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  1. 100% win rate against Soul tho
  2. I remember I smashed you on YVD back then and you got salty about getting sacked
  3. I thought this was smashd. This is nothing compared to the good old days of DGz. It was a bloodbath here
  4. lol fuck you. you're my life long dgz enemy now
  5. I remember when Atem became admin and thought he made it in life lol and started using it as an example in his essays of how it's possible for anyone to start from the bottom and make it in the struggle
  6. There's only so much you can hang around liberals until you grow a despise and a disgust for them. I don't even care about net neutrality because I know there's something suspicious going on when every liberal site is trying to shove an issue down your throat. It's the yearly "lets make a big deal about what liberal media tells us to"
  7. Fuck you, take another look at the join date on my profile
  8. fuck you too
  9. fuck you
  10. Found my account's ban history lol: fun times
  11. Atem and rei took english 101 and then came to dgz to bully teenagers with their superior rhetoric
  12. This site has been very laggy when I post stuff recently... Wasn't like this in the good old days
  13. He could have learned a good skill besides 21st century liberalism which is basically knowing how to read CNN and then talking about those arguments on your favorite forum. I was once a liberal too I remember how much smarter and better than republicans I felt...
  14. Opt in both
  15. I don't think he can handle me lol