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  1. wtf there are alot of dimensional hero decks that are competetive. wtf is the point of running only 2 monarchs and calling this macro monarchs there is no synergy at all what so ever.
  2. {2} - Vayu {2} - Sirocco {2} - Dasher {2} - Malicious {2} - Gardna {2} - Grepher {1} - Gale {1} - Sangan {1} - Stratos {1} - Plaguespreader Zombie {1} - Dark Armed Dragon {1} - Gorz {1} - Glow Up {3} - Dragged Down Into the Grave {2} - Duality {2} - Destiny Draw {1} - Book {1} - Mind Control {1} - Heavy Storm {1} - Reinforcement of the Army {1} - Burial {1} - Allure {1} - Reborn {1} - Dark Hole {2} - Solemn Warning {2} - Mind Crush {1} - Trap Dust Shoot {1} - Solemn Judgement
  3. Im just curious does solemns + a hero lives cause any LP problems? they always look scary to me to run both, but I never tested it
  4. KAYDEN KROSS?? edit: is your name on dn kayden
  5. I noticed that you only have 1 light monster (veiler) to support BLS in the monster lineup, I assume you rely on your extra deck for the light targets? how is that working out?
  6. solid build, gj
  7. he doesnt have to, but op should look around for a more solid burial DAD skeleton, then add zer0 support etc.
  8. alright i gave up on trying to fix it, i fixed with system restore but now i have to update all my drivers + patches for games again QQ
  9. dammit i was hoping the fix would be this easy but i restarted and nothing changed
  10. when i try to save stuff the circled part is suppose to be the stuff where you know you can choose your directory ex. dekstop, mydocuments etc. why is it not there?
  11. lol adept
  12. i assume you have some personal preference for no hero blast?
  13. 13 Beast King Barbaros Beast King Barbaros Beast King Barbaros Elemental Hero Neos Alius Elemental Hero Neos Alius Elemental Hero Neos Alius Elemental Hero Captain Gold Elemental Hero Captain Gold Ancient Gear Gadgjiltron Dragon Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon Elemental Hero Stratos Honest Cyber Dragon 16 Gemini Spark Gemini Spark Gemini Spark Geartown Geartown Geartown Skyscraper Skyscraper Miracle Fusion Miracle Fusion E - Emergency Call E - Emergency Call Reinforcement of the Army Giant Trunade Monster Reborn 12 Skill Drain Skill Drain Skill Drain Hero Blast Hero Blast Solemn Warning Solemn Warning Solemn Judgement Mirror Force Torrential Tribute Call of the Haunted Royal Oppression
  14. You have the most obnoxious signature of any poster.
  15. are you guys recruiting?