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  1. So that's a standard list? Is all the stuff thats not already out coming in the structure? All the magician cards that is.
  2. December 4. All cards needed for the odd-eyes version are legal by that point.   Odd eyes version? I haven't seen one of those. When was that a thing in japan? So i can look up a list. Or do you have a list or something?
  3. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I'm having a general issue game 1 VS kozmos more than any other deck currently. Running the clownshads. Any specific cards That can be ran to help that matchup? I understand dweller and winda wrecks them. But their BoM monster solves the winda, and dweller only stops them for one turn. And they can still swing for 4-6k even through dweller. I'm just finding the matchup difficult overall.
  4. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I tested both, and I'm enjoying the clown alot more. It feels more consistent and feels like it brick less.
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    The problem I also find with the Rota version, is with 5-6 fusion spells.. I feel like 2 more fusion spells is just going crazy on the spells. I'm running econ over mind control as it is a disruption spell if need be, can be combo'd with fusion, clown, juggler into hat tricker. Mind control has perks as well, I'm just a fan of disruption. I believe Dales build ran econ over mind in the main. I will make room for the 3rd el.    Yeah you are probably right about the el. Noted. Only one instant fusion, because I hated drawing multiples. You thin through the deck pretty easy to get to it. It isn't a win card in most cases as much as just another rank 4 card. And most of all I just couldn't find room for a 2nd noden.
  6. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Current list feels somewhat standard For Post noden.. Was switching back and forth between veilers and maxx C's. The only time I wanted Maxx C more was when I played against BA    Monsters:23   2 hat tricker 2 clown 2 juggler 2 hedgehog 2 dragon 2 squamata 2 beast 2 falco 3 math 2 veiler 1 bls 1 GUB   Spells:12   3 shad fusions 2 el shad 3 upstart 1 Instant fusion (noden is out in like 2 weeks) 1 raigeki 1 econ 1 foolish Traps: 5   1 sinister shadow 1 coth 1 vanity 1 core 1 torrential   I'm not sure If using the blazeman/arma engine is the way to go. I Haven't tested it, but having access to a trish so easily (math dumping GUB) just seems to outweigh the searchable Poly.  The only plus side I see the blazeman engine having is it searches out the weakest of the 3 fusion spells, and arma+blazeman are 4 fodder. I want to main MST because I feel like the deck has a weak matchup VS qlis. The first 2 cards I'd cut are Torrential and sinister. Not sure How I feel about that. Torrential I wouldn't mind. But I love a chainable foolish that also flips my shaddolls. Combos so nice with falcoing a Shaddoll and using sinister afterwards. It has so many applications.
  7. Clown blade

    I'm running the shaddoll build atm, so it won't be the same.
  8. Mega Tin 2015

    So what does the list look like thusfar?
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I'll post my list later tonight. I played about 10 hours today and yesterday.. Vs qlis, BA, and tellars. I Haven't gotten nekroz in yet. 
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    How are the kozmos problematic? I haven't played against them yet. What is my goal against that deck? Like is there cards I Can make they have a hard time against? Are the normal plays I shouldn't do against them?
  11. Shaddoll - Discussion

    chimeritech only works vs towers, and not the rest.. correct
  12. If Dante has a cir as material, and there is a face up masquerade, when Dante is attacked and killed, can I chain to number 104 to both cards once they hit the graveyard?
  13. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    I don't disagree that it powers up steeds and makes some cards easier to be useds (wen). However I do disagree that it is a combo piece more than interference. It completely kills BA'shaddolls Qlis (the monsters get banished) nekroz mirrors get rekd It is a floodgate that happens to help the deck, very similar to how skilldrain helps Qlis.
  14. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    The one floodgate this deck can main that none of the rest can, is macro cosmos. I think this within itself is huge.