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  1. this is free
  2. erik christensen wins with domain monarch
  3. if he has any non token 'official' yugioh cards in his calc case it can warrant a penalty lol
  4. im so hyped for tommy to win
  5. same
  6. thats exactly why people are playing it lol. when it comes to obscure card x they can basically name their own price (within reason) and it will be that much for the weekend.
  7. jeff monarch loli ba phinney ba steinman monarch
  8. how did you guys just not assume you were violating some laws and it was only a matter of time that you'd be sent a c&d? giving up now just sounds like a huge fucking waste lmao
  9. lmao shut up
  10. thanks ace rum
  11. pls come support me on my quest to ycs world champion
  12. hey imagine if i lost in top 4 i prob would have just burned all of my cards
  13. after wheelin n dealin mats the last few months, pretty sure it's just a thing they slap onto the mat for legal reasons
  14. can we please stop saying ceiling
  15. chill, its a girl, i know her, and she usually do that when is losing.   you are the worst poster in history