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  1.   well yea it sorta is     Still definitely would say borrow>invest but hey it's up to you.  Not everyone has the friend circle to borrow Nekroz decks n stuff   http://articles.alterealitygames.com/events/   ARG dates are up there, see which ones you can make, then go from there.  The next Konami nats on Jun 27/28 but pretty sure the regionals have ended   There is always someone that needs money the last time I started playing again for a short term I got the spell books decks 100% for 100 and dinner at Denny's just have to get the broke people that are awful with value. Ha, an yeah DN is a thing but if I wanna play a card game at home ill just do Hearthstone I like doing things that get me out of the house.  Allen I haven't really done much since the last Invi I went to I think besides regional's and I got Dq'd out of my top 8 haha   Does anyone stream DN?
  2.   Kind of. Standard and Modern are in a similar position. There aren't any clear "best decks" like there were with Mono Black / UW, or Pod / Cruise Delver. You can play almost whatever you want and not get punished too hard, but also not always be as successful as you would normally expect. Basically, any idiot can play an out dated deck, or a tier 1 deck terribly, and the power level in the format isn't high enough for them to be adequately punished.    But then you have players like Brad Nelson who continue to do well in spite of everything. Or Paulo who just t16ed the PT, t8ed a GP, and won a GP with the same deck all within one month. Or Hayne winning his 4th GP.   Magic still rewards the better player over the long term, you just have to bite your tongue when idiots occasionally beat you / win events. I don't like that it is happening more often than past formats, but I don't make it an excuse for me (or you) not to keep improving.   If you came back to Yugioh, idk what you would be trying to accomplish. Get the most tops when half the players are banned / cheaters? Win a $50 playmat from t32 after spending $500 on travel expenses?     Not really looking for value looking for fun, I mean many years ago I did play card games to have fun I somewhere forgot that when I started caring to much about winning and raging over things. 
  3. Not sure when nats is but I could probably get an invite fairly easy if they still do the invites on attendance for yu-gi-oh.  I am far out of that loop I had pretty much quit caring at the point where the top 32/64 players were getting invites and you didn't even have to top 8/4/win to get it. Nats for yu-gi-oh just seems like a less glorified YCS event to begin with I'd be more interest in trying to grind the ARG circuit if I actively came back to the game. 
  4. I don't suck at magic. I am still very SALTY from getting DQ'd from regional's    I don't feel like I hardly ever get outplayed in magic anymore I feel like the games come down to variance.   To the person that address legacy I've already sold my legacy and modern deck, its my favorite format but I literally only get to play it 2-5 times a year  those generally being SCG invitationals. The want to go back to Yu-gi-oh is more from a stand point of the shitty game in what it is is fun to play which I have lost that feeling in magic, the only fun thing I do in magic is travel to hang out and drink with friends in random cities and judge random IQ's.       Also Allen not looking for EV looking to have fun An I already picked up a new hobby sorta after I sold the modern/legacy deck I did buy a Ninja 300 Crotch rocket. ^^
  5. I've been out of Yu-gi-oh for a long time minus a one month time frame when spell books and dragons were around I am quitting magic as the game is utterly boring me and the format is getting to be very piss poor and not that skill intensive Debating about coming back to play yugi I've no idea what any of the good decks are or anything in regards to the game anymore.   Thoughts  pros - Cons -  to doing this anyone   And general idea for the buy in price for a tier 1 deck ?
  6. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I'm between ascendancy Combo, Sultia control, or Mono blue.  Sidisi Whip is also a possibly I hate big events coming up first week of a set. >.<
  7. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Anyone have anything sweet for standard?
  8. Modern Format Discussion

    Probably the Anbzan midrange deck as it lost nothing
  9. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I have more bad beats stories from the open this weekend then the pope has known languages. I think Gp / Scg comparison is very similar now. Also Manila Lee shi topped another event with that awful version of combo guys a sick o with it.
  10. Fate Reforged Spoiler Discussion

    Pretty sure this dude is legit bonkers, and yes you burn you gain!
  11. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I played the Jeskia Aggro deck above with a few changes adding another red source and cutting the Gods willing from Sb along with a suspension field for a 3rd glare, and a Burn away, lost round 1 to some bad draws won the next six to lose in top 8 to Heroic. Deck was sweet.   Jeskia tokens 2-0  Esper control 1-0 Heroic 1-1  Gb Devotion 1/1  4 Color Sidisi 1-0 
  12. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Creatures 4 x Seeker of the Way 4 x Goblin Rabblemaster 4 x Mantis Rider 1 x Prognostic Sphinx Noncreature Spells 3 x Nullify 1 x Disdainful Stoke  2 x Magma Jet 2 x Arc lightning  4 x Lightning Strike 4 x Stoke the Flames 4 x Jeskai Charm 3 x Dig Through Time Lands 4 x Mystic Monastery 2 x Temple of Enlightenment 2 x Temple of Epiphany 4 x Flooded Strand 1 x Mana Confluence 2 x Battlefield Forge 4 x Shivan Reef 2 x Plains 2 x Island 1 x Mountain   Sideboard 3 x Suspension Field 2 x Disdainful Stroke 2 x Negate 3 x Brimaz, King of Oreskos 2 x Erase  2 x Glare of Hersay  1 x God's Willing      UB Creature (3) 1 Pearl Lake Ancient 2 Prognostic Sphinx  Sorcery (6)   2 Thoughtseize 2 Nullify 2 Drown In sorrow    Instant (21) 4 Bile Blight 4 Hero's Downfall 4 Dig Through Time 4 Dissolve 3 Jace's Ingenuity 2 Disdainful Stroke   Artifact (3) 3 Perilous Vault Land (27)   5 Island 5 Swamp 4 Polluted Delta 4 Dismal Backwater 4 Temple of Deceit 2 Radiant Fountain 1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth 1 Bloodstained Mire 1 Opulent Palace      60 Cards  Sideboard (15) 1 Pearl lake ancient  2 Drown in Sorrow 3 Negate 1 Pharika's Cure 2 Grind clock  2 Jorubai Murk Lurker 1 Aetherspout 1 Disdainful stroke  2 Ashiok, Nightmareweaver     Any thoughts on what I should run at a Super IQ today ? Perk or UB is I have it foiled minus 4 uncommons, perk of Jeskia is quicker rounds.
  13. Fate Reforged Spoiler Discussion

    This will not replace vault in UB as its been stated but this will definitely see play do to the all is dust attached to it.  I think the card is sweet! 
  14. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I lost playing for top 8 in standard, Esper control was rocking for awhile so drew into top 32, played Bant Depths for legacy and took draws round 2/3 to miracle opponents that were dead on bored. Had combo in play force, pierce, pierce in hand. Guy didn't want to concede though. >.<
  15. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Also this came from MTGO    Sort by:   Planeswalker (3) 3 Nissa, Worldwaker   Creature (13) 4 Courser of Kruphix 4 Hornet Nest 1 Hornet Queen 4 Sylvan Caryatid   Sorcery (4) 4 Divination Instant (16)   2 Dig Through Time 4 Disdainful Stroke 4 Hero's Downfall 2 Sultai Charm 4 Temur Charm Land (24)   2 Forest 4 Frontier Bivouac 1 Island 4 Llanowar Wastes 3 Mana Confluence 1 Mountain 4 Opulent Palace 1 Swamp 2 Wooded Foothills 2 Yavimaya Coast   60 Cards Sideboard (15) 2 Sultai Charm 2 Bow of Nylea 3 Doomwake Giant 4 Nylea's Disciple 4 Tormod's Crypt   It seems sweet besides the 4 Crypt