1000 DEF When this card is normal summoned: You can add 1 spellcaster-type monster with 1850 atk from your deck to your hand. Once per turn, during either players turn: You can target one face-up monster your opponent controls; Your opponent can send 1 monster from their deck or extra deck to negate this effect, otherwise return both this card and that monster to the hand. So I think this thing is being severely overlooked or under hyped. It's a monster very much in akin to kirin/bunbuku in searching itself and having a quick bounce effect to disrupt your opponent's plays, albeit your opponent does get the opportunity to negate it if they choose/ can do so. Sometimes this cost though can be a big draw back for your opponent, as they need targets in the deck/ extra deck for resources. Also note, this card's effects are not hard once per turns, meaning if you're playing something like pendulum, you can use two copies of this card on the field to force your opponent to use all copies of a monster/ force the bounce due to them running out of the resource. Effect still didn't get through? Overlay the two now for a rank 4 to continue the pressure. It's Light/ Spellcaster which are two of the most supported attributes/ arch-types in the game, and its at worst a 1850 beatstick. With Pendulum getting once last chance to be full power before links, those wanting to play Apex/ Kirin again can do so via this thing, or it may be good to splash into Z-ARC magicians, if space permits. The only downside I see to this is you will be sometimes conflicted normal summoning this if you run 3 skullcrobat joker as well.
  2. This actually sounds much better. You could probably drop the monster count as well (planet pathfinder isn't ideal I'd say), and play those cards cause drawing multiple normal summons in hand also sucks. Although not level 4, sea dragoons of draconia has a much better pendulum effect then dragoons of draconia, and is water. Maybe you could play both and bring pendulum summoning into the mix but I'm not sure if that's asking to put to much in a deck which already has consistency issues.
  3. Umm, what do you mean? Alius and such are normal monsters, why wouldn't they work? Are you talking about gemini summons? Because then yes, it doesn't work. Or are you talking about if you use a pacifis effect after you normal summon, you won't be able to summon another gemini monster from hand because it isn't treated as a normal monster till it hits the field. Also this deck needs someway to draw into its pieces more I think, taking the example build I would replace the genewarp wolfs and dracoons and use more dark normals like the evilswarm heliotrope and archfiend soldier, and then run something like 3 allure of darkness. Pot of desires also works but banishing combo pieces could hurt (but then again this is a normal beatdown deck, so meh? ). Edit: Another option as well as you said would be paleozoics, they have the draw 2 card, book of moon and dinomiscus for more plays + toadally awesome access.
  4. 1) Yes to both, set rotation reads you are not allowed to activate other field spells than the set ones until both set field spells have been flipped face up. The difference is if your opponent can't use the field spell, then they can't flip it up, such as giving them oracle of zefra when they play no zefras. In this case your opponent can not play new field spells until he is able to remove his, and your field has been flipped face up, and neither can you for that matter. 2) Akin to the first question, yes you can if both fields have been flipped face up or removed from the field via other effects.
  5. Bubblebowow is a lv6 with oaf to make rank 6's, as is king bear, who's effect is also decent to search a lv7 or higher from grave/ extra. We also have Sky Magician now, who's got a decent removal effect and is lv7 for rank 7's. Magician's left hand and right hand can be used/sided for match ups to make the opponent waste cards to use the ones they want, and multiple face up can be brutal. They also work with majespecters still if people for whatever reason run them.
  6. Theres a good chance all the remaining arc v magician support will be in pendulum evolution no? As afterwards we move onto links, and I can't see konami delaying any of the archtypes cards any longer.
  7. Good thing about master peace is that it only covers 2 types, the field spell and his popping ability are what make him frustrating. Zefra naturally have a way to out the field spell aspect with set rotation, and the deck also generally runs ghost ogre/ gamma/ Thuban and like buckwheat mentioned zefra war. If the opponent does tribute a monster and trap, then you might have some trouble, as our spells are all searchers, but with their diagram gone you should be able to beat over it. Sacred Keeper is another good way around master peace besides nirvana or zefraath.
  8. Bumping this thread due to recent events. Thoughts on this deck for forthcoming events? I for one still own all my cheap magician structure deck so this was pleasant news to me that I (and others) have another decently budget deck they can run at their WCQ.
  9. I wouldn't call Droll a complete blow out. We have hand traps and real traps that still lets us play with some form of defense, if anything like ash blossom or Ghost Ogre it's just a hindrance. The power level of these hand traps is directly in correlation to your hand (obviously - like most cards). So another aside I went down to 40 again. Playing all the field spells and abundance of hand traps with set rotations lead to more hands then I'd like with bricks/ garnets. So instead The deck only plays 1 terraforming. Idk why it took me so long to realize that, hey, this deck has 6 rotas for ANY zefra card, why are we playing something that only searches 1 card and in multiples or with the field spell is a brick? What do you guys think of this? Other field decks actually don't get this privilege like zefras do and I think we could easily live without it and make the deck much more consistent. Not saying set rotation is bad, but maybe it should find its home in the side deck, or there are better cards for the mirror/ true draco variant mach-ups.
  10. That card is really good, I've been trying 50 cards now and seem to like it, I cut the empowerment engine for the iris one. I was trying this weird little thing; So it sort of entices the opponent to flip it up because it benefits them. However when its face up you are free to do as you please free from drident, master peace, and strike. This lets you keep oracle when you use set rotation as well as run a semi-useful card. The last line of text is the icing on the cake, making it still like you gave them a oracle of zefra to which to stun the opponent's diagrams or whatever field spell they use.
  11. I might cut nirvana, maybe trish. I've rarely gone into them and i feel something like cloudcastle and VFD might be good, or just to run more generic lv7's and 8's. Been running beelze, with krebons main deck. Beelze really helps against the true draco match-up, as I'm sure people are aware why. Also, I've decided to main zefra path now, after realizing it hurts zoodiac a bit more then I realized. Plus i needed the room in the side. Where I'm at right now, excuse tiny picture;
  12. I'm siding the zefra path. Don't get me wrong its a great card and hits so many decks, its just unfortunate one of the top decks this format (True Draco/ Master Peace), doesn't even touch the graveyard for summons bar their trap card, so it doesn't seem wise to me to main it, nor is great going second due to the fact its a floodgate. I'm not feeling the love on dueliest alliance engine either. Luster sure is good at filling the extra, but we have Zefraath. Pendulum impenetrable is basically a weaker version of Zefra Providence. I would most likely still use resonators, the charge/oracle combo is just too OP, and much easier to pull off then pendulum summoning zefraxi or ghost ogre. Not to mention the free LP gain if you do pendulum summon it. However the main gripes with that as well, is that the deck is trying to be a pendulum deck with all these hand traps and tuners in it, so i totally understand your reasoning for cutting down on those monsters as well and upping the pendulum monster count, or run more cards/ engines as brian done. There are times where i draw the resonators and hand traps and can do jack shit, which sucks cause I feel you absolutely need to run gamma, ogre to play competitively, so maybe you are correct and resonators should go. The other main problem is the field spell clump. Unlike OCG we don't have chicken game for a free upstart eff, and while we can always use multiple oracles next turn they are dead cards in hand. There isn't any real field spells that feel great besides some floodgates such as necrovalley/zombie world, sky iris which forces you to run more cards to run it. The one thing I'm trying is dragoedies and empowerment. Dragoedies is a lv4 to make charge, decent scale effect, searches zefrathuban and zefranga and other warrior/ spellcasters if you run the nekroz zefras, and the discard from the field spell can activate zefranga or fuel for zefrapilica, making the cost null sometimes. I think also the last thing we should try and address is extra deck options. Being a synchro deck there's so many and xyz's are also valid options seeing we run level 3's, 4's and 6's , and the xyz oracle effect also directly ties into the charge/ oracle combo if you can't make charge ( synchro, stack a hand trap/ monster, xyz, draw monster and discard something else).
  13. So a few games now i've been running ghost ogre and when playing against this deck I'm not sure what's the most impactful thing to hit? I've been saving it just for the spells such as diagram and barriage but was wondering if there is anything else just as good or better to hit since most of these cards don't really if they're destroyed because you maintain ways to keep advantage and revive cards/ put them back in the deck. ---------------------------------- Is ogreing a xyz before they fusion sub any beneficial ( according to the situation of course).
  14. I've been testing this too, also really like the deck. No love for the Gamma engine? Punishes your opponent hard if they try to ash your searches. Can be a little dead though
  15. You'd probably need to explain what half if not all the zebra cards do, they've been that little impact on the tcg.