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  1. steph curry my ass
  2. like its super unrealistic lol
  3. u cant sustain multi tables in trading card games
  4. weird
  5. haha args dont count and my parents dont love me
  6. add my main account xd
  7. shameless advertising, i also discuss metalfoes
  8. cant make it anymore :'( health first
  9. nate didnt write the buddy you fucking suck thing, guy from australia whos now an mtg pro tour grinder wrote it le
  10. harris mungo
  11. so many shitty decks
  12. when dgz was filled with the original yugioh catfishes fv is a pedophile i cheat so what i win all of the meme pics that would happen in ygo gen like anthony alvarado holding the wwe belt and airbrushed playmat giel vs bodkins eric x jeff jones bet most things relating to rob morgan the string of psychos that went full autist on dgz over the years wpe_pro.exe every other meme we stole from 4chan
  13. master can pop ariadne too what the fuck am i reading lmao
  14. yeah good shit dude