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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

    ooh, i like it. Maybe some jammer's to further the use of the shells, or some magic drains, just some thoughts, i like the deck though
  2. Zombie.

    Goblin Zombie, drop the crossout as people dont set monsters anymore. Il Blud?!?!?
  3. R.I.P

    Why the dealings?? you should use allure instead
  4. Dark Creator

    I've tried neph, and it doesnt help that much as i want to keep monsters in gy and have no intention of removing them, and as for the jinzo, i'll probably add him
  5. Dark Creator

    Monsters: x21 x3 Dark Creator x3 Dark Grepher x3 Necro Gardna x3 Destiny Hero- Plasma x1 Destiny Hero- Dasher x1 Destiny Hero- Disk x1 Card Trooper x1 Dark Magician of Chaos x1 Dark Lord Zerato x1 Elemental Hero- Stratos x1 Snipe Hunter x2 Phantom of Chaos Spells: x17 x3 Destiny Draw x3 Allure of Darkness x3 Trade-In x2 ROTA x1 Premature Burial x1 Monster Reborn x1 Heavy Storm x1 MST x1 Burial from the Different Dimension x1 Scapegoat Traps: x3 x1 Mirror Force x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Crush Card Virus I usually have 5 darks in grave in my first turn, so DC's requirements are almost non-existent .Phantom of Darkness makes a difference in this deck, as i can dump DC, zerato, or plasma, copy them and immediately take control of the duel. Might use this for future tournaments, as this deck stands up against DAD and beats it most of the time.