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  1. I recieved my order today Allen. Everything went smoothly
  2. Dynasty just hit our 6 month mark for our color. We want the Plum itzBrink Dr. Tedders Andwizzle93 sb24stk omnitide punknasty90
  3. I thought I was reading it wrong lol
  4. Am I missing something here? Pretty sure materials get sent to the graveyard while Dfissure is active
  5. I've got a build of this that I threw together and it's been working wonders
  6. Was listening to Der Meister and read the top 2 rated comments on Youtube Hi Im 16, im sorry my generation destroyed music That is all And... Same here. I'm a sixteen year old chick. I am also extremely sorry about out dipshit generation and how it doesn't know what true music (such as Rammstien) is.. LOL I DIED BECAUSE IT'S SO TRUE
  7. Keine Lust was freaking awesome. Love that song to
  8. [quote name='Semaj.' timestamp='1341013887' post='3220896'] Finally got power back at our hotel [/quote] What hotel are you at? We lost power at ours as well
  9. Just got in about a half hour ago. Be at the convention center in a little bit
  10. You mean until Weigle convinces you otherwise? xD
  11. War: Dynasty vs Evolution Winner: Dynasty 1 itzBrink 0 McClain 1 Cruz24 0 Dr. Tedders 1 itzBrink 0 MrFriend 1 McClain 0 Dr. Tedders 1 itzBrink 0 Cruz24 1 Dr. Tedders 0 Cruz24 1 Cruz24 0 Dr. Tedders 1 sb24stk 0 MrFriend 1 MrFriend 0 sb24stk 1 Cruz24 0 sb24stk 1 itzBrink 0 Cruz24
  12. Why wouldn't you just run a card called Soul Taker, make cards like Lightpulsar miss timing and not have to worry about having that card in combination with Reckless Greed?
  13. Season 1 was by far the best season. I really wasn't a fan of 4 because it seemed to drag on and on before finally getting resolution. I didn't mind 6 at all. Was just a little weird dude turned out how he did (don't wanna ruin it for people who haven't seen it)
  14. [quote name='Twitter' timestamp='1340485204' post='3216098'] but c'mon, your "tech" was disgustingly horrible. [/quote] I wasn't calling it tech. Everyone knew about it. But I was trying to find out some way to slow roll the game 2 against Chaos Dragons since there isn't that many cards that do it. No matter which way you look at it the matchup is a complete toss up.
  15. YAY MY BIRTHDAY. Can't wait for this