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  1. Not sure if sarcastic or not, but outside of a few events I went too I don't think I've posted actively since 2012-2013
  2. So yeah wish I could, but can't with no comp rip
  3. Ohhh makes sense, and I would, but I doubt the new platform is Downloadable for iOS, when I have my computer I'd at least consider it
  4. Not much dude, just have a ton of free time now that I don't sleep anymore, new username? Don't remember that user
  5. Been meaning to come back and sees who's around, probably haven't posted here actively since 2014,
  6. time to ride the kalista train boys
  7. having such a league mid life crisis. Becoming an acorn fan boy ;_;
  8. what the fuck do you want from me
  9. Ge probably wouldn't get out of the Laning phase vs omg without a 3k gold deficit
  10. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. i told you all GE wasn't that good
  11. The other day at work, walk past a residents room and they want me to talk or whatever and there is a cna in there. The residents asks me if I knew the cna outside of work, i respond pretty quickly with what no, but apparently we graduated in the same class and had classes together
  12. the boys
  13. avalon is probably just a filler, there were a lot of speculations of both EG impact/flame, and i think they just stumbled into avalon since he is helios's brother
  14. praise lord thoorin
  15. honestly at this point not sure if any of the good teams in any league are taking it seriously, or just fucking around to see what they can and can't do.