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  1. if only i had the courage to tell you how I feel about you. How I adore you.
  2. Post Pics of your Mat

        and     Top 2 I use
  3. fixed. So much for being common. people around my area are pulling em but i cant pull a single one.
  4. where you finding french ones? I have been trying to find foreign ones over my english x.x
  5. Bestiari to 2??

    kinda pumped to play GB again.   Kinda reminds me of this as well.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGi4hNgyhik
  6. is 20$ decent for a Mint Judgment Dragon Regionals playmat.
  7. [quote name="Light" post="3437877" timestamp="1364111755"] thank you for your help herbie amd kyary. ended up doing my research and after converting euros to usd total came to around 17-18 like you said. the dude wanted a lcyw botomless so i offered like 10-11 cash and the bth.[/quote]
  8. i have a playset of CP english supers xD wanna eventually swap for german/French/Italian if im ever lucky. on a side note is $36 decent for a german set of grapha and german set of snoww? Having a hard time finding anything reference wise to compare to.
  9. i must have terrible luck then. i cannot find german cp lumina's for the life of me.
  10. is 40 decent for DT Lavalal Chain?
  11. Google Nexus 4

    just a heads up if your looking to upgrade through a carrier i know AT&T has samsung phones (GS2 for example) for .99 . other than that i know best buy mobile has a lot of good deals here and there so you can try that to but its up to you honestly.
  12. Prophecy Destroyer Tin

    I bought 1 prophecy tin and pulled a card car d. Kinda shocked tbh
  13. Prophecy Destroyer Tin

    Really glad i picked this up. Ended up pulling 2 secrets 1 being card car d.
  14. Phobias

    I have never been fond of snakes either :x ever since that damn snake in harry potter i cant be near them lol (null)