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  1. The List Rumor Thread

    Just wait till Thursday when they release the list, it's not that hard to do. Just wait......
  2. Kim Clijsters, Hot or Not?

    black man say helllllllllllllllllllll no nigga
  3. One Outs

  4. If you wish to enter the draft..

    Umm is can somebody help me fix the sig.
  5. If you wish to enter the draft..

    1. Who are you? 2. I just got on and saw a different layout and new theads etc. 3. Why does my sig look like that? 4. So like is Brady on this site anymore or Blake 5. I haven't touched this place in a very ling time, sorry but Idk who you are.
  6. If you wish to enter the draft..

    Somebody tell Marshaun that his regular account has been unbanned for a while now. That's not me I haven't been on here since last year, I have no link to that account. And why is dgz so different??? WTF is this league about somebody update me plz!
  7. Gladiator Beast - Discussion

    if you make 1 more post in a thread that is not relevant to the thread you post in I will suspend you until the second coming of Christ oh so you fancy huh? edit your post then... and that post that was 50% GB 50% personal champ, now back to what I was talking about before. The Random!, on 02 September 2010 - 01:27 PM, said: *Adrian*, on 02 September 2010 - 01:23 PM, said: Nikka, on 02 September 2010 - 09:42 AM, said: Okay, so I got three spaces in my side deck. Need cards for the mirror (preferably non trap based unless counter) thinking about adding 2 smashing grounds 1 enemy controller? I would go 2 - 3 Emeny Controllers. Very solid n verstile agaisnt the mirror. Do you guys side D-Fissures or Pulling the Rug still? Also would Jowls or Jujitsu still be good? or am I outdated with old cards?? Is wiseman Chalice really that good? I dont like Jowls or Juju becasue of Gyzarus n Chariot. D fissure is still a great side deck card imo. So what would your side deck choices look like?
  8. Gladiator Beast - Discussion

    People who don't know me WTF are you talking about ?? The people I am speaking with on some personal matters is people I know IRL champ. Edit; edit all these post and take it to the PM, this is just childish! on another you banning me would be something that wouldn't end well on your case.
  9. Gladiator Beast - Discussion

    I'm waiting wat i don't even i highly doubt it but whatever helps you sleep at night I assume this would be a reference to you stealing an XSaber deck from another dgz mod? Did he ever get it back? Dunno why you think I tried to ban you for that though, I didn't start that movement. I definitely supported it though and this post certainly isn't helping your cause. I have never threatened to suspend you although I will admit I am definitely considering it at the moment. lol? All I told you was to take your random conversations with people who probably don't even know you out of this thread since you seem to do it in every thread you post in and you get mad? Just keep your little posts in the Starless forum where you think I can't see them from now on! O bs Tyler no need to lie about shit, come on already. I just post more of it in there, cause if you were really about anything you would have addressed me in a proper manner but thats asking for a lot from you right?? on another lets also correct one thing I never stole anything.
  10. Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    O I was like ehhh o wtf. Quickdraw is surpisingly consistent Ant..
  11. D.D. Crow

    I agree, atm Effect is putting in major overtime.
  12. Quiet Dog Bite Hard

  13. Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    Question do you like Hamster? I also like Effect Veiler she is amazing very clutch IMO.
  14. Gladiator Beast - Discussion

    I would go 2 - 3 Emeny Controllers. Very solid n verstile agaisnt the mirror. Do you guys side D-Fissures or Pulling the Rug still? Also would Jowls or Jujitsu still be good? or am I outdated with old cards?? Is wiseman Chalice really that good?
  15. Gladiator Beast - Discussion

    Why do you care and stop watching me Tyler, I know everything that goes on in the other private forum so yeah leave me alone!!!!<_<... Because this is the GB Discussion thread, not itt Marshaun makes bad posts like he does everywhere else. If you can't even attempt to contribute to thread then maybe you should just not post in it. If you want to know if he is joining the Air Force, ask him on Facebook or something, not here. & me commenting on one of your posts isn't watching you either moron. Listen ass if you really want to get into about bad posting then we can, and I will gladly found a few of yours, any bad posting from me is asking questions in thread where I can find answers if I just clicked on the search button. I know everything that goes on here so you trying to BAN me for shit that happened off DGZ and Bad Posts (in all respect sir) Kiss my ass. If you have something else to say address it to my PM box.