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  1. Fuck Roger Waters, he's a hater.
  2. No need to ban him if he's dead.
  3. I hope that Chester got to read this.
  4. Cool, I'm looking to come back to the USA end of October.
  5. Where do you live these days?
  6. @Sophocles wtf fam?
  7. Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  8. I didn't like it much, it seemed so obvious that it was rewritten last minute and I imagine the original episode is better.
  9. Yeah I used to doubt Hendo and to be fair it took him some reasons to get going but now it's clear that when he's fit he's one of the best midfielders in the league and he should be next in line for England captaincy.
  10. Top of the fucking league m8.
  11. Well, you've met me.
  12. Ash could have said everybody has banged my mum but now it's too late.
  13. Website is Code to join the league is 28824-369548 Previous winners: 2006-07: TakeoKai 2007-08: Malik 2008-09: Takeokai 2009-10: Chris 2010-11: Joejoe 2011-12: Chris 2012-13: Alan 2013-14: Vito 2014-15: Vito 2015-16: Robert
  14. Are you sure you weren't listening to Coldplay or Muse by mistake?
  15. Did you think I wouldn't fucking see this? You suck.