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  1. sup bro. i remember IRC days

  2. So how about this upcoming new set. You can read up on it on the competitiveHS reddit, but its pretty legit
  3. when is dreamhack austin? I live in san antonio currently
  4.   Or it could potentially be a 10 mana deal 20 damage   How are you getting Auchenai in Paladin post rotation?     I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but I wasn't aware an exact list was posted yet
  5.   Or it could potentially be a 10 mana deal 20 damage
  6.   Priest.   also:       holy fuck
  7. alright cool thanks everyone!
  8.   never even heard of that place. Is it in San Antonio? I'm stationed at Fort Sam Houston till april
  9. I might go to heroes and fantasies. I heard they have 2 yugioh tournaments today and is the biggest comic shop in texas. Thanks guys!
  10.   If that is honestly your hardest matchup and only worry, just tech a single kezan
  11. I'll be in San Antonio for a few months. Anyone know any good spots?
  12. I'm having a hard time getting back to gold playing adc exclusively. anyone wanna spectate my games and give me advice?   I have 17 days before i leave for the navy, and i want to make gold again before i leave (just incase for some miracle reason, victorious vayne is this years skin)   IGN "hi im not korean"
  13. Face hunter has been fun this week with double deathrattle.   Good ol' Leper Gnome
  14.   Tbh i think avian and mulch made druid much better.   The 2 drop "wild growth creature" also made the ramp more consistent.   Also I almost never use innovate unless it gains me some sort of advantage (unless im forced to)   for example, i usually save my innovates for turn 7 comboes into game, or turn 9 avian plays, or turn 5 lore plays where i can +