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  1. Lightning Punisher

    All it took was a google search of barry+cromat. So yea you're full of bs, afraid someone will do something about all the trolling you do on here?   Also only mods can delete things in fb groups.
  2. Lightning Punisher

    Stalker much barry? The whole neg rep/pos rep thing is bs to me so I try to do what little I can to fix the system. Stop being so aspie
  3. Lightning Punisher

    lol you name dropped me long ago that's why I tried to be nice about it and msged you with "who are you" then you just tried claiming you're robbie.   I wasn't gunna believe alex, but then it got deleted. It's always the quiet asians who trash talk the most online it's weird..   Quiet white guys shoot people up and quiet asians trash talk others online I guess..
  4. Lightning Punisher

    you know my real life name so yea you know me
  5. Lightning Punisher

    I'm sorry I did not realize that single card discussion became a place for "post ocg broken cards or obvious cards people should side vs ocg meta" decks.   This is a relevant deck since HA07 became legal. I was suggesting lightning punisher to be used in that deck.   Also why are you such an asshole? or are you just an aspie and don't realize you're being an asshole?   You even were one on my konami thread. Apparently you know me in real life but I don't know you? I know you aint robbie but you're a friend of his apparently. I've made "very few" real life yugioh enemies. I'm not aware that I made any honestly. So stop bringing some false real life yugioh grudge on dgz.   brb I make a thread about fire fist bear and how good it is.
  6. Lightning Punisher

    Well Ive been using fires of doomsday to tribute summon it. I also use trooper/call of the haunted. Other than that I kinda copied the wind-up rabbit/evilswarm thunderbird chain decks that have been floating around. It takes at least 3 turns to pop cards at will unless you special summon these cards.   I know this isn't deck discussion but I feel a picture might help explain a bit better than some words so Here's the deck I built so far. I might add more draw cards or something so I can get chains off faster. But you're right it is very difficult to bring it out to the field easily..Was hoping for some ideas for that.   [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  7. Lightning Punisher

    This is an old bad card but I'm feeling it "might" have some use now.     With evilswarm thunderbird legal and wind-up rabbit out you can easily make at least 2 chain links once per turn. They're below if you don't know what they do.   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   So punisher can almost become a "destroy 1 card" quick effect. It's a dark level 7, so that could be either good or bad depending on how you take it. It comes in ultimate, so if it's actually used in the deck the price might go up a bit.   The deck's name is chain beat. It's topped numerous events in ocg meta. By itself the deck is pretty good. So this card isn't exactly necessary. But once you summon it out it'll do some work..   It's an idea Im fooling around with atm. I'd like some thoughts to see if it can become abusable or if I should just drop it. I'm just having problems actually summoning it.
  8. Is there any knowledge I can gain to not get hustled? I figured the other 4 cards were crap since no one plays them and the pull rate of cyber ends was 3 out of every 10. From opening 10 random packs.   That's a maybe 15 cyber ends from 50 packs. Which comes out to $52.5 if I sold them to the store for $3.5 I think I assumed without knowing the buy price "Well I'll get rid of them for $3 for quick cash"   I can only think of: "Never trust people especially venders"
  9. DevPro

    "You cannot conduct your battle phase the turn you activate this effect" > saturn :(
  10. fun fact for people:   I just added up all the movie packs I opened. I opened them till I got 3 of everything which happened to be 10 packs. The store I sold the 50 movie packs for $1 each buys each of the movie pack cards individually. The total price of all individual cards come out to $20.35. Just about $1 per pack for the other cards, and then the cyber ends add up to $10.5..   Would this be considered unlucky or just stupidity?..I kinda trusted the guys to give me a fair deal so both people can be happy.. not just blatantly rip me off..Ive been going there since I was like 12..Have their personal phone numbers casually talk to them etc..     Same is with other yugioh people I know somewhat well.. they just like so easily rip me off..after I trust their word for it when I trade with them..There is no honor in this game.. :(
  11. Elephtheria

    Those were just some examples of card tutors:   [spoiler] Botanical girl adds dandylion, copyplant, spore and naturia cherries to hand which deck thins your deck, if you have those then your super solar nutrients aren't dead, itself is also a target for super solar nutrient, and a grave target for spore/mark of the rose. It's water so it can be used to synchro cards like dewloran or gungnir it's level 3 so it can be used to summon rank 3's such as leviair to bring back removed stuff such as lonefire, but that would require an extra deck edit..   You're right at mystic tomato being useless. It's purely used as plant fodder for mark of the rose/spore, I guess it was used in the old days for sangan and plant fodder for these decks..It would bring out dark thorn if you ran it and that's about it.   Naturia cliff gets out naturia cherries which become super solar nuturient targets. All the effects go off when it's destroyed by card effect. It's earth so you can bring out naturia beast.. But again that's an extra deck edit you might not want to do.   I said trooper because you have plenty you want to mill. Honestly you probably want all 10 of your monsters in your grave. While having a swing of memories or a d.d.r in hand along with supervise. Then all your combos should go off then.   But those were just cards off the top of my head I can think of a few others off the top of my head too. Such as tour guide for leviair/gold sarc/spore/mark of the rose combos. [/spoiler]   Also I didn't mean "work purely alone" I mean help your other cards and do something for themselves so it helps the consistency of your deck. If I just meant cards that were one card plays I'd say stuff like add thunder king or something.   But I'd like to point out I was trying to just give examples of what kinds of cards to look out for, not what cards you should run instead! :) The main point I was making was the "27 dead cards is too many, try to bring that number down with cards that help get your strategy off"   I'll list out the 27 dead cards you don't want to draw any 6 of or top deck after you draw your opening 6 of dead cards:   3 Gigaplant 3 Supervise 3 Mark of the Rose 3 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation 3 Swing of Memories 2 Silent Doom 3 Super Solar Nutrient 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Heavy Storm 3 Royal Decree   Debris and call are also dead cards so don't add those lol. Offensive traps are never dead cards(unless you're facing a royal decree), neither are offensive monsters, or monsters that bring out other monsters.  
  12. DevPro

    he has 1 more topaz tiger that gets summoned out with inferno reckless. So he gets 1 more defender out on the field. So that wouldn't work. :(
  13. DevPro

    What's the answer? >.< I can get him down to 1000 life but that's it.. My side: field: celestial transformation, miraculous descent, soul absorption, the sanctuary in the sky, scape goat token. hand: Sky paladin, soul of purity and light, air knight, inferno tempest, inferno reckless summon deck: 2x air knight, 3x nova summoner, 3x jar of greed grave: 3x mars, 3x saturn   opponent's side: blue eyes in attack topaz tiger in defence 1 more topaz tiger in deck. 0 cards in grave/hand  
  14. Elephtheria

    I think 10 monsters is too few for this type of deck. I count 27 cards that if you draw a combination of any 6 of them opening hand then you'll just lose.. I think that's a bit too much for that.. You'll only need maybe 5-6 equip spells to get off power tool's effect.. So I'd do: -2 mark of the rose -1 d.d.r -2 silent doom -1 mst -1 royal decree   And add in monsters.. Personally I'd choose cards that some how tutor other cards in the deck.. like card trooper, evil thorn, botanical girl, mystic tomato, naturia cliff etc..   Decks that do well most of the time have anywhere from 10-15 "dead" combo oriented cards. While the rest of the deck is fine if they draw them in any combination.
  15. "Veteran" stuck in a rut.

    I think he wants advice on "how to get better".   I'm in a similar position.. But I'm using the excuse that I'm just too lazy to waste any more time/gas/money than I already do to get better. But if I were to waste all of that this is what I'd do:   Take up offers to be "sponsored" by friends so I get to use whatever deck I wanna use. Then with the same friends/other friends join/make yugioh dueling parties and duel all night. Go to every local tournament/trading venue in a 20 mile radius.