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  1. European WCQ (Euros) 2016

    Clear backpacks were a new fashion item after Prague As for translations, I would assume that the official database would be a valid source. Wikia of course, is not official.
  2. European WCQ (Euros) 2016

    Regarding the security measures, I can't give an accurate answer right now as I haven't been working directly on the tournament (I'm the web guy basically). If anybody here was in Prague then maybe they could fill you in on how the on-site experience was. I believe the procedures are the same as before for the most part. Translations are generally required, but since international events default to English, having EN-only cards is fine. Show up on-site, go 3-0 and bug the commentators YCS & Continental events in Europe fall under the category of international events, and the official language for these is English. Having access to the official card database on your phone, or a printout of each card in your Deck in EN are the most common solutions.
  3. European WCQ (Euros) 2016

    Have fun everyone, Euros is usually a special experience Coverage-wise we'll be having some written content on Friday (including Feature Matches of the Last-Chance Qualifiers) before kicking off the live stream on Saturday.
  4. Metagame officially shut down in 2009. KDE-US began writing event coverage on their blog pretty much immediately. The Strategy Site was also created around this time. I may be wrong, but I think the first events they streamed were the 2010 and 2013 World Championships, with more events (YCS etc.) coming in 2015 once the official Twitch channel was set up. Here at KDE-E we began doing written coverage in 2010, and started streaming in 2014. I liked Metagame when I was still a player. Once I moved over to the coverage side of things I looked up the archive occasionally to pull ideas. KDE-E side I think we're in a good spot coverage-wise now, with our live stream getting a good following and our blog evolving into a supplementary channel. Also, Jason was a Yugi-hero of mine and a big influence on my blogging at the time, it was an honour to finally meet and work with him at a few events afterwards Back on topic though: I can't make any comments on the NAWCQ stream, as I don't work for KDE-US and wasn't involved. I am sure there were technical reasons for ending the stream early however; they're good people and wouldn't cut off their biggest domestic event of the year just to spite you lot
  5. I love you

    Thanks for keeping the forum running all these years, although it isn't as big now as it was a few years ago, DGZ is a fun community that's done a lot in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Best of luck with your future plans
  6. WCQ Mats

    "Promotional item" will appear on all Game Mats that are given away in the future; the mats that we've designed for upcoming events display it as well.
  7. NZ Nationals - 24 April

    Lists and stuff here: http://ygosingles.com/blogs/news Kudos to the guy who topped with Barrier Statues :O
  8.   Hey it's the alligator guy :)   --   http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/suspended.html   Suspended players will not be automatically reinstated into Organized Play, and must contact KDE after their Suspension period has passed in order to request reinstatement.   Even after the eligibility date has passed, players are still considered to be suspended until they have both applied for reinstatement and received a notification from KDE that they are once again a player in good standing.   For further information please read Page 22 of the Official KDE Tournament Penalty Guidelines document. --- TLDR: Email Konami on June 16, request reinstatement and then wait for the next update.
  9.   Here's how things work following a Disqualification (DQ):   You fill out the paperwork and make a statement. The Judges fill out their own paperwork/statement. The TO fills out his. These get collated and sent to Konami's Organised Play team. The Penalty Committee then has a meeting (no set schedule but typically it's once a month) to discuss all DQs and reinstatement requests that have come in. Once verdicts have been made, the Suspended Players list gets updated and players are contacted.   DQs don't automatically lead to Suspensions; there will be some players that have no further penalty.   The only thing I can recommend is to not book flights/accommodation to any YCS or Continental Championship until your case has been reviewed. There have been cases in the past where DQd players booked travel to a YCS, got Suspended, and essentially "wasted" their money travelling to an event they can't compete in. You might not get Suspended (I'm not on the Penalty Committee and can't talk about individual cases anyway) but it's best to play it safe.
  10.   I can't talk about future YCS events because {a} nothing is finalised and {b} I generally don't know until a week or so before an announcement :)   It's been a while since we had a UK-based YCS, I'm sure we'll be back ;)
  11. One more thing to add since I haven't seen it get picked up; we're going to be streaming on YouTube as well as Twitch.   http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/press_ycs_prague_2016.html     We've been developing a few neat tools and features that we'll be experimenting with in Prague, I'm sure you guys will appreciate them when they show up.
  12. Our event agency will accept Euro currency, and I suspect our vendors will too.   This is the rate we're using: http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/events/ycs_prague2016.html#fees   Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Prague € 20 / 550 CZK Participation prize: 5 booster packs.
  13.   What does this mean?   http://shop.tcgplayer.com/yugioh/wing-raiders/the-phantom-knights-of-break-sword   Jeff tops, prices skyrocket. Also see: Grandsoil Psychics   /autobot     Or Drill Warrior back in 2010; I was at SJC Edision and saw the value of that card rise hour by hour.
  14. Can you email the above to yugioh@konami-europe.net please?   I'll tell Customer Service to expect it and forward it to Organised Play.
  15.   Nobody "higher up" told me to post here, I merely provided an official way of sending in feedback.   Side-note: I don't work directly with the Customer Service teams, I was just trying to get you guys to post something where it would be read/heard.     Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the official Facebook post by the way. Comments have been compiled/linked and sent on.