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  1. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Yes they are
  2. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    3 hour rounds no thanks
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    posting from my throne
  4. if you click on this topic you must post

    Dam this thread is still going?
  5. League of Legends

    I've come to the conclusion that Leona carries hard as a support
  6. League of Legends

    Blitzcrank is almost always first ban for some reason lol
  7. League of Legends

  8. League of Legends

    [quote name='Rasengan Da Bess' timestamp='1354840538' post='3341694'] Black Cleaver Irelia go? [/quote] Stack clevers on anyone and gg lol
  9. League of Legends

    At least they tried they just failed lol
  10. League of Legends

    I main support and im not an idiot add me- DancedOnYourGoat
  11. [img]http://i.imgur.com/2CE8J.jpg[/img]
  12. Top 8 YCS Indy: 10-0 with Chaos Dragons

    Didn't know chaos dragon made top 8, congratz
  13. YCS Indy Silent T16

    On Sunday I found a piece of paper with odd sayings and one that stood out "I've lost my voice" It was kind of creepy but now I know where it came from lol Congratz on your accomplishment