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  1. A few years ago we post some of ours playmats desings, now we have a small bussines around it and have like 140+ playmats desings. Here, some of them. (If u have ideas for more mats desing let me know). *We only works with official card stocks*
  2. Needs to optimize the ads to get better revenue fees.
  3. Kozmotown Playmat Designs

      topic edited. The watermark only says ¨watermark¨.
  4. Kozmotown Playmat Designs

      Hi, i started a project called Kozmotown, to make mat designs and sell playmats. Already have some designs, thoughs?              
  5. New QUADeckbox

    @Satchmo Black & Red
  6. New QUADeckbox

       13 dollars + shipping.   Puedes contactar al fabricante desde aqui: https://www.facebook.com/Qtzal.v   If u buy 4 or more 10 dollars + shipping.
  7. New QUADeckbox

    Hi guys, check this amazing deckbox!     If u are interested on one send Mesage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/QTZAL/128891957278907?fref=photo   Deckbox's are made in Mexico with quality materials.
  8. Value on Aki playmat

    Hi, i want to selle my akiza playmat condition 9/10 only played 2 times. But idk about the price...   
  9. My Yugioh Gallery for 2013

      Maybe it's not the best facebook cover.
  10. Legacy of the Valiant (807)

    i got this<3  
  11. My Yugioh Gallery for 2013

    Facebook Cover:     New Signature  
  12. My Yugioh Gallery for 2013