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  1. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    When I topped the regional a while back with Gofu and Sprite, I remember drawing Gofu a lot more than I should have and realized that Arf Thou and Sprite kind of suck without Gofu so they ended up getting cut. Gofu into Coral was alright though to fight through boards.
  2. Just going to post a bit on the subject of Heiress. Leading up to Vegas it was solid in theory as it let Armageddon search for a high scale which is a problem the deck has. However moving forward I wouldn't run it over Dragon again. It's weaker than Dragon because its susceptible to many more cards. Kuraz, Sliprider, S/T removal, Wavering Eyes, Ghost Ogre, and Anti Spell all pretty much rape Eccentrick. God forbid you actually draw Heiress.
  3. YCS Dallas 3rd Place Report

    I'm done lol, but good job man!
  4. Steinman Top 64 NAWCQ Report

    Still upset about what happened in T64, but GJ like usual. Always enjoy the pre event testing that we go through lol.
  5. Good job my man, this has to keep being a thing for every event
  6. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    Figured I might as well give my opinion, players are in no specific order. Lazaro Dale Billy Jerry Perovic
  7. 2nd Place Finish at the 150th YCS Columbus Ohio

    Good job my friend, now onto Nats!
  8. 150TH YCS Columbus, Ohio 1st Place (Undefeated)

    Like I was saying, you were never getting my packs. My round 8 opponent had something to say about that.
  9. Been far too long since I've done one of these!

    Good job my man, but your not gonna put me on blast though. You text me like once a month!
  10. ARGCS Richmond Top 16 + ARG Day 2 1k Top 8 Rapport

    If I see or hear "free Tyree" again, I'll free those Meganiums from your bag.
  11. Steinman Top 32 Chicago Report

    Good job good friend, was great working on the deck with you. Worlds is calling me
  12. Top 32 Chicago 2015 (Joey Chou)

    I'm not missing another event yo, I feel so bad missing out!
  13. Good job friend, better keep playing ygo lol