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  1. GPC Honolulu

    Hector Muñiz - HMuNiZ201 - hmuniz201 - New Jersey
  2. Battle City DuelistGroundz - Registration

    Onslaught2010 - BrokenTech201
  3. Gravekeeper's

    understood. i just dont like drawing sarc late game.
  4. Gravekeeper's

    just a suggestion. what about ass dont you like? and how is 3rd steel dead?? please explain. and sure about the tayu. it was just a suggestion.
  5. Diva Zombies

    wtf man. why arent you playing burial?? and only one bol??
  6. Diva Zombies

    idk about that considering the only trap that matters against a good zombie player is book of moon.
  7. Diva Zombies

    turtle > tomato. i play 2 w one tomato. i also play pwwb and 2 zombie masters as other ways to pitch mali if i have it. also minus the sarc and cold wave. sarcs slow and cw doesnt let you bol or burial. pwwb can help you go off and will kill syncros.... tri my oppinion. ive been playing zombies as my main for a while. if your concern is having dead malis in ur hand, dont forget your main play is brio... lmk what u think
  8. Gravekeeper's

    sarcs too slow. try - chief 3rd ass - 2 sarc 3rd steel idk about the 3rd card b you should tes book of tayu. also props on the mind crush. i think that should of been an obvious card to begin w. also im no a fan of slr. lmk what u think
  9. Chaos Valley

    You need to play more light monsters. Cyber Valley is almost never gonna be in the graveyard. Also -Necro Gardna + Mystic Tomato -Mystical Space Typhoon + Solemn Judgment -D.D.R. - Different Dimension Resurection + Mind Crush
  10. GB

    Why X - Saber, and why Bribes? And why is there no secutor or heplomus?
  11. Money Cards in ANPR

  12. salvo DAD

    or i can save the salvo and actually do something with it. its stupid to waste it, its an out to a board full of shit. i understand ur logic i just dont agree with it.
  13. salvo DAD

    why would you dupe a salvo???
  14. Board Game King NJ Tournament

    who you taking to like that? im not one of those little yu-gi-heads you know... i hope you go i can fuck you up