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  1. Kinsley elbow dropped me into the table during swiss, I could tell he really knew his deck. Good luck to him. 
  2. War Heroes

    So this is a really big issue because sometimes I think it's easy to group together the soldiers and the war that they fight. I also think it's good to recognize that they are two separate issues. Think of it as a sort of support the soldier, not the war kinda deal. Chris Kyle did have a very...interesting view of the people that he fought against. Whether he was deeply troubled before or after going to war, the important thing to note is that what he did was no good for him. Soldiers on both sides gain scars from the things they see. Kyle had seen a lot of the evil from his enemy and being exposed to the cruelties of war can distort your view of the world. I've seen and read several pieces about war that gives off the notion that the soldiers that die in a war are the lucky ones.    Was he racist? Did he take some joy in killing the people on the other end of his scope? Maybe. But he had to live with what he did, and I'm sure it ate at him until he died. 
  3. Bush is here.

    haha nice post     ikr br0? totally trolled
  4. Bush is here.

    Pfft. "Incompetent"... Oh wait. 
  5. What have i done?

    Things that are sadness traps:  1.) Comparing yourself to others.   God I can't imagine how many nights I spent just sitting up and wondering why I wasn't doing as well as others. It took me until the end of my first year of college and a professor that kept pounding the idea into my head to realize that life isn't about measuring up to people. Everyone at some point in there life eventually has to deal with this and we all do it in our own ways. Looking back on it I realize that my life would have been significantly less stressful had I figured this out sooner. In the end success is what you define it as, and I don't recommend defining it on what other people are doing (you're gonna have a bad time). Like a lot of others have said in this thread so far you've got it better than most. There are over 7 billion people on this Earth, there are gonna be those that are better than you at some things and also those that are worse at them. Just stick to yourself and do what you love. If you don't know what you love than find out what it is and stick to it because in the end only you can decide what makes you happy.    Hope this helps! 
  6. Cheating

      In bold, isn't this what we're trying to avoid? I don't know the guy and I probably never will but I think it's just inherently wrong to assume that people aren't cheating because you know them well. Once you get into the mindset of "I know this guy well enough and there is no way he cheats!" then that means he is getting away with it if he does so happen to be cheating. I can't even begin to imagine how many people get away with things because they are well liked. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how well you think you know someone, you'll never actually know what they're thinking or why they act the way they do. 
  7. ARGCS Seattle, WA November 15-16, 2014

      Qliphort are a degenerate piece of piss Qliphort was the most represented deck and basically was a rocket ship to the top cut Therefore format sucks I mean it's not even that terrible of a conclusion tbh   QLI  was not the most represented deck, BA was.      I think he might mean most represented in top cut. 
  8. havent had a phpne for the last 6 months ama

    What did you do when you had to spend time with family/friends? I can think of hundreds of times were everyone around me just whipped out the phones instead of talking.
  9. Fight At YCS Philly Pre Registration

    They tagged backpacks at the wcq in chicago and checked them at the entrance. You are wrong lol Think he meant the ycs a couple months back
  10. Won't say I was amazed (so punny) but I guess I left the theater pretty content by what I saw. I really like Garfield as Spider-man and stuff but I was only wowed at one point in the movie as opposed to Captain America where everything looked amazing. Idk, as far as Spider-man movies go this is pretty much bread and butter but it doesn't have much else going for it. 
  11. Captain America The Winter Soldier

    [spoiler]Also that name drop on Stephen Strange. I know there have been rumors for a Dr. Strange movie so that was a pretty neat reference[/spoiler]
  12. itt i give you a marvel character 2.0

  13. YCS Chicago IL March 21st - 23rd

    I played the madolche dude round 9, drew ass but w/e it was def an interesting deck
  14. Fire Fist - Discussion

    I personally don't like the idea of Lockdown. It isn't permanent and honestly it does nothing to advance your board state or pressure your opponent unlike Rai-oh who is a big enough body and legitimate threat who can just sit there and make people waste important removal on it. Lockdown will just stall the game for a couple of turns and then things will resume as normal. It is also one less defensive card, I would rather just have removal to get rid of problems instead of hoping to prevent problems from ever coming up. It's possible that FF could utilize it best since we try to slow down the game but lockdown just feels unreliable. 
  15. The Walking Dead

    God, so many feels.