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  1. Dynasty

    Harold if you're going to keep this team alive then go ahead and cut me for awhile. Let me get some shit straight first
  2. Dynasty

    Hentz and Brady asked me if the team was dead. And since my co-leader left I confirmed with Tedders that Dynasty was dead
  3. I recieved my order today Allen. Everything went smoothly
  4. Undisputed [vs] Dynasty

    Pat got me 1-2 GGz bro. Better than our match at nats lol
  5. Undisputed [vs] Dynasty

    My fault Pat... Riesig
  6. Undisputed [vs] Dynasty

    DN's for you Vic itzBrink - itzBrink Dr. Tedders - riesig sb24stk - sb24stk Andwizzle93 - Andwizzle93 Omnitide - Omnitide Stardustsamurai - Stardustsamurai Good luck to both
  7. Dynasty

    Enjoy the team color guys. Hope you guys like it. BTW, got us a war with Undisputed...should be up tomorrow
  8. Undisputed

    Yeah go for it
  9. Spacebound

    Let me know when you get a spot
  10. Spacebound

    War Dynasty 6 Hearts?
  11. Undisputed

    Vic you still wanna war Dynasty?
  12. Dynasty

    Still wanna war Undisputed?
  13. Dynasty just hit our 6 month mark for our color. We want the Plum itzBrink Dr. Tedders Andwizzle93 sb24stk omnitide punknasty90
  14. Dynasty

    I'll update all the threads and get us more wars tomorrow. Been slacking a bit since after nats
  15. Theory In Practice vs Dynasty

    Well I think we all disappeared after Nats to avoid playing in this shitastic format lol but we should probably get this war done