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  1. time to ride the kalista train boys
  2. having such a league mid life crisis. Becoming an acorn fan boy ;_;
  3. Ge probably wouldn't get out of the Laning phase vs omg without a 3k gold deficit
  4. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. i told you all GE wasn't that good
  5. the boys
  6. avalon is probably just a filler, there were a lot of speculations of both EG impact/flame, and i think they just stumbled into avalon since he is helios's brother
  7. praise lord thoorin
  8. honestly at this point not sure if any of the good teams in any league are taking it seriously, or just fucking around to see what they can and can't do. 
  9. balls equalizer better than doublelift equalizer
  10. its awful how dade isnt on that list, he doesnt deserve to be, but just sad
  11. Yeah, ive watched every single non both bottom of the standings team LCK/LPL match. Also i didnt mean overall top 3 carries, but in terms of current mids and how they're playing id rank it as PawN, Cool then wei1ess. Also with the acorn/flame thing, thats what i meant in terms of retirement home, like over the lunar new year break instead of practicing with the team he went home for a vacation, and before getting signed to play with LGD hadn't played league since Cj blaze was eliminated from OGN summer
  12. Uzi for sure made omg weaker, having loveling being forced to only apply pressure bot as opposed to camping the top half like they did last year. Gogoing and cool are for sure the best domestic cn top and mid. Also unless flame is taking this as pure retirement home and earns a main roster spot, lgd has the strongest 3 carries in china and the best strategic player in pyl, so even with a non existent jungler they will be super strong.
  13. I rate ge lowly because I honestly doubt in the course of 4 months, 4 bottom tier ogn/team less players and gorilla could become the best team in the world, when western teams showed good results against the best Korean teams
  14. I find Korea and china are pretty hard to judge atm, every team in Korea got insanely worse and I'm not 100% sure about the Chinese, I think edg and lgd are definately better, but omg is weaker than before.
  15. 2nd might be a bit high, but Korea is honestly impossible to rank atm, legit bottom tier players are now considered good in the region. Edg Lgd Tsm Ge Is probably a bit more realistic than tsm being second