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  1. GB vs Tele-DAD

    GB is just more consistent right now. Tele-DAD is too new and not perfected yet.
  2. Lightsworn Synchro

  3. The Offical List Of Tygo Haters On DuelistGroundz

    people generally hate faggots so... oh dont be so bitter dude lmao
  4. Lightsworn Synchro

    Updates made: - Mirror Force + second Garoth
  5. who is tygo?

  6. The Offical List Of Tygo Haters On DuelistGroundz

    this thread made me lol. joe wtf did u do to get so many people to hate you? fuck their mothers or whaaa? lmao XP
  7. Lightsworn Synchro

    lmaooo word.
  8. Best Teleport Dark Armed deck on DGZ.

    Wanna make sense of that please? lol yea that doesnt make sense at all. the reason valley is good in synchroDAD is because of mind control but you dont run it =/
  9. Lightsworn Synchro

    Craig? lmaooo yo eff the mofuckinnn NJtransit driving punk XP my version will kick his lill one tooth thingyness lol
  10. Lightsworn Synchro

    Main Deck Total [40] Monsters [24] Spells [12] Traps [4] [2] Judgment Dragon [3] Celestia, Lightsworn Angel [3] Honest [3] Necro Gardna [1] Ehren, Lightsworn Monk [2] Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior [2] Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress [2] Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner [3] Wulf, Lightsworn Beast [3] Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter [1] Monster Reborn [1] Heavy Storm [2] Lightwave Tuning [2] Foolish Burial [3] Solar Recharge [3] Charge of the Light Brigade [1] Crush Card Virus [3] Solemn Judgment Side Deck [15] [1] Lyla, Lightsworn Soceress [2] Jain, Lightsworn Paladin [1] Brain Control [1] Mystical Space Typhoon [1] Lightwave Tuning [3] Prohibition [1] Mirror Force [2] Bottomless Trap Hole [3] Royal Decree Extra Deck [15] [2] Gladiator Beast Gyzarus [1] Magical Android [1] Colossal Fighter [2] Goyo Guardian [2] Avenging Knight Parshath [2] Thought Ruler Archfiend [2] Red Dragon Archfiend [3] Stardust Dragon