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  1. what ygo drama have I missed

    they just printed a card called Murder and I wanted to make a joke about it being Patrick Chapin's invitational card before I decided I didn't want to be chopped up and tossed into the East RIver
  2. Breaking Bad

      choking on irony. also you didn't even make a point; you just rambled some inane, half-baked theory without actually expanding on it. If you're willing to expand upon it feel free, but being a condescending prick seems to be your modus operandi
  3. are my old Blue Eyes White Dragons worth anything yet
  4. what ygo drama have I missed

      someone elaborate on all of these
  5. what ygo drama have I missed

    magic recently inducted a drug dealing murderer into its hall of fame. just further proof that yugioh sucks
  6. what ygo drama have I missed

      1. who is he and what did he do   2. duh
  7. what ygo drama have I missed

    you guys keep posting all this inside joke bullshit instead of actually answering my fucking questions
  8. Breaking Bad

    like you seem to have this idea in your head that the show drastically changed with Jesse staying (it was after the Pilot lol) and as if the Wire was all completely planned from the start, which it wasn't. this idea of needing to be re-written is incredibly stupid considering how TV shows are run and produced
  9. Breaking Bad

    lmao ok grant, if you're going to be condescending without saying anything that you have fun with that
  10. Breaking Bad

      what is this even referring to
  11. Breaking Bad

      lol, no
  12. Breaking Bad

    this new quote system is fucking garbage
  13. Breaking Bad

    I think you are just really bad at seeing it; no offense