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  1. yeah good shit dude
  2. some people play to win some people play to do well with what they enjoy if he can make this deck the best red dragon archfiend deck in the world then maybe he's achieved what he wants to achieve
  3. anyone can play any deck they want, its going to become an issue when this guy is justifying obviously bad card choices after someone decides to put the time into helping him but until then posts like this probably aren't needed
  4. 80% bots 20% sjw
  5. 80% bots 20% sjw
  6. i won a ycs maybe i can finally top an australian one
  7. pls stop being cucks who cares about what events you count as a real event or not
  8. other alternative is being degen with heavy slump
  9. in the fusionist build you can synchro with your omega's, shuffle back re-fusions and just continue your combos
  10. this is free
  11. erik christensen wins with domain monarch
  12. if he has any non token 'official' yugioh cards in his calc case it can warrant a penalty lol
  13. im so hyped for tommy to win
  14. thats exactly why people are playing it lol. when it comes to obscure card x they can basically name their own price (within reason) and it will be that much for the weekend.