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  1. Ill be home in about an hr
  2. Canasian - I was only able to get Uburden Swirlix Aroma Veil Spritzee Aaaand Moxie Heracross I can throw in an adamant technician scyther as well.
  3. Hmm. Not sure if I remember Dead6 lol, sorry.
  4. Ill trade for a calm rotom. I should have a riolu with hopefully timid/jolly
  5. Been trying to add peeps and obtain what you wanted. So far just a HA (unburden) swirlix. lol Im Luis Edit : Unburden Swirlix Aroma Veil Spritzee
  6. My friend code is 3411-1847-3153, I should have all 4 of those pokemon ready to go by tonight. Omg thank you so much! 1005 9196 3368
  7. Oh then heck yea charizard -y. It's a beast!
  8. ^Don't think he can use Mega stones   Oops, saw this was posted twice. Here is my take on a 1st gen only in x/y Alakazam Dragonite Chansey Rhydon Starmie Zapdos
  9. Alakazam Dragonite Chansey Rhydon Starmie Zapdos
  10. Are these things you're looking for? If so, I have spares/could breed up the Kangaskhan, Fletchling, Poliwag, and/or Horsea for you pretty quickly.   Do you have anything interesting for trade? At the moment I'd particularly like: Adaptability Corphish Justified Absol Unburden Swirlix Aroma Veil Spritzee Heracross (Moxie would be cool but I don't need it) Bulletproof Chespin Magic Guard Abra (iv's don't matter I don't mind breeding things)   But I'm flexible and will probably take just about anything you have to offer Yep, those are all that I am looking for. :)   I'll check and see if I have any of those, if not i'll try to go catch them. I have a lot of friend safaris so shouldnt be too hard to catch.
  11. Timid/Sand Stream capable Tyranitar Jolly/Rough Skin capable Gible Careful/Intimidate Mawile Calm/Levitate Rotom Brave/Iron Barbs/0 Spd Ferroseed Sassy/Regenerator Foongus Adamant/Scrappy Kangaskhan Adamant/Gale Wings Fletchling Modest/Swift Swim Poliwag Modest/Swift Swim Horsea Timid/Intimidate Bagon I will obviously compensate for the time needed for this :)
  12. Good stuff
  13. Emboar BW is still legal. Decent fire accel i guess.
  14. 2x solemn warning 1x torrential tribute 1x fiendish chain 2x maxx c 3x gearframe 3x fortress 1x cannon 2x macro cosmos 2x Soul taker 2x kinetic soldier 2x cyber dragon 1x abyss dweller 1x gagaga cowboy 1x steelswarm roach 1x photo papilloperative 2x maestroke the symphony djinn 2x gear gigant x 1x Gem-Knight Pearl 1x number 16: shockmaster 1x number 11: big eye 1x evigishki merrowgeist 1x fairy king albverdich 1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon What i need to buy. Who has this stuff?