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  1. Only turned the stream on now, what did I miss?
  2. My mind is blown. That one I didn't expect.
  3.   I'd like to read a report from you. Also, I have a couple of questions:   - Why Wattail instead of Luster Dragon #2? - How did the single Cardcar and the double Call workout for you? I've been changing from 2 to 3 Cardcar for a while now but never thought of playing just one.. I don't think Call is that bad against established boards as everyone says, although it does clogg in the early game and I found myself siding both out everytime when I played them.   Gj on your top.
  4.   These 2 kids should definitely go to OVW or something.
  5. Thank you Wyatts!
  6. I think I heard "We want Bieber".
  7. Good afternoon everyone! :)   By this time tomorrow the WCQ: European Championship 2013 will be well underway. I hope that all of you can join us for what is expected to be an amazing event.   Even if you're not able to show up in Frankfurt, you can check out all of the tip-top coverage from the comfort of your own home. There's content going up already!   Here's the link for all the action!   Check back with us tomorrow from 12pm (Frankfurt time) for all the latest action from the biggest European event of the year.   So there you have it, enjoy! :D   -PJ
  10. Instead of Fissures, what about Soul Drain?
  11. Seems like this is gonna be a good ycs. I heard that Billy, Alistar and Jeff would be coming too, is that true?
  12. Idgi, how is Khali still employed?
  13. RyBack can actually cut a promo? I'm stunned. And fuck Cena.
  14. I just turned on a stream, what did I miss?