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  1. Blackfeather Treausre

    I already realise that the vast majority of this forum doesn't like me; really doesn't bother me. This isn't the first old news thread you've posted, you're that desperate for attention yet claim i have no life great logic there. shut up no one likes you ^This. Agreed. DarkDragonDick, quit being a giant douchelord and flame where it's necessary. He posted this with the intent to inform those who didn't know or those who were curious, like myself. Not our fault you sit your fat ass in front of a computer screen all year round, obviously you would already know this. Some of us actually have lives... Btw, Andrew, that card still is going to give BW so much flexibility.
  2. Best Card of All Time?

    YOU FAIL! Lol! Painful Choice is the most epic card of all time. I made so many people scoop with this.
  3. Damn dood, that does kinda suck. But hey you placed high rank in a 1000 man Shonen, so congrats to you on that!
  4. ATJdragon's SJC Los Angeles Report

    Dood, congrats on topping there! I can't believe there were so many people there! And to be able to say that you placed in top 16 of over 1,000 people that entered...Awesome job, man!
  5. every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut I lol'd!
  6. Phoenix, Arizona

    Who from phoenix even posted? Just sammy and derek come to mind. Sammy, Derek, and Ahjay(sp) Didn't mean to post in here again, but that is a ridiculously nice avatar. Holy shit! You're stuck in Arizona? Are you okay?
  7. Book of Moon

    You obviously don't play ygo enough to ask a stupid ass question like that. Saku over book? Really?
  8. Garoth

    Andrew this is one of those situations where you need to rtfc. RTFC!!! :-,
  9. YGO is not a reliable source of income

    Allen, you're incredibly epic, btw! If you know how to hustle and work the trades and sales, you can make some decent flow. But as for relying on THIS as a substantial source of income?...You mean to pay your bills? Like bills bills...Rent, Utilities, Car Note, Insurance, etc.? Yeah, I don't think so.
  10. YGO is not a reliable source of income

    You foreshadow a reprint coming up... Lol! DED reprinted! Don't tease me like that!
  11. Starlight Road TCG Release

    O RLY? So how do you play around Starlight with this card? Are you gonna pop 1 of their cards and 1 of yours just to be safe? Also, brb, selling Celestias This^ EXACTLY.
  12. Starlight Road TCG Release

    I lol'd. This is not going to be a good format for me! :S
  13. Everybody has the liberty to play what the hell they want to play. Don't let anyone condemn you guys for playing what you like. Tell them Magic-playing fools to get fuck off your nuts! Yu-Gi-Oh!, bitches! Woot!
  14. Starlight Road TCG Release

    Geez, wtf is Konami trying to do to us here? :S
  15. Alabama,Tuscaloosa Regionals

    That's what I was driving at. <+<