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  1. Rodeo

    [3] Jigabyte [3] Star Drawing  [3] Performage Trick Clown [2] Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness [2] Performage Hat Tricker [2] Summoner Monk [2] Fox Fire [1] Toon Gemini Elf     [3] Upstart Goblin [3] Toon Table of Contents [3] Mystical Space Typhoon [2] That Wacky Magic [2] Pot of Dichotomy  [2] Dark Hole [1] Soul Charge [1] Toon World [1] Raigeki      [3] Offering to the Snake Deity [1] Embodiment of Apophis         Deck is fun as shit so far. Just spam summon rank 4 by special summoning Fox Fire and Nef repeatedly, while Jiga fetches them from the deck. Build is slightly reptile based, so Offerings just makes sense. I might go down to two but I love opening with it.    Toon cards are deck thinners and Wacky Magic / Monk fuel , as well as 15/2 monsters SS trigger , in Toon Gemini Elf . Tried Exemplar but i didnt enjoy it .   Thoughts ? 
  2. Big Bang vs Cocaine Ganache

    2-1 vs Chandelier  ggs man.
  3. Cocaine Ganache

    hai gais.   Need a lot of updating and rust removal. 
  4. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    if theres still a spot   yep, DN account?   uzi
  5. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    if theres still a spot
  6. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Im an old head. Haven't played in forever. Give me some playtesting with the new shit, and ill get you some W's .
  7. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    if anybody out there is alive, i wouldnt mind warring again.
  8. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    guess ima free agent again.
  9. Freedom

    Got my internet back.
  10. NY (Ned Flander)

    You have to main MST this format . You aren't going to be the only deck with this many backrow traps.    I would at least find room for 2.   Maybe - Breakthrough Skill  - 1 POD   + 2 MST
  11. NY (Ned Flander)

    Think his name is Lucas. Hes like the CEO of the clothing line for OF and a friend of Tyler if im not mistaken.
  12. Freedom vs Mods of Duelistgroundz

    fck double elim....