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  1. Diablo 3

      Well damn! Congrats!!! I'm not even at 100 yet lol. I never bothered to max para any of my characters or do crypt runs though... haha.
  2. Diablo 3

    I can't see myself spending 900 mil on that... haha. But you are right about the stats, which is making it hard for me to figure out what the hell to do with some of my gold. Trifecta gear is about all that seems useful to pick up pre-RoS because they will still probably be useful for a number of months even with the higher stat rolls to help with IAS/CC/CD specs.
  3. Diablo 3

    And if you are rich: the legendary for Seven Sins. Those shoulders can roll BiS stats, but the plans are like 200 mil. There are a couple decent class specific recipes too I believe... and then Wonderous Deflectors are decent, but again only if you have a lot of spare gold.   Do we have any idea what the drop rates on those gems will be? Like legendaries? Rarer? idk about Wonderous Deflectors, you can only roll up to 3 Primaries on it can't you? Any combination between Main Stat / Vit / Crit Chance/ All Res / Elemental Bonus. I guess you can use the Mystic to reroll the life regen to something you're missing. the Marquise dropped more often than legendaries, at least in adventure mode / bounty rewards (going by the January 2014 beta patch) Pretty much... which is why I said 'if you have spare gold' heh. The elemental bonus is the only reason its even viable. Roll something like main stat/6 cc/20 ele damage and it would be a good DPS slot. Otherwise it's meh.
  4. Diablo 3

    And if you are rich: the legendary for Seven Sins. Those shoulders can roll BiS stats, but the plans are like 200 mil. There are a couple decent class specific recipes too I believe... and then Wonderous Deflectors are decent, but again only if you have a lot of spare gold.   Do we have any idea what the drop rates on those gems will be? Like legendaries? Rarer?
  5. Diablo 3

    Remember Auction House is gone on March 18th. Sell/buy stuff now if you want any gems or recipes before RoS.
  6. Gravekeepers - Discussion

      I don't want to come across as arrogant by saying this but I feel like you can only come to a conclusion like this if you haven't tested properly.  You're also aware that you can actually ram Nobleman if the situation calls for it Spy is the win condition of this deck.   As for my list it's   3 Spy 3 Recruiter 3 Commandment  2 Nobleman 2 Descendant 1 Assailant   3 Necrovalley 3 Duality 3 MST 2 Stele 1 Tribute 1 Book   3 Tombs 3 Traptrix Trap Hole 3 Fiendish Chain 1 Compulsory  1 Bottomless 1 Torrential 1 Warning    1 Thunder King 2 Hidden Temples 1 Dark Hole 1 Twister 1 Full House 1 Soul Drain 2 Mirror Force 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Mistake  2 Light Mirror And no offense to you, but you should re-read Nobleman carefully. It specifically states that it has to be ATTACKED by an opponents monster. You can't ram it into anything. Which is why it isn't played as much. With Fire Fists around as they are, I can't see Nobleman being useful beyond 1 per deck at this point. As good as the general idea of your deck list is... I still feel GK needs a couple battle traps. DPrison or Mirror both work in different manners and which one should be used is always debatable, but one or the other needs to be in there IMO. The trick though is to play them with multiple other traps to discourage MST and reduce the probability of it being popped by monster effects as well. Also, what is the advantage to Traptrix Trap Hole vs Black Horn of Heaven? If it didn't say "special summoned THIS turn", it wouldn't be discussion point, but because of that condition I am curious as to why Traptrix would be superior to Black Horn. Oh and... main TKR. It's too good to not main.
  7. Diablo 3

      Yeah I do. I play it a lot. I have this odd thing called a personal opinion, and I actually like Diablo 3.
  8. Diablo 3

    Alright so I found a good starting point for old CM wizard builds to work with. Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb is a great skill which procs the APOC and (from what I can tell) takes advantage of LOH as well.   My current skill setup is this:   Right Click: Electrocute - Lightning Blast Left Click: Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb 1: Meteor - Lightning Bind 2: Diamond Skin - Prism 3: Familiar - Icicle (This slot is completely up for grabs) 4: Storm Armor - Power of the Storm Passives are: Prodigy Paralysis Blur The basic idea is to shoot Frozen Orb into mobs and take advantage of APOC to end up spamming them. If it does proc LOH like I believe it does, you can heal a decent amount through it as well with the right gear.     Electrocute and Prodigy: These two are very important as well since they provide fuel for your orbs when you run low on AP. Electrocute works will because it pierces and takes advantage of the high APS cast rates, while every cast of Electrocute while Prodigy is on = 5 more AP. and ~2.7 APS Thats basically 14 APS without even accounting for natural regen much less APOC.   Paralysis: This is another pretty important skill. Electrocute actually procs this a lot, and the stun makes a big difference especially versus elites. Plus it also functions with...   Meteor - Lightning Bind is a cool skill. If you crit hit, it roots enemies in place. I primarily use this for elites. When the total monster numbers drop AP doesn't regen as fast with orb so this is needed to help counter elites. This build does not handle elites with the ease of CMWW but with a little smart kiting it can still kill them without death. And since Paralysis works with this, theres a chance to stun as well as root.   Diamond Skin: The skill will stay, the rune is debatable. I like Prism right now because it drops the AP costs of my orb spell, but I could see myself using Crystal Shell when I go into higher torment levels. Enduring Skin is also a plausible option. Now then, let me preface this next section with: I used this build in Torment 2, Act 3 and did not die once including vs keywarden. This build is actually more focused on damage than it needs to be. Skill Slot #4 and Passive #3 options:   1) Storm Armor + Blur   This provides a mix of offense and defense. I prefer Power of the Storm at this point, but Shocking Aspect is perfectly legit as well for this. Blur gives you the needed toughness to handle elites because this version does not use...   2) Energy Armor + Astral Presense. I tried this at first, but I would prefer this for higher torments. My toughness was through the roof, like 800k. But I was killing slower overall. I will use this in higher torments for sure, but in lower ones I prefer the high DPS of option 1. For energy armor with this build... I'd say only use prismatic armor, otherwise it isn't worth it. Unless you are at like 30% CC. But at that point IDK if they build would even work I haven't tried with low CC at all. Any mix of those 4 skills would work depending on your purpose but those 2 ideas are fairly balanced. Also note that Cold Blooded is an option too. The last slot (currently Familiar - Icicle):   This is up for debate completely. Familiar is nice and cute but it doesn't feel game changing. I haven't figured out what I want to put here yet, so feel free to leave suggestions! I tried Mirror Images with I think Extension of Will, but they felt underwhelming as well. I hope this helps some fellow CM wizards feel like their character and its godly gear is still very useful. Note: Edited some typos... its 2 am and my eyes are sagging I probably still missed some so don't mind them... time for bed now!
  9. Diablo 3

    So I think now is a good time to bump this thread up... if you haven't checked today, the new 2.0.1 patch is out. Critical Mass skill got removed entirely. Perma Wrath is gone. Archon got nerfed.   Haven't look at other characters but yeah... the game is entirely different skill wise now. Those who play should check it out.
  10. Gravekeepers - Discussion

      Won't work well because you can't set said traps.
  11. Dark World - Discussion

    slowpoke, I got some comment on you, you said that you play to get your combo pieces at slower pace, this is indeed a good thing, given the format is not as fast as it is now. by the time you take your time to set up, you probably have got OTKed before you got a chance to get anything going. In YCS or regional esque tournament, people try to play turbo not because they are stupid, but this deck called dark world has so little protection that they risked to get OTKed or locked down by abyss in later stage of the game, if you start without any REAL TRAP or SPEED. On the other hand, with SPEED this deck could do so much that potentially won you the game (SKILL DRAIN AND EEV) the faster you draw into your WIN CONDITION CARD, the more certain is your victory.   If you are worried about drawing inconsistent hand, such as drawing too much discarding spell or monster without any way to resolve them, you could always play card like duality that would help you dig deeper than your legacy of yata garasu. I hope this could help.   In my experience, if you set multiple cards, people play conservatively rather than try and put 8000 on board. But you hold a valid point, which is why I'm trying to fit in Mirror Forces into the deck or something of the sort (people won't blind MST because you'll likely be setting 2-3 cards). The problem with Duality is that it doesn't let you put a Grapha on board the same turn. The thing about Yata and Jar and playing in this way is that while drawing into cards, you can easily set up a Grapha, bring one out, then set your draw traps, which makes the odds of getting OTK'd a lot slimmer. No one wants to try and push for game through Grapha + 2-3 backrow. Duality doesn't let you do this, it forces you to lose a turn. When I say playing slower for the consistency, I don't mean draw-pass because you can easily put a Grapha on board for pressure along bluff set backrow with the draw cards. Of course, I want to fit in a few traps right now, we'll see what happens.   I have been playing with 2 Duality's for the past couple days and I would say 70% of the time it doesn't hinder my Grapha plays. It does affect Beiige as well but overall, the ability to dig 3 deep to get a DW monster has been very useful. It also works very well with One Day of Peace as well. I see the point you make though and I haven't tried Jars or Legacy's so I can't comment on their effectiveness to do what Duality does for me right now... just offering my observations on the card so far. Oh and I do play 2 Mirror Force's, and they have definitely been a big help as well.
  12. Dark World - Discussion

    Was looking at random cards that involve discarding and found this thing. My first thoughts are... cute but too slow/situational and can backfire versus some decks. However, it's hard for me personally to evaluate its usefulness in the current meta due to my lack of extensive exposure to all the decks out there so yeah. Also, re: Giant Kozaky... I am 95% sure that its inflicted damage effect activates the graveyard, and therefore will hurt you regardless of Skill Drain. Also it would turn their MST into a +1 and cost you 2500 LP. Doesn't seem worth it at all to me.  
  13. Dark World - Discussion

    I just put 2 MF in my deck... but I have barely tested it so hard to say how well it works yet though it hasn't backfired yet at least. I haven't tried Chain Whirlwind, but its one of those cards which while it has its uses could be another dead draw at times and I personally am trying to minimize that in my deck. I may try it out at some point, but it is very far down my list due to the reliance on other cards (whether it be Grapha or relying on my opponent destroying something).
  14. Dark World - Discussion

    I think BlackFiend is on the right path with trying to fix hand consistency issues. I have been testing a build with Trance Archfiend (pretty standard set-up overall) and I think over half the games I lose are because I don't draw enough Dark World monsters to use the abundance of draw spells with. Dragged Down also has been an issue at times too. It is a mediocre late game top deck at best. It is obviously very good in the early game, especially with Mind Crush... but it also leads to some inconsistencies, which is the trade off for the strength of its disruption.   There needs to be a way to construct the deck that allows it to be more consistent while still being able to disrupt and pressure. I have a lot of ideas in my head, but little time to test them out right now.   One of the possible fixes in terms of draw cards could be Pot of Duality... it does block off special summons which is a big focus for the deck, but would being able to dig for combo cards outweigh that? I would think testing 2 Dualities in main is an idea at least worth trying to see how the trade-off for consistency versus delaying big moves works out. Cardcar D would be important in that style of deck as well, as they should synergy together well. A few more traps for disruptions/mass destruction could also help mitigate damages as well. Mirror Force, and also Dark Hole would be good.   The idea behind Hope is alright, but I feel it is a lot an overreaction to consistency issues. It will help with bad hands, but it also becomes a dead draw when we have the advantage and then prevents us from accessing another card which may be needed to keep pressuring. I rather play extra disruptive traps like Fiendish/D-Prison since while they don't translate to as much card advantage they are overall more useful.     Also a question for DDSpade: Why did you decide to cut Skill Drain from your build? I thought one of the attractions to DW in this format was being able play Skill Drain against decks like Fire Fist, so I am curious as to why you chose that route?
  15. Harpies

    You could try cutting Book and 1 Icarus for 2 MST and then use that extra side space for 2 Mind Crush's. The single Vanity's also stands out a bit, could drop that for a second LIM. How useful mained MST's are in addition to Hunting Grounds may end just being a meta call for you though.