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  1. Looking to buy a few yugioh cards. Can pay using Paypal   3 Soul Charge 3 Needlebug Nest 2 Card Trooper Duel Terminal
  2.     and     Top 2 I use
  3. value on dt troopers?
  4. fixed. So much for being common. people around my area are pulling em but i cant pull a single one.
  5. interested in   Transmodify Lavalval Chain Gaia Charger TP Breaker 3 Gearframe (German) Fortress (German) i do have a Mystical Refpanel if that helps. cml if you want and lemme know
  6. where you finding french ones? I have been trying to find foreign ones over my english x.x
  7. kinda pumped to play GB again.   Kinda reminds me of this as well.
  8. how much are u asking for? :o
  9. [quote name="Ei En" post="3523907" timestamp="1373853973"] Have the Breakthroughs. Offer?[/quote]would u do 14 for the pair?
  10. [quote name="+ZeRoHaVoC" post="3523448" timestamp="1373836321"] I have 2 Cardcar D BP02 Offer?[/quote]would u take 12 for the pair?
  11. Mainly looking for these if anyone has them for sell. I pay using paypal.     TU01 Judgment Dragon ULT x3 AP02 Gemini Spark Super x3 TU02 Beckoning Light Super x2 EEN Broww ULT x3 ZTIN Volcasaurus x2 BP02 Breakthrough skill x2 BP02 CardCar D x2   Other Naruto Kimono Playmat Moonlight Cradle Double deckbox
  12. meant to say moonlight cradle lol. how many of the fate stay night ones do you have?
  13. I mean like is it similar to the moon cradle deck boxes that lays down flat and have a deck holder side by side or is it like the konami style double deck box.
  14. how much for the fate.stay night double deck box? is it like the moon cradle ones?